By BHB Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 collapsible saddle stands available online.

When you’re working with a limited amount of space in your tack room or trailer, a collapsible saddle stand can be a lifesaver. These stands are designed to fold down into smaller units, so you can save room when they’re not in use. Set up a freestanding stand to keep your saddle close at hand before a ride, or mount a collapsing stand on the wall of your trailer and fold it down to allow an easy flow of foot traffic. As you’re considering different models consider the size, the number of saddles it holds, and the type of saddle it’s designed for.

1. Collapsible Wall Saddle Rack

Collapsible Wall Saddle Rack

Do you have a small tack room? This collapsible saddle rack from Southwestern Equine makes the most of your space. This unit fastens to the wall using the included brackets and hardware, creating a firm and stable hold. Flip up the rack and support it with the V-shaped bracket when you need to store the saddle; the end angles up to prevent it from slipping off. Between uses, fold the rack back down onto the wall to conserve space.

2. Dover Saddlery Portable Saddle Stand

Dover Saddlery Portable Saddle Stand

Keep your saddle in any convenient spot with the help of this portable saddle stand from Dover Saddlery. Constructed from sturdy tubular galvanized steel, this stand is tough enough to hold a saddle without bending. The lower rack provides space for blankets or other gear; the open areas allow faster drying. When you need to move the saddle, simply fold this rack flat and store it against the wall or in a closet.

3. Roma Collapsible Saddle Stand

Roma Collapsible Saddle Stand

Simple and streamlined, this collapsible saddle stand from Roma is the perfect addition to your small barn. It features a three-leg design for stability and a metal frame for strength and durability. At 24-inches tall and 24-inches long, this stand is the perfect option for smaller saddles. One end is raised, enabling this stand to provide customized support. Each foot is capped to protect your floors and increase the lifetime of the stand.

4. Dover Saddlery Folding Saddle Rack

Dover Saddlery Folding Saddle Rack

Make use of an empty spot on the wall of your tack room or trailer with this Dover Saddlery folding rack. It’s built from a sturdy metal tube that’s strong enough to support your saddle with ease. A lower hook extends from the bottom of the rack, creating a convenient spot for your bridle or lead rope. Each component of this rack is coated with PVC to resist scratches and rust. Ready to use your saddle? Fold the rack into the wall to get it out of the way.

5. High Country Plastics Folding Saddle Rack

High Country Plastics Folding Saddle Rack

When you need a rack that’s both strong and space-efficient, this model from High Country Plastics is a great choice. Fabricated from heavy-duty steel, this rack is engineered to support a variety of saddles. The powder coating prevents corrosion and scratches, and the curving bars are easy on your gear. A U-shaped support holds the rack in an extended position and collapses between uses for convenience.

6. Intrepid International Folding Saddle Stand

Intrepid International Folding Saddle Stand

Do you need to store a variety of gear? This saddle stand from Intrepid International is a great option. Simply open the frame and lock it in place to create a sturdy support system for your saddle; a raised area on one end offers stability. The lower wire rack creates a spot to store your gear or place folded blankets. With its open-frame design, this rack allows free airflow and promtes fast drying between rides.

7. Intrepid International Portable Wooden Saddle Rack

Intrepid International Portable Wooden Saddle Rack

Tough and versatile, this portable saddle rack from Intrepid International is the perfet go-anywhere piece. It’s built from heavy duty wood, so it has all the strength you need to support both English and Western saddles. Installing this rack is a breeze — just slide the top hook through an eye-hook on the wall. The top metal ring acts as a kickstand for security. When you’re done, simply hang the rack by the loop or tuck it in any convenient spot.

8. StableKit Collapsible Saddle Stand

StableKit Collapsible Saddle Stand

When you need an affordable saddle stand to take on the road or use around the barn, it’s hard to beat this model from StableKit. The three-leg frame creates a stable foundation that supports your heavy saddle without tipping. Rely on the contoured top to provide a tight hold and prevent your saddle from falling, even in a busy barn. With its plastic coating, this folding rack is gentle on your hands and your expensive tack.

9. HomeSweet Saddle Stand

 HomeSweet Collapsible Saddle Stand

If you’ve ever carried a saddle across the barn, you know how heavy it can get. That’s why we love this Homesweet saddle stand — it features two wheels, so you can load it up and roll it easily into place. When you want to keep your saddle in one place, the U-shaped leg prevents the wheels from moving. This stand is fabricated from metal and powder coated, so it resists rust even in cold, wet conditions.

10. Apple Picker Folding Saddle Stand

Apple Picker Folding Saddle Stand

Set your saddle down at an outdoor show or anywhere in your barn when you have this stand from Apple Picker. It features a folding frame, so it’s a breeze to carry around; when you get to your destination, unfold the stand and rely on the nylon straps for security. After you set it up, slide the straps along the base to create a convenient rack for blankets or tack.

Saddle racks are an essential part of your tack room — but when you’re out at a show or working with a small barn, traditional models can be too bulky. With the right collapsible saddle stand, you can maximize your available space.

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