By BHB Staff
August 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse boots available online.

When you own a horse, chances are good that you’ll need to invest in horse boots at one point. The reasons vary — boots can be used to apply medication to an injury, provide extra protection from hoof strikes, or hold ice against a sore leg. If you’re traveling, boots can help prevent scrapes and injuries as your horse moves between trailers and stalls. Because your horse’s legs are crucial to its happiness and quality of life, it’s important to choose the right type of boot for the situation. A great boot can go a long way toward protecting and speeding healing, so you can get back on the trail in less time.

1. Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots

Kensington Natural Best Horse Boots

Protect your horse’s legs from flies and other biting insects with these Kensington Natural Horse fly boots. The Textilene exterior blocks UV rays and prevents insects from getting at sensitive areas when your horse is in the field. Plush fleece trim on the top edge prevents chafing, and the web trim on the bottom edge reduces wear as your animal moves. Don’t worry about stability — the stay-up technology prevents slipping even during trotting and galloping.

2. Tough 1 Ice Boot

Tough 1 Ice Best Horse Boots

Take the hassle out of cold therapy with this Tough 1 ice boot. Toss this affordable boot in the freezer; the gel stays flexible as it freezes, so you can wrap the boot easily. Four quick-grip straps enable an adjustable fit and customized compression. With its 24 individual sections,this boot is big enough for the hock or lower leg. Rely on the heavy duty denier nylon shell for durability and strength.

3. Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots

Weaver Leather Prodigy Best Horse Boots

Provide extra lower-leg support with these Weaver Leather Prodigy athletic boots. Engineered specifically for competitive horses, these boots use a memory foam and neoprene construction to absorb impact and prevent injuries due to jumping and training. The Dynamic Sling System supports the tendons and ligaments around the fetlock joint, reducing stress as you compete. This boot features a carefully designed shape to ensure a comfortable fit.

4. Professional’s Choice Ice Boot

Professional's Choice Ice Best Horse Boots

Help your horse endure ice therapy with this Professional’s Choice ice boot. It comes with gel packets that you can freeze for easy icing. The neoprene shell provides insulation and slows melting, and the smooth lining creates a protective barrier next to your horse’s leg. Use the extended straps to fit horses of all sizes. This set comes with two ice boots, so you can treat multiple legs simultaneously.

5. Professional’s Choice Equine Sports Medicine Leg Boot

Professionals Choice Best Horse Boots

Take a proactive stance against injuries with this set of four Professional’s Choice sports medicine leg boots. These boots are engineered to protect your horse’s legs against insects, burrs, and other dangers. In addition, they help absorb impact to prevent injury from flying rocks or hooves. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to suit your riding style.

6. WOOF WEAR Sport Brushing Boots

Woof Wear Best Horse Boots

For a great all-around boot look no further than these sport brushing boots from WOOF WEAR. The strong foam-panel exterior helps absorb impact when you’re on a hack or a cross-country ride, so you don’t have to worry about injuries due to an uneven stride or flying rocks. Inside, the soft closed-cell neoprene molds to your horse to create custom support. Made with vents, these boots allow free airflow and prevent uncomfortable sweat buildup on long rides.

7. Tough 1 Extreme Vented Sport Boots Set

Tough 1 Extreme Best Horse Boots

If you participate in dressage, these Tough 1 sport boots are a great addition to your accessory collection. They’re designed with a form-fitting shape that sits close to your horse’s leg and protects it from injury as you ride. Inside, a layer of perforated neoprene promotes airflow and releases heat, so you don’t need to worry about chafing during an intense workout. Three quick-grip straps run along the side, providing a secure installation that won’t come off.

8. Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Exercise Wrap

Equilibrium Best Horse Boots

Strap on these Equilibrium Stretch and Flex wraps before you exercise your horse. Soft and stretchy, they support delicate tendons and cushion sensitive areas of the leg. As they flex, these wraps provide a gentle compression for better blood flow. The contoured shape ensures a comfortable fit, and the hook-and-loop closures are easy to fasten. Use these wraps for dressage, or put them on before you do light jumping.

9. StepnSoak-911 Hoof Soaking/Rx Boot

StepnSoak Best Horse Boots

Promote healthier hooves with this StepnSoak boot. The full-coverage design wraps around the hoof and up your horse’s leg, and the polyvinyl canvas keeps liquid inside. With its leak-resistant design, this boot is an excellent way to deliver treatments for thrush or infections. Fasten the boot using the two straps, and rinse it out when you’re done for easy reuse.

10. TGW Riding Leg Wraps

TGW Best Horse Boots

These TGW riding wraps are designed specifically for active use; they’re stretchy and flexible, so your horse’s tendons can move naturally with each stride. The anatomic design supports the fetlock for extra comfort, and the neoprene shell keeps dirt and debris away from your horse’s legs. Tough and durable, these wraps are designed to last through multiple workouts.

Horse boots can be a useful tool, whether you’re treating or preventing an injury. The trick is to find the right style for your animal’s situation. By starting with the best horse boots on the market, you can ensure that you’re giving the best possible support.

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