By BHB Staff
July 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse fly boots available online.

When it comes to horse health and the many kinds of protective gear related to it, horse fly boots, or fly leggings, can be one of the top essentials to have. Horse fly boots protect vulnerable horse legs against larval infections, insect bites, debris and matting, and more, and without them in many regions, a horse’s legs can really suffer a perilous plight. With this all said, though, among all the choices, which are some of the best horse fly boots available on the market at this point? Follow along as we consider protection efficacy, durability, breathability, support factors, and the like and review the top horse fly boots right now.

1. Shoo Fly Leggins

Shoo Fly Leggins - Best Horse Fly Boots

The Leggins line of fly leggings by Shoo Fly works quite well in protection ability as well as in keeping horse legs ventilated and comfortable. A chemical-free, 100 percent-safe design and sag-free shaping help to alleviate worries, while sturdy Velcro fasteners allow precise placement in a variety of leg shapes and sizes. A comfort-lined bottom edge also helps to prevent common chaffing concerns at that location at the end of a long day.

2. Kensington Protective Products Natural Horse Fly Boots

Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots

This set of top horse fly boots is definitely stylish in form but also very effective in the area of protection. Vibrant plaid patterns and comfort-lined fleece trimmings adorn these protectors as they effectively defeat UV radiation and worrisome insects alike. A very secure fastening system avoids virtually all slipping, and tapering at the hoof end gives contouring coverage all the way to the hoof.

3. Professional’s Choice Fly Boots

Professional's Choice Best Horse Fly Boots

A great all-around performer comes to us by way of this set of Fly Boots by Professional’s Choice. Some of this set’s game-winning attributes include a strong nylon-mesh composition that helps prevent stains and wrinkles, great breathability, and a hook and loop securing system that makes achieving the perfect fit – not too loose or too tight – a quick call. Extra-reinforced backing and webbing and great, overall protection efficacy finish it all off.

4. Tough-1 Zebra Mesh Fly Boots

Tough-1 Zebra Mesh Horse Fly Boots

If you’re looking for a highly effective fly boot that also features some real, eye-catching flash, the Zebra Mesh Fly Boots set by Tough-1 certainly has you covered and in unrivaled style. Visually, these lookers are a bright purple with a catchy zebra-print pattern. At the functional level, they also ante up very well with reliable stay-put fitting and fastening, heavy protection with air-permeable ventilation throughout, and some notably wide, fleeced edging that greatly assures against the perils of edge-rub.

5. Tough-1 Miniature Fly Boots

Tough-1 Miniature Horse Fly Boots

Tough-1’s Miniature Fly Boots series is also a sure top-pick. With this fly boot set specifically for smaller horses and ponies, otherwise exposed legs stay highly ventilated but very effectively protected from insect attacks of all kinds. This recipe for success ultimately comes courtesy of the set’s unique but durable mesh face, double-strap security, and heavily fleeced trim at every edge.

6. HORZE Protec Mesh Fly Boots

HORZE Protec Mesh Horse Fly Boots

In a stylish, upscale blue color, this set of fly boots by HORZE does its job very well. Heavy meshing stops virtually all insects in their tracks, and super-strong securing straps hold everything in place just right and without slippage. Super-soft fleece edges also go the extra mile to assure comfort even when this set is worn for long distances and during some truly tough action.

7. Fly Wraps’ Original Fly Wraps

Got Flies Fly Wraps Best Horse Fly Boots

The Original Fly Wraps, known so well across the industry, also make our list for their comprehensive protective efficacy and supreme fit. The great fit in this set is enforced by a great shape with a comfort-coated lining that also helps to create ultimate conformity from top to bottom. Insects don’t stand a chance in getting past these, and the level of air flow given to the lower legs is easily contolled by adjusting the elastic security straps and without any associated concerns for slippage.

8. Derby Originals Reflective Mesh Horse Fly Boots

Derby Originals Reflective Mesh Horse Fly Boots

This Reflective Mesh Horse Fly Boots set by Derby Originals is a top choice in horse fly boots for a number of reasons. As far as air-permeability, it doesn’t get much more airy than these without experiencing a loss of protection. These boots also provide complete coverage all the way to the hoof and don’t sag in most conditions. In addition, the reflective material built into this horse fly boot set is a very nice touch for visibility concerns when the light begins to fade.

9. Cashel Designer Horse Fly Leg Guards

Cashel Designer Horse Fly Boots

For those interested in a designer-level horse fly boot that looks and acts the part, Cashel’s Designer Horse Fly Leg Guards fit the mold perfectly. This sleek looking set of grey leg guards contours perfectly at each leg and completely to the hoof without slippage at that. Bonus points go to a very strong strap system, industrial-strength stitching throughout, and real breathability in a design that is otherwise incredibly tight and impervious to all, other undesirable intrusions.

10. Tough-1 Contoured Mesh Fly Boots

Tough-1 Contoured Mesh Horse Fly Boots

Finally, Tough-1 hits our list yet again for excellence in its Contoured Mesh Fly Boots set. Simple efficacy is the theme here with highly breathable mesh, a straightforward, 3-strap securing system, and no-slip performance to the end. Components such as strong nylon bindings, appropriately tapered tops and bottoms, and interior neoprene buffers all come together here for a great, final recipe in horse fly boots.

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