By BHB Staff
November 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best equestrian riding helmets for women available online.

Horseback riding is a fun, exhilarating sport. It can also be dangerous — which is where a riding helmet comes in. These pieces are specifically designed to protect your head, so you’re less likely to be injured in the case of a fall. When you’re choosing the right helmet, it’s helpful to consider the fit, the style, and the material. With the right balance of these three factors, you can find a helmet that feels comfortable and keeps you safe. It’s also important to think about the ways you plan to use the helmet; if you’re competing, make sure that your helmet meets the rules for compliance.

1. Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet

Ovation Deluxe Schooler Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Lightweight and easy to wear, the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet keeps you comfortable on long rides. The low-profile design doesn’t weigh you down, and the adjustable dial enables you to get the perfect fit. A chin buckle prevents the helmet from slipping off, even when you’re cantering or galloping. After you’re done with a ride, simply remove the liner for easy cleaning; that way, you can always feel fresh.

2. Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Sport Horseback Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

If you like to take rides on warm days, this Troxel Sport helmet makes it possible. The fun starts with the super-cooling vents, which create a constant stream of cool air to keep you dry. With its attached visor, this helmet keeps the sun away from your face. Plus, with the removable headliner, cleaning is a breeze. We love that this helmet is ASTM approved and SEI certified for peace of mind.

3. IRH 4G Helmet

IRH 4G Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Have you ever struggled to find the right fit for your riding helmet? With this IRH 4G model, that’s no problem. It comes with snap-liners, so you can customize the helmet to create the right fit. Vents on the rear and sides of the helmet keep your head cool and dry, even on sunny days. This model secures with a chin strap that releases quickly when you’re done with a ride.

4. Troxel Liberty Schooling Helmet

Troxel Liberty Schooling Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Bid farewell to bulk and excess weight with the Troxel Liberty schooling helmet. Made from ultra-light materials in a low-profile design, this helmet is comfortable and easy to wear. Use the DialFit system to adjust the tightness, and rely on the FlipFold trim to create the perfect fit for your head. Each helmet features six generously sized vents for effective cooling; each one is covered in mesh to keep out debris and insects.

5. Troxel Low Profile Dakota Helmet

Troxel Low Profile Dakota Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Cute and durable, this Troxel Dakota helmet is a breeze to wear. Constructed from lightweight materials and outfitted with cooling vents, this helmet is perfect for quick training sessions or long trail rides. The extended visor shields your face from the sun, so you don’t have to worry about sunburns on hot days; the helmet is also vented for comfort. We love the leather hat band and concho accents, which give this helmet a refined look.

6. Ovation Women’s Protege Riding Helmet

Ovation Women’s Protege Equestrian Riding Helmet

Do you ever struggle to stay cool when you ride? The Ovation Protege can help. It features large mesh interior vents that create a steady flow of air over your scalp; that way, sweat evaporates quickly and your head stays comfortable. We like the low-profile design, which creates a flattering and contemporary look that’s great for the trail or the training ring. Use the dial to create a secure fit, and rely on the low back to protect the base of your skull.

7. Troxel Intrepid Performance Helmet

Troxel Intrepid Performance Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

If you ride frequently, the Troxel Intrepid Performance helmet is a must. It’s built with a lightweight design, ensuring that you never feel weighed own. The slim visor shades your face, and the geometric vents are both cute and cooling. With the SureFit Pro system, it’s fast and easy to adjust this helmet to create a custom fit. ASTM and SEI certified, this helmet keeps you safe and ensures confident riding.

8. TuffRider Starter Safety Helmet

TuffRider Starter Horse Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

When you’re in the market for a helmet that’s both affordable and durable, this TuffRider Starter model is a great choice. With its ABS shell and EPS liner, this helmet protects your head from bumps and falls, all while providing plenty of cushioning. Mesh vents provide a refreshing breeze, and the included lining is washable to prevent odor buildup. If you like to wear a ponytail while you ride, this helmet is a great fit — the unique back design accommodates your hair.

9. Medalist Riding Helmet

Medalist Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Design an elegant riding look with this Medalist helmet. With its classic shape and velveteen shell, this model instantly elevates your favorite riding clothing. Don’t be afraid to take a jump; the three-point harness keeps the helmet firmly in place. Top and back vents prevent heat from building up. Wear this helmet with confidence — it comes with SEI and ASTM certifications for peace of mind.

10. Troxel Fallon Taylor Performance Helmet

Troxel Fallon Taylor Performance Women's Equestrian Riding Helmet

Make a statement on horseback with this Troxel Fallon Taylor performance helmet. It’s designed with a bold geometric print and vibrant color-blocking, so you’ll stand out anywhere you ride. The ultra-light design is comfortable to wear in competition or on the trail, and the DialFit system ensures that your helmet always fits comfortably.

A helmet is one of the most important pieces of riding gear you can have in your collection. By taking the time to choose a model that fits comfortably and ensures that you stay safe on horseback.

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