By BHB Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 saddle pad racks available online.

Saddle pads keep your horse comfortable during long and short rides; they absorb sweat, prevent chafing, and protect the skin on the back. In order to get the most from your saddle pads, it’s important to keep them clean and dry — which means that you need a saddle pad rack. These racks are designed to store your pads after you’re done with a ride, so they have a chance to dry quickly. The trick is to find the rack that fits into the available space in your barn or tack room. It’s also helpful to look for models that accommodate your entire pad collection.

1. Echo Beach Equestrian Blanket Rack

Echo Beach Equestrian Blanket Rack

Keep your saddle pads and saddle blankets in a convenient spot with this Echo Beach Equestrian blanket rack. It features four cross-bars, each wide enough to hold a typical English or Western blanket. The top hanging chain features a metal ring that fits neatly over a hook or a nail for secure installation. Use all four bars when needed, or hang blankets on alternating rack when you need extra drying power for thicker blankets and pads.

2. Intrepid International Blanket Rack

Intrepid International Blanket Rack

Durable and easy to use, this Intrepid International blanket rack is a great way to protect your blankets and pads between rides. It features four racks, each spaced to allow your gear to dry efficiently. Each rack is constructed from chrome-plated steel, so it stands up to heavy, wet blankets without bending or deforming. A length of chain runs across the top for easy hanging in your tack room or trailer.Between uses, the chain sides collapse easily for compact storage.

3. Dover Saddlery Cooler & Blanket Rack

Dover Saddlery Cooler & Blanket Rack

Need extra support for heavy blankets? This rack from Dover Saddlery is a great option. It’s all about the solid wood dowels; they’re durable enough to hold your pads, even when they’re soaked with sweat after a long ride. With its heavy duty chain hanger and sides, this rack is built to support a heavy load. On the top, a thick metal ring makes it easy to hang the rack in the barn or at a show.

4. Equi-Racks Stable Blanket Rack

Equi-Racks Stable Blanket Rack

Help your saddle pads dry in less time with this durable rack from Equi-Racks. Fabricated from heavy-duty metal, this rack is designed to hold up to six blankets at a time. The convenient brackets allow easy wall-mounting in any 42-inch spot on the wall. Each 30-inch bar provides plenty of space for standard pads or sheets; the bars are also movable, so you can create the perfect configuration for your gear.

5. English Saddle Rack

English Saddle Rack

Keep your English saddle and your saddle pad in the same place with this rack from Dover Saddlery. The unique design features a U-shaped center support and two angled side wings. Slip the saddle pad over the bottom rung of the U-rack, and use the top rung and the wings to hold your saddle. That way, your saddle gear is all in one place for the next ride. With its tubular steel construction and powder coating, this rack is ultra-tough and rust resistant.

6. Equi-Racks Wall Mount Blanket & Pad Rack

Equi-Racks Wall Mount Blanket & Pad Rack

Customize your storage system to fit your needs with this wall-mounted rack from Equi-Racks. It features a vertical mounting rod and horizontal storage racks. Each rack rotates, so you can choose the best position for your collection. When you only need to dry a single blanket, drape it over multiple bars for efficiency. With 10 racks, this system is ideal for large stables. When a rack isn’t in use, simply push it against the wall to save space.

7. Tough 1 Blanket Rail

Tough 1 Blanket Rail

Do you need space for a single blanket? This Tough 1 rail is the perfect solution for a small barn or trailer. It’s 36 inches long, giving you plenty of room for a Western or English saddle pad. There’s a hook on both mounting brackets, so you can hang halters or lead ropes close at hand. The heavy duty metal is engineered to support the blanket, and the side brackets create a sturdy attachment.

8. Portable Single Arm Saddle Rack

Portable Single Arm Saddle Rack

Design a versatile storage system in your barn or tack room with this saddle rack from Equiessentials. The L-shaped rack extends out from the wall, providing plenty of space to support a saddle or a pad as needed. A convenient bridle hook sits at the bottom of the rack for easy hanging. This rack features a mountain bracket that slips over the wall of a stall or a fence, so you can install it anywhere in seconds.

9. Intrepid International Swivel Arm Blanket Bar

Intrepid International Swivel Arm Blanket Bar

Save space in your tack room with the help of this Intrepid International blanket bar. It’s built with a swiveling base, so you can rotate it out from the wall to any position that works for you. Between uses, simply push the bar flush with the wall to allow an easy flow of traffic. The curved end prevents the saddle pad from slipping off, and the open center promotes ample airflow.

10. Seny Heavy Duty Rack

Seny Heavy Duty Rack

When you’re lacking wall space, this Seny rack is a handy solution. Made from heavy duty steel, it’s strong enough to hold a huge collection of gear. The freestanding base installs anywhere you have a bit of floor space — no wall-mounting needed. The V-shaped blanket rack on the bottom allows air to reach your blankets and pads to ensure fast drying, and the three saddle racks keep your tack safe.

Dry saddle pads keep your horse comfortable and dry during long trail rides. By choosing the right saddle pad rack, you can store your gear safely and ensure that it’s ready for your next outing.

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