By BHB Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best pommel horn bags available online.

When you’re out for a long ride, you might find yourself in need of supplies such as snacks, water, or even your phone. That’s where pommel horn bags come in. These items, which are also called pommel bags or horn bags, feature two bags connected by a central piece of fabric. The center strap features a hole that slips over the horn of your saddle; that way, your gear is always close at hand. As you’re considering different styles, consider the material and how well it resists the elements. Don’t forget to look at the fastening mechanisms — they’re essential to preventing the bags from slapping against the saddle as you ride.

1. TrailMax Junior Horn Bag

TrailMax Junior Horn Bag

Do you have a child who’s learning to ride horses? This TrailMax Junior horn bag is a convenient option. It’s designed specifically for kids, so it fits on a smaller saddle without getting in the way. The middle opening is designed for horns that feature caps up to 4 inches. This bag is made from tough fabric that resists weather and sun to ensure a longer lifetime. The best part? Each stress point is reinforced to ensure durability, even on long rides.

2. Weaver Leather Pommel Bag

Weaver Leather Pommel Horn Bag

Constructed from high-strength nylon, this pommel bag from Weaver Leather is designed to withstand a variety of riding conditions. The durable material stays intact, even when you ride frequently. Use the nickel-plated D-rings to lock down the bags and prevent them from slapping as you gallop or trot. Two large flaps protect your gear from the rain and snow, and the large center hole slips easily over your saddle horn.

3. Weaver Leather Trail Gear Pommel Bag

Weaver Leather Trail Gear Pommel Horn Bag

If you love to ride in all types of weather, this Trail Gear pommel bag from Weaver Leather is an excellent choice. It’s constructed from durable material and coated in polyurethane, so it deflects moisture with ease. The zippers are also waterproof for extra protection. Multiple pockets help you keep your belongings organized, making it easy to find the item you need without digging around. Choose from a variety of colors to coordinate with the rest of your tack.

4. Southwestern Equine Nylon Horn Bag

Southwestern Equine Nylon Pommel Horn Bag

Bring a bit of fun to every ride with this horn bag from Southwestern Equine. It’s designed with a range of cheerful colors and prints, so you can pick the option that best suits your personality. Each one is crafted from nylon material for durability and outfitted with nickel-plated hardware for strength. The easy-fit design enables effortless installation, and the convenient hook-and-loop closures keep the flaps securely in place as you ride.

5. Tough-1 Elite Insulated Horn Bag

Tough-1 Elite Insulated Pommel Horn Bag

Keep your gear warm and dry with the help of this Elite horn bag from Tough-1. It features insulated flaps that keep the cold and rain away from your cell phone and other delicate items during long rides in inclement weather. A durable locking buckle on the flap prevents the fabric from moving when you’re cantering. This bag also features three mesh pockets to hold your water bottles, as well as a convenient pocket that’s made just for your cell phone. Install this bag effortlessly using the quick-grip straps.

6. Cashel Pommel Horn Bag

Cashel Pommel Horn Bag

When you want to carry electronics such as cell phones or cameras on a ride, protection is key — and that’s where this Cashel pommel horn bag comes in. The magic is in the padded pockets, which provide the softness and cushioning you need to protect each device. The exterior is made from 600 denier nylon to prevent rips and keep your gear safe from rainstorms. Install this bag using the hook-and-loop straps and fasten them with a buckle for security.

7. Tough 1 Nylon Pommel Bag

Tough 1 Nylon Pommel Horn Bag

Simple and elegant, this Tough 1 pommel bag looks beautiful on virtually any saddle. It’s made from heavy duty nylon that stands up to frequent trail rides, so it’s perfect for long weekend rides. The reinforced center hole fits neatly over your saddle horn, and the quick-grip flap closures prevent your items from slipping out as you’re riding over bumpy ground.

8. Challenger Pommel Bag

Challenger Pommel Horn Bag

Increase visibility while you’re on a ride with this CHALLENGER pommel bag. It’s sewn from lime green nylon, so hunters and other riders can see you easily for safety. Each bag features insulated sides to keep your gear warm in cold weather, and the ultra-strong material resists tears and wear.

9. TrailMax Pommel Horn Saddle Bags

TrailMax Pommel Horn Saddle Bags

Complement your traditional tack with this beautiful TrailMax pommel bag. Crafted from premium leather and canvas, it’s built to withstand intense riding. Brass buckles add a soft touch of shine that completes the look and keeps the bags closed. With its universal design, this horn bag is engineered to work with western and endurance saddles.

10. Tough 1 Nylon Water Bottle/Gear Carrier Saddle Bag

Pommel Horn Bag

Carry everything from water bottles to winter gear in this Tough 1 saddle bag. It’s built with multiple closed and open pockets for easy organization. Tuck your sunglasses into the mesh pockets for easy access, and zip the large side compartments closed for weather resistance. The entire bag is made from heavy duty nylon, so it can stand up to the stresses and impacts of the trail.

When you’re taking a long trail ride, a pommel horn bag is a must — it ensures that your supplies are within easy reach while you’re still in the saddle. By choosing the right bag for your gear and preferences, you can enjoy both comfort and convenience.

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