By BHB Staff
November 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best equestrian riding helmets for kids available online.

When your little one gets into horseback riding, a helmet is one of the most important pieces of gear you can buy. Equestrian helmets are designed specifically for the needs of riders: they usually feature brims to block the sun, as well as chin straps to keep the helmet in place as your child gallops. Most importantly, they provide protection for the head and neck — that way, if your little one takes a fall, the helmet is there to absorb some of the shock. As you’re picking from different models, check the usage and certifications. By selecting a model that’s safety certified, you can send your child to the barn with peace of mind.

1. Troxel Spirit Schooling Helmet

Troxel Spirit Schooling Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

With its classic schooling style, this Troxel Spirit helmet is the perfect choice for training sessions and long trail rides. The built-in vents create a sporty look, but more importantly, they keep your child cool and comfortable when the sun is out. The brim prevents sunburns, and the FlipFold liner is removable for easy washing. We love the range of colors, which makes it easy to match your child’s preferences and riding gear.

2. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

Looking for a durable helmet for everyday wear? Head straight for this Ovation Deluxe model. It’s engineered with a low-profile design and lightweight materials, so it’s super-comfortable during long rides or extensive lessons. The matte finish looks cool and casual, and the unique venting system creates a constant breeze. With its built-in chin strap, this helmet stays safely in place while your child learns to jump or trot.

3. Equi-Lite Schooling Helmet for Kids

Equi-Lite Schooling Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

Create the perfect fit for your tiny rider using this Equi-Lite schooling helmet. It features an IRH Dial-Fit system; all you need to do is turn the dial to tighten the helmet for a more secure fit. The adjustable strap fastens tightly without irritating your child’s skin. On the front, five cooling vents help prevent sweat buildup; there are also four on the back for maximum evaporation. Select from a variety of solid colors to find a fun option.

4. Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Sport Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

When you’re in the market for a riding helmet that’s both durable and affordable, this Troxel Sport model is the ideal option. It’s manufactured from materials that are tough and lightweight, so your child can ride comfortably and confidently. We love the lower back profile, which offers ample protection for the back of the head and neck. Plus, since this piece is ASTM approved and SEI certified, you can buy with peace of mind.

5. Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Equestrian Riding Helmet

Xiaozxwlhq Adjustable Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

Looking for helmet for beginning riders? Check out this fun model from Xiaozxwlhq. It’s made with a classic shape and a small brim for sun and impact protection. The soft lining feels luxurious, and the hard outer shell prevents injuries from falls and branches. Kids love the adorable design, which features a bright pink color, a scattering of hearts, and adorable cartoon horses. This model is SEI certified to help you feel confident about riding lessons or practice sessions.

6. Ovation Kid’s Metallic Schooler Riding Helmet

Ovation Kid's Metallic Schooler Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

If you’ve ever tried to fit a helmet on a small rider, you know it can be tough. That’s why we love this Ovation schooler helmet. It features an easy-adjust dial — just turn it to achieve a snug, slip-free fit. For extra security, there’s a chin strap that adjusts to match the shape and size of your child’s head. Carefully placed vents create a lovely, cooling breeze to help your child handle long, hot rides. With its fun metallic finish, this helmet suits riders with a sense of style.

7. Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet

Troxel Liberty Schooling Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

Keep the sun away from your tiny rider’s face with this Troxel Liberty helmet; it features a slim brim, so your little one always has shade. Use the DialFit system to create a comfortable fit, and rely on the mesh covered vents to allow air in and keep insects out. Parents love the design, which is ASTM and SEI certified for security.

8. Tontron Velvet Texture Equestrian Helmet

Tontron Velvet Texture Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

Is your child planning to start equestrian competitions? This Tontron helmet can be the perfect way to top off a riding outfit. The magic is in the velvet texture, which looks luxurious and formal in the ring. The durable shell helps reduce the impact from falls, and the integrated air vents make cooling a breeze. Make sure to look at the measurements to find the correct size.

9. TuffRider Starter Safety Helmet

TuffRider Starter Safety Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

As your little one gets more serious about horseback riding, this TuffRider safety helmet is a must. The magic is in the construction; this helmet uses a sturdy ABS shell for protection and an EPS liner to absorb shocks. The large exterior vents are covered with stainless steel mesh that prevents debris and dirt from getting in. Plus, since the design accommodates a ponytail, this is the perfect option for girls with long hair.

10. Troxel Helmet Pop Art Pony Spirit

Troxel Pop Art Pony Spirit Equestrian Riding Helmet for Kids

When you have a style-conscious rider, this Troxel Pony Spirit helmet is sure to be a happy surprise. It features a pop-art pony on the side and a matching center stripe. The full-coverage design ensures maximum protection and comfort, and the FlexVisor helps keep the sun away from delicate skin. For parents, the DialFit system makes fitting a breeze.

Horseback riding is a thrilling sport for kids, but it also comes with risks. By outfitting your child with a well-made equestrian helmet, you can help them ride safely.

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