By BHB Staff
July 2019

This article reviews the top 10 best horse detanglers available online.

Horse detanglers provide a very helpful aid in detangling and keeping horse hair healthy in a wide variety of ways. Without the aid of this special line of products, it would be much more difficult handling those tough situations that could otherwise lead to hair-loss, skin irritations, insect issues, horse temperament issues, and more. And while this kind of product is a great aid in general terms, not all horse detanglers are created equally. Here to detangle the field itself and shine some light on the best picks in this area, we bring you our top-ten list of the best horse detanglers available on the market right now.

1. Cowboy Magic Concentrated Detangler and Shine

Cowboy Magic Concentrated Horse Detangler and Shine

Cowboy Magic makes a great detangler in its Concentrated Detangler and Shine product. This formula uses no alcohol or water and thus prevents common drying issues found in similar products. Instant detangling action and deep penetration loosen the worst knots as well as help to prevent their occurrence to begin with. This formula is also non-oily and performs quite well at breaking up and repelling that clingy dirt and debris.

2. Mane ‘N Tail Spray-On Detangler

Mane 'N Tail Spray-On Best Horse Detanglers

This Spray-On Detangler by the Mane ‘N Tail company detangles clumpy and knotty hair very well while also providing deep-conditioning for ultimate hair health and strengthening going forward. A friction-free slip action wards against grooming damage and mishaps, while a completely safe overall formula provides treatment safe enough for use on humans, too. This product even works well regardless of whether the hair area is dry or wet beforehand.

3. EQyss Survivor Equine Detangler

EQyss Survivor Equine Best Horse Detangler

The Survivor series of detangler by EQyss is a real performer and was sure to make our list accordingly. Here, we have a product that works great detangling but that also works very well in areas of healthy aftercare such as softening, strengthening, and enhancing the shine of any physiological area of horse hair in need. A vitamin-E rich formula with a pleasant, floral scent awaits in every bottle of this detangling wonder.

4. Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler

Absorbine ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler

Absorbine makes a number of great equestrian-related products, and the company’s ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler does not part ways from that continued quality level. This horse detangler instantaneously and very effectively starts to detangle upon contact, and with its high quality ingredients, it really reduces the time needed for a full grooming from start to finish. We really liked the high quality spray bottle also, as it really makes application easy and mess-free unlike cheaper spray bottles we often handle.

5. Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Treatment and Detangler for Horses

Knotty Horse Apricot Oil Treatment and Detangler

With Knotty Horse’s Apricot Oil Treatment and Detangler for Horses, your horse is certain to be knotty no more. This top-pick in horse detanglers utilizes a unique and largely natural formula of apricot oil, vitamins, omega compounds, and other fine ingredients to get the job done well. A bold, resulting shine, healthy hair, and even included UV protection are the sure results of using this particular, great detangling option.

6. Farnam Vertrolin Concentrated Detangler

Farnam Vertrolin Concentrated Horse Detangler

Farnam does it right with its line of Vertrolin Concentrated Detangler. This detangler mixes solid, on-the-spot detangling action with a great mix of aftercare benefits as well. Great conditioning and shine come through here, while subsequent health and manageability are bolstered with a unique blend of included nutrients. Cap it all off with a very pleasant herbal fragrance, and you’ve got a top detangling product.

7. Mane-ly Long Hair Detangler/Polisher/Protector

Mane-ly Long Hair Best Horse Detangler

This Detangler/Polisher/Protector by Mane-ly Long Hair was one of our hands-down favorites for its ability to work straight away in some really tough and dirty hair conditions without the need for prewashing work like in many other, comparable products. It gets in, detangles and breaks up debris, and really does a great job setting the area up for healthy days to come. The effects of just one use of this detangler can be seen for longer than many, other detangling products and without strange textures or stickiness at that.

8. UltraCruz Equine Detangler Spray

UltraCruz Horse Detangler Spray

The ability of UltraCruz’s Equine Detangler Spray to detangle some really distressed hair is definitely praise-worthy. All in the form of a handy spray bottle, this formula comes complete with hair fortification nutrients, vitamin-E, and a special hydrolized silk for ultimate repair capabilities. This formula works especially well on tails and manes and even smells very nice with a light, fresh, and inviting after-scent.

9. Manna Pro Corona Detangler & Shine Conditioner

Manna Pro Corona Best Horse Detangler

Manna Pro’s Corona series of horse-care products has long been a performer and the series’ Detangler & Shine Conditioner rides onward with that theme. This detangler works quickly and effectively in some challenging conditions, and generates a shine really worth writing home about. In addition, its special formulation prevents sun-bleaching and actually provides some very solid, overall UV protection in all areas of its application.

10. Espana Silk Specially Formulated Silk Protein Detangler for Horses

Espana Silk Specially Formulated Silk Protein Best Horse Detangler

Espana’s line of all-natural grooming products hits a home run with its Silk series detangler. Using a special protein-based formula, this one quickly melts away tangles and messes into soft strands that also carry on fortified and strong. Silk is also an alcohol-free and non-oily blend that provides quality UV protection and an overall, comparatively long-lasting benefit after just a single use.

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