By BHB Staff
June 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse brushes available online.

While many people groom their indoor pets today, horse grooming has been an essential part of care for these crucial animal companions for millennia. Much of what caregivers do for their mounts in the 21st century was done by individuals who lived thousands of miles away and in the distant past. Cleaning hooves, both inside and out, removing debris, dust, dander, and loose hair from the coat, mane, and tail, and offering a finishing brush are the necessary steps. Finding the best horse brushes and tools for these tasks is essential. Your horse will thank you.

1. Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves

Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves - Best Horse Brushes

While the grooming mitt is not a new concept, one made to accommodate the needs of horses may be a game changer for grooming companions. These gloves are right- and left-hand dedicated, so wearing them is intuitive. Plus, they’re crafted from knitted fabric with plenty of stretch to accommodate multiple groomers. The special coating and grooming nub material keeps hair, oil, dirt, and moisture away from the skin. Horses also find the massage-like pressure soothing and will enjoy an enhanced sense of wellbeing following their grooming session.

2. Intrepid International Hoof Pick with Brush and Rubberized Grip

Intrepid International Hoof Pick with Brush Best Horse Brushes

Cleaning the interior of the hoof has always been an integral part of any horse grooming routine. The delicate frog or fleshy portion of the foot protected by the tough hoof can become irritated if mud, rocks, and other debris remain compacted against it. But not all hoof picks are ideal, and some can even injure the horse if used improperly. This pick tool is designed to prevent that. The bent-angle pick is long enough to dislodge debris without injury, and the easily gripped handle provides sufficient leverage for the safety of both the groomer and the animal. A sturdy brush helps to scrub away dry dirt from the hoof, but won’t abrade the skin.

3. Tough 1’s Great Grip Mane and Tail Brush

Tough 1’s Great Grip Mane and Tail Best Horse Brushes

Keeping debris and dirt out of a horse’s mane and tail is an important task for anyone caring for these beautiful animals. As a part of regular grooming, it also prevents painful or unsightly snags and tangles from developing. This brush is designed to be easily held and wielded by any groomer, even the very young who may be learning to care for their first horse friend. The stiff metal is tipped with rounded ends, so it makes separating the strands of mane or tail easy and pain-free.

4. Tough 1 Great Grips Flex Finishing Brush

 Tough 1 Great Grips Finishing Best Horse Brushes

For the last phase of any grooming session, a finishing brush is necessary. Once the dust and loose hair have been removed, once the natural skin oils have been massaged along the coat away from the skin surface, a softer brush is called for. This helps give the coat of any equine a glossier, smoother appearance. The Great Grips brush is equipped with a back strap to fit comfortably over the hand of the groomer. Double joints permit the brush to bend and conform to the contours of the equine body and allow a comfortable fit in the palm of the hand.

5. PETINCCN Gentle Pet Grooming Gloves

PETINCCN Gentle Pet Grooming Gloves Best Horse Brushes

The grooming glove revolutionizes how we tackle tough to reach spots. This sturdy pair of gloves is equipped with 260 soft silicone nubs that are ideal for regular maintenance grooming after winter coats come in or are shed. Polyester glove material means that anyone can wear the gloves and keep hands clean during the daily care of multiple mounts. Grade-A silicone traps hair against it for easy removal.

6. 4pawzz Premium Grooming Gloves

4pawzz Premium Grooming Gloves Best Horse Brushes

Stretchy glove design allows multiple groomers to wear the same pair of these high-quality gloves. While the concept of the glove is becoming more commonplace for groomers, not all gloves are created with the animal in mind. The soft BPA-free nubs that stud the palm of each glove are rounded and smooth to provide the optimal level of comfort to the horse during grooming. Meanwhile, hair, dirt, and dander are trapped and lifted away from the coat. The stroking motion used with the gloves will promote good circulation and the release of oxytocin associated with positive social contact, leaving them feeling energized and relaxed.

7. Intrepid International’s Bedford Horse Brush

Intrepid International’s Bedford Best Horse Brushes

While there is plenty of room for innovation and improvement of tool design, sometimes the traditional models are best. This brush has been a stable feature in the stable for generations. The solid wood block fits comfortably in the groomer’s hand, while the dimensions allow sufficient scrubbing motion for effective dirt and mud removal. Nylon bristles bring both stiffness and softness to the task and have a longer use life than natural bristles.

8. Oster ECS Mane and Tail Brush

Oster ECS Mane and Tail Best Horse Brushes

The round body of the brush and the ball-tipped metal pins permit gentle, safe grooming of long mane and tail hair. Additionally, an ergonomic, rubber-gripped handle enables multi-directional brushing. This tool is perfect for daily grooming sessions after trail rides or exercise sessions. Remove debris quickly and comfortably from your horse’s hair or maintain a smooth, flowing hairstyle that is free of uncomfortable knots and tangles.

9. Desert Equestrian Legends Trotter Hoof Cleaning Brush

Desert Equestrian Legends Trotter Hoof Cleaning Best Horse Brushes

You don’t need a prize-winning show horse in your stable to know that a good hoof brush is an essential tool. Daily grooming practices have gone largely unchanged for centuries because basic maintenance is just as important as it ever was. The wood handle is easy to grip and won’t bend, snap or splinter over time. It also uses natural bristles that are both durable and soft to help keep your mount’s hooves clean and healthy. They won’t scratch the outer surface of the hoof, even as they remove caked-on dirt or mud after a training session, a trail ride, or a relaxing afternoon in the paddock.

10. Tough 1’s Great Grip Finishing Brush

Tough 1’s Great Grip Flex Finishing Best Horse Brushes

The ergonomic design of this finishing brush will allow comfortable use on multiple mounts. A rubber grip permits extra security so that it won’t slip. Soft bristles gently polish horse hair after regular, more intensive grooming to remove dirt, bringing a soft shimmer to any coat. The brush is easily washed and dried for storage.

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