By BHB Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse hoof boots available online.

When you own a horse, hoof boots are a must-have addition to your tack room. These boots fit over your animal’s unshod hooves, protecting them from a variety of impacts due to rough ground or an overreaching gait. If your horses are shod, you can use the boots to apply medication, increase protection after an injury, or reduce the risk of throwing a shoe. When you take trail rides, it’s a good idea to pack a boot or two in your gear in case your horse loses a shoe. Since hoof boots have such a big impact on your animal’s comfort and safety, it’s important to find the right fit and style. To help you get started, we’ve gathered the top 10 best hoof boots on the market.

1. Professional’s Choice Overreach Bell Boot

Professionals Choice Best Horse Hoof Boots

Hit the trails with confidence when your horse is wearing these bell boots from Professional’s Choice. Designed with an UltraShock lining, these boots absorb impacts as you walk or trot for maximum protection. A soft knob prevents the boots from spinning during a long ride. Rely on the ballistic nylon cover to stand up to frequent rides — it’s safe for all styles and disciplines. Thanks to the unique fastener, these boots are difficult for your horse to dislodge in the pasture.

2. Weaver Leather Bell Boots

Weaver Leather No-Turn Best Horse Hoof Boots

Protect your energetic or sassy horse with these bell boots from Weave Leather. The magic is in the carefully designed positioning bulb, which fits neatly into the hoof and keeps the boot in the correct place. On the outside, the colorful ballistic nylon is durable enough for intense riding or everyday wear. Inside, a thick layer of neoprene shields your horse’s delicate hooves.

3. Cashel Rubber Bell Boots

Cashel Best Horse Hoof Boots

If you’re planning to ride off the trail, these Cashell bell boots can give you peace of mind. They’re made from rubber, so they keep stickers and burs away from your horse’s skin. The flexible material allows a natural movement, all while preventing forging and overreaching. On the front, a leather strap with a hook-and-loop backing makes it easy to tighten the boots for a comfortable fit.

4. EasyCare Easyboot

EasyCare Best Horse Hoof Boots

Pamper your aging or injured hose with this EasyCare Easyboot. With their therapeutic design, these boots are designed to keep your horse comfortable during shipping, after a hard workout, or in case of a health issue with the hoof. The padded collar helps soothe and support your horse’s pasterns, and the air vents keep hooves cool and dry. Inside, a closed-cell EVA pad adds comfort and support in the barn or out in the field.

5. Classic Equine Bell Boots

Classic Equine Best Horse Hoof Boots

If your horse has an overreaching gait, these Classic Equine bell boots can help. They fit around the hoof, protecting it from injury when it strikes another hoof. As an added benefit, these boots can help prevent your horse from throwing a shoe when it gallops or trots. Built with a DynoHyde exterior and a dense interior, this style is super shock-absorbent. Inside, the jersey lining is soft and comfortable to wear for long periods.

6. Centaur PVC Ribbed Bell Boots

Centaur Best Horse Hoof Boots

Protect your horse from hoof strikes with these Centaur bell boots. Fabricated from heavy-duty PVC, they provide a layer of insulation that absorbs impacts and prevents damage. The ribbed pattern deflects a hoof safely, so you can worry less about pulled shoes. Fasten these boots easily using the double hook-and-loop straps, and rely on the double-stitched pattern for extra protection. With their lightweight yet sturdy design, these boots are ideal for turnout or light exercise.

7. Intrepid International Bell Boots

Intrepid International Best Horse Hoof Boots

These Intrepid International bell boots don’t have any bells and whistles; instead, they feature a simple shape that’s designed for effortless protection. The pull-on style slips easily over your horse’s hooves, and the durable material cleans easily with soap and water. We love that these boots come in a huge variety of colors to match your riding gear. Choose from a range of sizes to get a comfortable fit.

8. Tough 1 Hoof Saver Boot

Tough 1 Best Horse Hoof Boots

When you need to soak a hoof, this Tough 1 boot is an excellent choice. The anatomically-shaped design fits over your horse’s hoof and fastens higher up, preventing your animal from kicking it off. The triple-layer construction wraps around the sides and bottom of the hoof, so you can apply medication for long periods of time. Lightweight yet durable, these boots are ideal for barn use or fast, light turnouts.

9. Horze Pro Bell Boots

Horze Best Horse Hoof Boots

If you’re planning to ride over rocky or rough ground, these Horze Pro bell boots can help keep your animal safe. The neoprene fabric wraps around the hoof, protecting the coronet band from damage. Strap on these boots for extra cushioning after an injury, or use them to prevent problems from happening. The soft material feels gentle and flexible, so it won’t irritate scars or boils.

10. Perri’s Fleece Bell Boots

Perri's Best Horse Hoof Boots

Keep your horse safe during turnout with these bell boots from Perri’s. The interior is lined with fleece to help prevent rubbing as your animal grazes and plays. The rubber exterior stands up to the mud and rain, and the ribbed exteriors reduce the risk of contact injuries with other hooves. Designed with high-end hook-and-loop fasteners, these boots are best if you have a high level of dexterity and strength in your hands.

When you’re buying boots for a horse, a little research goes a long way. After all, the style and material you choose can directly affect your animal’s well-being. By selecting from the best hoof boots, it’s easier to find the model that’s right for your horse.

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