By BHB Staff
December 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse riding gloves for women available online.

Horse riding gloves protect the hands from chafing against the reins or the saddle. They also offer protection from the horse’s coarse hairs. There are also horse riding gloves meant for competitions. These gloves offer an aesthetic appeal and a good grasp with the hands. A woman may also want to ride her horse in chilly weather, and there are lined riding gloves that offer warmth as well as protection against precipitation. For moderate weather, a woman might want a pair of gloves that will wick sweat away from her hands. Here are the top 10 best horse riding gloves for women.

1. Mashfa Ladies’ Horse Riding Gloves

Mashfa Riding Gloves for Women

When a woman wants a pair of lightweight horse riding gloves, these are a wise choice. They feature reinforced stitching for ease of holding reins. The palm side of the glove is made from textured leather for an ideal grasp. Made of a cotton and polyester blend, they are breathable and allow sweat and heat to move away from the skin. The four-way stretch of the gloves provides a full range of movement.

2. Allness Inc Equestrian Horse Riding Gloves for Ladies

Allness Inc Equestrian Riding Gloves for Women

These women’s horse riding gloves are made from synthetic leather. The palm side of each finger is double-layered for strength and comfort when grasping the horse’s reins. Mesh construction allows heat to move away from the hands and moisture to evaporate. A wide Velcro strap keeps the gloves in place and offers a customized it for different wrist and palm sizes.

3. Noble Outfitters Ready to Ride Glove

Noble Outfitters Horse Ready to Ride Gloves for Women

The Noble Outfitters horse riding gloves for women are made of synthetic leather with a flexible keystone-cut thumb gusset. Stretchy mesh panels on the sides enhance air flow and heat dissipation. All of the critical seams on these gloves have two layers of stitching. There is also reinforcement at the thumb and index fingers. A Velcro strap and cuff elastic keep the gloves in place.

4. Heritage Winter Trail Glove

Heritage Winter Trail Horse Riding Gloves for Women

This pair of winter trail gloves for horse riding by Heritage features a soft leather construction. The leather makes it easy to grip the reins of the horse. An elastic band keeps the gloves in place. A patented palm design is specifically set up for holding double reins. The seams are on the outside, which increases the comfort of these gloves. An interior polar fleece lining makes these a good choice for riding in cold weather.

5. Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Riding Gloves

Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Horse Riding Gloves for Women

Two layers of proprietary SureGrip fabric grace the fingers and palms of these Noble Outfitters riding gloves for women. They are touchscreen friendly, so the user can keep their hands warm while texting or making a call. All of the critical seams have been double-stitched for durability. A Velcro strap keeps the glove in place. They are made from synthetic leather and available in a range of sizes and colors.

6. SSG Work ‘N Horse Lined Riding Gloves

SSG Work 'N Horse Lined Riding Gloves for Women

These durable riding gloves for women are made from genuine leather. An adjustable snap closure keeps them in place at the wrists. Reinforced stitching and fabric at the finger tips extends the lifespan of these gloves. An inside lining is soft and adds warmth without bulk. They double as work gloves for doing chores in the barn. They are available in natural tan colors in a range of sizes.

7. Heritage Performance Fleece Gloves

Heritage Performance Fleece Horse Riding Gloves for Women

Synthetic leather with a natural-looking grain provides excelling gripping abilities on the palm and fingers of these Heritage performance fleece gloves. The rest of the gloves is made from polyester fleece, which provides softness and warmth. A patented rein cut design makes these ideal for extended rides. The seams are all double-stitched. Critical seams are on the outside, adding to the comfort of these gloves. An adjustable strap closure keeps them in place and prevents cold air intrusion.

8. SSG Polartec All Sports Riding Gloves

SSG Polartec All Sports Horse Riding Gloves for Women

These women’s riding gloves are ideal for horse riding as well as other outdoor activities. They feature proprietary Polartec material, which offers strength and flexibility. A silicone print on the palm side makes it easy to grip the reins. This textured surface extends up the fingers on the palm sides of the gloves. Polartec is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin, enhancing comfort. An extended-length cuff adds warmth to these gloves. They are available in extra-small to large sizes.

9. TuffRider Fleece Back Smart Riding Gloves

TuffRider Fleece Back Smart Horse Riding Gloves for Women

A textured palm and fingertips highlights these riding gloves by TuffRider. They feature reinforced seams along the fingers for a longer lifespan. The fleece material is warm without adding bulk. This preserves dexterity and the range of motion of the wearer’s hands. An elastic wrist band accommodates wrists of different sizes. The additional hook-and-loop tape closure offers a customized and comfortable fit. These horse riding gloves for women are touchscreen-friendly.

10. Roeckl Roeck-Grip Winter Gloves

Roeckl Roeck-Grip Winter Horse Riding Gloves for Women

These winter riding gloves for women are made from proprietary Roeck-Grip material that looks and wears like leather but has the softness of fleece and stretch of nylon. The gloves are breathable, which allows the hands to stay dry. The warm and soft micro fleece lining adds insulation without making the gloves too thick. Their thinness offers a full range of motion and dexterity for maintaining a tight grip on the horse’s reins. A stylized snap closure keeps them in place, and a band of elastic at the wrist also secures them. The finger seams are reinforced and placed on the outside for increased comfort. The entire palm side is textured for ease of gripping.

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