By BHB Staff

March 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best horse grooming books available online.

Whether you’re taking riding lessons or you own a horse, grooming is one of the first things you learn. Taking care of a horse is one of the most important parts of the human/animal relationship; it helps your horse stay healthy and comfortable, both in the barn and out in the ring. No matter where you are in the learning process, it’s helpful to have a book about horse grooming on hand in the stable — that way, you always have a quick-reference guide around to give you a refresher on occasional tasks or new issues.

1. World-Class Grooming for Horses

World-Class Grooming for Horses

Are you an English-style rider? World-Class Grooming for Horses is a great resource. This book covers a variety of tasks that help you turn out your horse, whether you’re getting ready for a training ride or a competition. It places a big emphasis on daily grooming tasks, from brushing and combing to conducting the right type of cooldown. You’ll also get information on braiding, spotting potential issues with your horse’s behavior, and cleaning tack.

2. Cherry Hill’s Horse Care for Kids

Cherry Hill's Horse Care for Kids

Learning to groom is a big job for little riders. If you’re not sure where to start the teaching process, Cherry Hill’s Horse Care for Kids book can help. It covers the essentials of grooming in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. As a bonus, you’ll get information on topics such as choosing the right horse, learning how to feed, monitoring behavior, and keeping horses healthy. Colorful photos accompany each section.

3. Arabians Training Horse Training Book for Arab Horse & Arabian Foals

Arabians Training Horse Training Book for Arab Horse & Arabian Foals - Grooming Book

Arabian horses often require special training methods, particularly when they’re high-spirited. That’s where this Arabians book comes in handy — it introduces you to the world of these exceptional horses, helping you understand what to expect when you bring one into your barn. The text covers everything from bringing a horse home to working through the training process. Some of the most valuable passages are about learning to create a strong bond and a working relationship.

4. Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Handling and Grooming

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Handling and Grooming


Are you new to horseback riding? Storey’s Barn Guide to Horse Handling and Grooming can help orient you. This helpful book contains a wide range of instructional guides that range from approaching a horse to tacking up. Each section contains specific tips that are easy to follow; for do-it-yourself tasks, there are photos to help explain the process. In addition to grooming, you’ll discover how to read your horse’s behavior and understand how he plays.

5. Braiding Manes and Tails

Braiding Manes and Tails

If you’ve ever struggled to make your horse look put together, Braiding Manes and Tails is sure to be a useful book. Each page is filled with detailed instructions and helpful photos that teach you how to make more than 30 different braids. Step-by-step procedures help you master each twist and cross, and full-color images make it easy to envision the process. We love the photos of the finished products — they enable you to decide which style you’ll try next.

6. Grooming To Win

Grooming To Win

Are you planning to enter horse shows or riding competitions? Grooming To Win can teach you how to get your horse ready for the event. With sections dedicated to grooming, trimming, braiding, and more, this book covers all of the topics you’ll need to learn. Want tips for everyday care? It offers those, as well. More than 400 illustrations provide detailed guidance, so it’s easier to master each technique.

7. 50 Things to Know About Caring for a Horse on a Budget

50 Things to Know About Caring for a Horse on a Budget

There’s no question that owning a horse is expensive. With 50 Things to Know About Caring for a Horse on a Budget, you can find ways to save money without sacrificing the quality of life for you or your horse. Author Amanda Wills presents a range of useful tips, from creating healthy habits to saving money on supplies. The best part? Since this book is an audiobook, you can listen to it in the car or on a run.

8. Horse Hoof Care

Horse Hoof Care Grooming Book

Your horse’s hooves are essential to its overall health; that’s why Horse Hoof Care is such a useful book. It takes you through all of the common issues that horses face with their hooves — you can find out about the anatomy of a hoof, how to deal with cracks, and what to do when your horse throws a shoe. Each tip is accompanied by actual photos, so you can visualize exactly what the author means. When it comes to identifying problems with your own horses, these photos serve as an invaluable resource.

9. Horse Handling & Grooming

Horse Handling & Grooming

For people who are new to riding, the world of horse care can feel overwhelming. That’s why we love Horse Handling & Grooming. From putting on a halter to bathing and clipping, this handy guide helps you understand all of the tasks that go into keeping your horse healthy. Author Cherry Hill also provides expert tips to help you learn professional-level techniques.

10. Grooming from Western Horseman Books

Grooming from Western Horseman Books

Grooming from Western Horseman Books tackles a range of important horse-health tasks, from clipping and bathing to main and tail care. Convenient photos explain exactly what the author is discussing, giving you an extra level of understanding. Thinking of signing up for a horse show? You’ll love the show preparation section, which explains how grooming is different when it comes to competitions.

When you work with horses, grooming is part of the lifestyle. By keeping a few books on hand, you can always have a place to go to find new techniques or to brush up on old skills.

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