The oceanic countries of Australia and New Zealand top many travelers’ bucket lists. This is especially true for people who love to horseback ride, as many of Oceania’s most stunning natural scenery is found in remote places only accessible via horseback. If exploring this part of the world from the back of a horse sounds like your idea of a great vacation, keep scrolling for 15 amazing horseback riding adventures in Australia and New Zealand!

Auckland Harbor Ride

High Pointe Tours

On High Pointe Tours’ Auckland Harbor Ride, guests will spend three days based on a 240-acre homestead farm that has been in the same family for three generations! When not enjoying the hosts’ gracious hospitality, riders will trek out with their horses over rolling sand dunes, through cool fields and verdant forests, and along lakeside beaches.

Boomerang Trail


Equitours’ Boomerang Trail is a seven-day horseback riding adventure through the diverse landscape of the Mid North Coast in New South Wales, Australia. Equestrian adventurers will spend every night on a cozy farm, then spend the days adventuring out on different trails through Comboyne State Forest. Terrain covered include rainforest, eucalyptus forests, creek crossing, and beach. Wildlife like wallabies, cockatoos, and goannas are also commonly spotted along the different routes.

Bush & Beach

In the Saddle

On In the Saddle’s Bush & Beach horseback riding adventure, guests will spend five days traversing the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Highlights include:

  • cantering along the waves on the beach
  • trekking through tropical rainforest into the Australian bush
  • spotting fun animals like koalas and kangaroos.

Bush and Beach New South Wales

Unicorn Trails

Get the best of both worlds and explore Australia’s bush and beach on this seven-day horseback riding adventure offered by Unicorn Trails. Nights are spent in beautiful accommodation situated along the way while. Days are spent trekking through lush forest, open terrain, and galloping along the beach.

Comboyne Plateau and Beach Ride

Hidden Trails

Like the Boomerang Trail, the Comboyne Plateau and Beach Ride offered by Hidden Trails is a seven-day trek through Australia’s Mid North Coast. Riders will ascend and descend steep ridges. They’ll ride through different forest types, and ride along the beach.  All while they’ll be keeping an eye out for endemic Australian wildlife.

Cradle Mountain and Bakers Beach

Unicorn Trails

Riders taking part in Unicorn Trails’ Cradle Mountain and Bakers Beach ride will spend five days exploring Australia’s island state of Tasmania. Over the course of the trip, riders will visit:

  • the beautiful Mersey Valley
  • Bakers Beach in Narawntapu National Park
  • Cradle Mountain in the Vale of Belvoir Conservation Area

Highlights include watching for wombats and other wildlife, fast riding along white-sand beaches, and taking in the variety of stunning natural scenery.

Explorer Trails

In the Saddle

There may be no better way to explore New Zealand’s South Island than on horseback. In the Saddle’s Explorer Trails is a 2-5 night horseback riding adventure which leads riders through some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery. The rugged ride leads over mountains, alongside rivers, through valleys, and across open tussock.

North Island Ride


Unlike most of the other horseback riding adventures featured here, Equitours’ North Island Ride can be tailor-made to fits one’s desired travel time. The ride takes place just two hours outside of Auckland, New Zealand. It covers forestland and farmlands where riders will see some of the country’s most beautiful natural sights. Overnights are spent in comfortable farmhouses. Stops along the way include things like beaches and wineries.

Northern Auckland Trails

High Pointe Tours

On High Pointe Tours’ Northern Auckland Trails horseback riding adventure, equestrians will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into many facets of New Zealand life and culture. During the five-day ride, riders will trek everything from sand dunes and white beaches, to unspoiled forests and pasturelands dotted with sheep. On one especially unforgettable part of the trip, riders will learn from the Maori some of their culture and traditional recipes.

River Valley

High Pointe Tours

High Pointe Tours’ River Valley horseback riding adventure offers riders an epic way to experience the high country of northern New Zealand. The number of riding days can be tailored to fit a guest’s desired schedule. Highlights of all rides include:

  • seeing the Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro volcanoes
  • riding against stark cliff faces and across crystal clear waters
  • galloping across beautiful mountain meadows.

Snowy Mountains

In the Saddle

The Snowy Mountains ride offered by In the Saddle can be tailored to last four, five, or six nights depending upon the guests’ preferences. Travelers ride a rustic camping trail through Kosciuszko National Park in the foothills of New South Wales’ Snowy Mountains. The ride is challenging, but the picturesque views make it worth the effort.

South Kaipara

In the Saddle

In the Saddle offers a four-night farm stay at South Kaipara in New Zealand. This unique opportunity allows guests to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of farmers. Each day, guests will head out on horseback to explore:

  • woodland trails
  • isolated beaches
  • beautiful rolling farmland.

Sunshine Coast Inn to Inn


Led by Olympian Alex Watson, Equitours’ Sunshine Coast Inn to Inn is a seven-day point-to-point ride along Australia’s Sunshine Coast. This unique ride  was named Outside Magazine’s “No. 1 of the Top Ten Trips Down Under.” It provides equestrian adventurers one of the most unique ways to see this beautiful and remote part of Australia.

Te Kiri Warrior Trail

Hidden Trails

On Hidden Trails’ five-day Te Kiri Warrior Trail, participants will ride through some of New Zealand’s most beautiful coastal scenery on land belonging to the Maori. Evenings are spent in comfortable chalets. Guests will have the opportunity to learn about Maori ancestors and traditions.

Tekapo Expedition

In the Saddle

The Tekapo Expedition offered by In the Saddle is not for the faint of heart. The 13-day ride treks through some of the most rugged — and beautiful — landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island. Highlights include:

  • crossing wide flowing rivers
  • trekking over snow-capped mountains
  • camping under the stars.