By BHB Staff

March 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best horse care books available online.

When you own a horse, health is an important consideration. That’s why horse care books are so helpful — they teach you the techniques and tasks that are necessary to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy. Just as crucially, they provide information about common ailments and conditions, so you know how to recognize the warning signs early. That way, you can spot a problem before it escalates and head off bigger health issues down the road. Whether you’re thinking about buying a horse or learning how to care for the animals you already have, it’s a good idea to keep one or two health-related reference books on hand.

1. Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook - Care Books

Written by Thomas Gore, Paula Gore, and James M. Griffin, Horse Owner’s Veterinary Handbook is an essential resource for anyone who cares for horses. This regularly updated book contains details about all types of common health situations, from foaling, diseases, parasites, and more. Our favorite feature is the index of symptoms — it’s a fantastic tool for owners who want to know how to care for mild conditions or figure out when to bring in professional help.

2. Cherry Hill’s Horse Care for Kids

Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids

When you’re introducing young riders to the world of horses, it’s important to bring proper care into the mix. Cherry Hill’s Horse Care for Kids gives your little ones a solid introduction to all of the things that go into owning a horse. That way, they can take an active role in the upkeep and maintenance of their equine friends. Plus, by educating your kids about healthy conditions, you empower them to spot issues and plan corrective care.

3. Complete Horse Care Manual

Complete Horse Care Manual

Whether you’re new to horses or you’ve owned these majestic animals for years, the Complete Horse Care Manual is a useful guide. It contains a wealth of information about horses — you’ll learn how to assess their joints, figure out how to keep them healthy, and discover how to check their feet. The book also covers common problems, ways to create a safe outdoor environment, how to choose the right clothing, and much more.

4. Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care

Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care

Are you a proponent of natural methods? You might like Down-To-Earth Natural Horse Care. Written by Lisa Ross-Williams, it helps you tune in to your animal’s behaviors, moods, and patterns; that way, you can spot abnormalities and figure out a care program that’s best suited to the individual horse. Discover how to build a relationship that’s built on trust, and learn how you can create a regimen that’s good for the body, mind, and soul.

5. Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment

No matter how you’re involved with horses, Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment is a handy reference. Each chapter tackles a different topic — find out about the business of the horse industry, the physiological aspects of conditioning, controlling common internal parasites, and more. With information compiled from respected experts in the field, this book provides a comprehensive education and a great place to start more specialized learning.

6. The Essential Hoof Book

The Essential Hoof Book - Horse Care

The health of your horse’s hooves can have a big impact on the rest of his system; that’s why The Essential Hoof Book is so important. It introduces you to the complex anatomy of the hoof and explains how it reacts to changes in diet, environment, and health. Convenient photos help you identify the difference between healthy and diseased hooves. Author Susan Kauffmann also teaches you how to care for your horse’s hooves, as well as how to spot signs of trouble before they become serious.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care

The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health & Care

Keeping your horse healthy can be a complex process — that’s where The Ultimate Guide to Horse Health and Care comes in. This book is geared toward people who are new to horses, so it’s a great choice for beginners. Inside, author Lainey Cullen-McConkey explains all of the things you need to do to get your stable ready for a horse. Then, she teaches you the basics of keeping your horse healthy, including physical checkups and deciding what to do in case of illness.

8. The Original Horse Bible

The Original Horse Bible

Are you in search of a general introduction to horses and horse care? The Original Horse Bible is a great option. This big book is packed with facts and helpful hints, giving you a fantastic overview of what’s involved in owning and caring for your horse. Authors Moira C. Allen and Sharon Biggs deliver a comprehensive education on everything related to horses, making this a great option for current and prospective owners. Beautiful photos and illustrations enhance every section.

9. The Complete Book of Horses

The Complete Book of Horses

Whether or not you own horses, The Complete Book of Horses is a fun read. This book is loaded with useful information, including details about different breeds, instructional guides for different riding techniques, and more. Most importantly, it contains a large section about equine care that’s filled with valuable tips. With 1,500 photos, this volume makes a great coffee table book to browse through or use as a reference.

10. Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First Aid

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First Aid

From the editors of Storey Publishing comes Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care + First Aid. With chapters about dental care, nutrition, hoof care, preventative care, and more, it offers a comprehensive look at the tasks that go into the well-being of your horse. Find out how to treat wounds, and learn about the checks you should perform on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

When your horse is in good health, he’s more comfortable and able to enjoy everyday activities. Tuck a few of these horse care books into your tack room, and you’ll always have a resource on hand to help you with everyday tasks and bigger medical issues.

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