By BHB Staff
December 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse riding gloves for kids available online.

When a child learns how to ride a horse or wants to practice their horse riding skills, it is important to have the right type of horse riding gloves. Children are more likely to wear their horse riding gloves if the gloves are comfortable and fit properly. Kids also tend to be hard on their gloves, and the horse riding gloves for kids are designed with durability and ease of laundering in mind. It is also important to recognize that children’s hands grow about as quickly as their feet do, so the gloves should offer some stretch. These are the top 10 best horse riding gloves for kids.

1. Mashfa Kids Horse Riding Gloves

Mashfa Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

These equestrian gloves for kids feature elasticized wrists in order to accommodate different sizes. The soft cloth lining offers comfort for sensitive skin. The stitching and palms are reinforced in the areas where the child holds the horse’s reins. The back side is made out of a proprietary stretchy and breathable fabric. A Velcro closure makes these gloves easy for a child to put on and take off without assistance.

2. Finger Ten Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

Finger Ten Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

This pair of horse riding gloves is designed for children ages five to 13, and they are available in different sizes. They feature four-way stretchable fabric that allows the child to have a full range of motion. The proprietary Serino fabric is also breathable, making the child feel more comfortable. A double layer of leather on the thumb and index finger extend the durability of these gloves. Microfiber on the palms enhances the gripping capability. They have a hook-and-loop tape closure.

3. TuffRider Children’s Performance Gloves

TuffRider Performance Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

The suede palm on these children’s horse riding gloves makes it easier for a child to maintain a tight grip on the horse’s reins. A stretchy back ensures that the child has a full range of movement. The Velcro closure keeps the gloves snugly in place, and there is a cute picture of a horse embroidered onto the strap. An elasticized cuff also helps the gloves stay in place and makes it easy for a child to put them on and take them off without any help.

4. Ovation Child Heart & Horse Gloves

Ovation Heart & Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

These children’s horse riding gloves feature a Velcro closure that has a horse and a heart embroidered on it. The strap allows for a custom fit and keeps the glove securely in place. These gloves also have a suede palm. This material is durable and makes it easier for a child to grasp the horse’s reins. Synthetic material for the fingers and back side provides stretch and breathable characteristics. These gloves have reinforced stitches in the fingers.

5. ChinFun Kids Horse Riding Gloves

ChinFun Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

The top layer of these horse riding gloves for kids is made of a soft, breathable mesh for comfort. The palm side of the fabric features reinforced fingers and thumbs for durability. A light interior lining provides comfort and warmth without bulk. Reinforced stitching along the thumb and fingers increases the lifespan of the gloves. Their Velcro closure keeps them in place and accommodates a range of hand sizes. These gloves are also ideal for other outdoor sports and activities.

6. Horze Kids Fleece Gloves

Horze Fleece Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

These kids’ fleece gloves by Horze are designed to offer a strong grip for holding the reins of a horse. They do this with the textured pebble fabric. This fabric is rubberized and reinforced, increasing the durability and lifespan of the gloves. The rest of the gloves are made from microfiber fleece, which is soft and comfortable. The fleece has some stretch to it, allowing a child to have their full range of motion in their fingers and wrists. The wrist is elasticized for comfort.

7. Allness Equestrian Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

Allness Equestrian Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

These elegant gloves are made of synthetic leather. Their texture makes them ideal for grasping the reins or holding on to slippery rails. The seams are stitched on the outside for comfort. Each finger and thumb seam is reinforced for additional durability. These gloves allow for a full range of motion for each finger and thumb. A Velcro strap keeps the gloves securely in place.

8. Equi-Star Child’s Pony Fleece Gloves

Equi-Star Pony Fleece Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

Children who only like soft gloves will appreciate these fleece gloves made of purple fabric. The synthetic fleece is machine-washable and can go into the clothes dryer. A colorful pony is embroidered onto the upper side of the gloves. A gripper palm makes it easy to hold onto the horse’s reins or other slick surfaces. Double stitching on the fingers and thumb extends the lifespan of these kids’ gloves.

9. Ovation Kids Polar Suede Fleece Gloves

Ovation Polar Suede Fleece Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

These two-color gloves come in different size and color combinations. They feature a suede palm, which helps them last longer and makes it easier for a child to grasp reins or a slick rail. The polar fleece provides warmth without adding too much bulk. The fleece is soft to the touch. The textured palm material is reinforced and extends up the fingers. These gloves for children are available in small, medium and large sizes.

10. Ovation Child’s Pony Rider Gloves

Ovation Pony Horse Riding Gloves for Kids

When a child wants style and comfort, these gloves by Ovation are a wise choice. They feature a coordinating combination of colors. A pony is embroidered onto the Velcro wrist trap. The palm size features a synthetic suede fabric that covers all the way up the fingers. The back side of these gloves is made from synthetic fleece. This pair of gloves is machine-washable for convenience.

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