By BHB Staff
October 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best wall saddle racks available online.

When you keep horses, saddles are some of the bulkiest pieces of equipment you own. If you’re working with limited space, storing them can be a challenge — and that’s where saddle racks come in. These units fasten to the wall or stand on a freestanding rack, so you can hang saddles vertically. This saves floor space in your barn or tack room. As a bonus, each rack is built specifically for saddles to ensure a safe, sturdy way to protect your gear. When you’re picking the right storage rack, consider the type of saddle and the number of pieces you need to hang.

1. Store Your Board Horse Saddle Storage Rack

Store Your Board Horse Saddle Storage Rack

If you own multiple saddles, this storage rack from StoreYourBoard can help you manage your space efficiently. This rack features four individual hooks that hold up to four saddles in a vertical column. The solid metal frame supports up to 200 pounds, and the included brackets allow easy wall mounting. Two included attachments help keep your Western saddles dry, and two extra supports enable you to protect your English saddles.

2. High Country Plastics Folding Saddle Rack

High Country Plastics Folding Wall Saddle Rack

Are you looking for a flexible storage solution for a small barn? This folding saddle rack from High Country Plastics has you covered. The rack flips out and uses a sturdy metal base for support; when your’e out for a ride, simply fold the rack back into the wall. Constructed from powder-coated metal tubing, this rack is sturdy and made to resist rust.

3. Partrade Wall Saddle Rack

Partrade Wall Saddle Rack

Keep a single saddle safe with the help of this wall saddle rack from Partrade. Built from sturdy metal tubing, this rack is engineered for support and durability. The curving end provides the perfect level of support for a Western saddle, and the open-frame design helps the saddle fleece dry faster between rides. Rely on the rigid T-shaped bracket to create a stable mount on your tack room wall. Simple and affordable, this rack is a great option when you want to cut costs without sacrificing strength.

4. Dover Saddlery Brass & Wood Saddle Rack

Dover Saddlery Brass & Wood Wall Saddle Rack

Give your tack room a luxe look with this saddle rack from Dover Saddlery. Constructed with a gleaming brass frame and curving wooden saddle supports, this rack looks gorgeous with or without a saddle. The smooth surface of the wood protects the underside of the saddle, and the open sections promote efficient drying. With its heavy duty mounting plate, this rack fastens securely to a wall; you can choose the perfect height for your space.

5. Intrepid International Wall Saddle Rack

Intrepid International Wall Saddle Rack

Simple and streamlined, this wall rack from Intrepid International is an easy way to store your favorite saddle. It’s made from metal tubes, so it’s light enough to install in a trailer but tough enough to support your saddles with ease. With its sloping design, this rack is engineered for English saddles; you can also use it with lighter Western models. Choose from three different colors to find the perfect fit for your tack room.

6. DDI INC. Collapsible Saddle Rack

DDI INC. Collapsible Wall Saddle Rack

Do you need to save space in a horse trailer or a tiny tack room? This DDI Inc. saddle rack can help you meet this goal. When it’s not in use, this rack folds down into the wall for efficiency. Flip it up when you’re ready to hang a saddle; the V-shape cross brace provides plenty of support. We love the solid steel frame, which is designed to bear the weight of a saddle without bending. Plus, it’s rust-resistant to ensure durability in a damp barn.

7. Equi-Racks Wall Mount 4 Saddle Rack

Equi-Racks Wall Mount 4 Saddle Rack

Store your saddle collection on this wall-mounted rack from Equi-Racks. With four separate racks, you can keep a variety of saddles close at hand. Each arm is completely adjustable, so you can configure the height to match your gear. The horizontal bars feature two side supports each, making them a comfortable fit for both English and Western saddles. Fabricated from grey steel, this rack is light but tough — the perfect option for a busy barn.

8. Procraft English Saddle Rack

Procraft English Saddle Rack

Keep a single saddle in an easily accessible place with the help of this English saddle rack from Procraft. It’s constructed from galvanized steel tubes that are tough enough to support heavy saddles. The poly-vinyl coating is easy on the underside of your saddle; it also resists rust and helps the rack last longer. With its upward angle, this rack makes it easy to store and clean your saddle.

9. Pro-Craft Wall Mount Saddle Rack

Pro-Craft Wall Mount Saddle Rack

Protect your saddle between horseback rides with this convenient rack from Pro-Craft. Designed with a U-shaped center frame and angled side wings, this rack is compatible with both English and Western saddles. The ultra-strong steel frame is powder-coated for durability and rust prevention. Keep in mind that this saddle does not come with the mounting hardware; you’ll need to purchase it separately.

10. Big Dee’s English Saddle Rack

Big Dee's English Saddle Rack

Take care of your valuable saddles with this rack from Big Dee’s. The curving frame is engineered to fit the shape of an English saddle, and the slightly angled tip keeps your gear from sliding off. On the bottom edge, a handy bridle hook provides convenient hanging. Welded from steel and coated in vinyl, this heavy duty rack is designed to last.

An efficient saddle-storage system is one of the most important parts of your tack room. It holds your valuable saddles off of the floor, keeping them safe and helping them last as long as possible.

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