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First domesticated around 4000 BC, horses are intelligent, majestic ungulates beloved for riding, racing, farming, and even counseling and therapy today. The Humane Society states that the United States’ equine ownership has risen 33 percent from 2003 to 9.2 million horses. In fact, the AVMA pinpointed the biggest pony populations in Texas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. In 2017, the American Horse Council found that the $50 billion equine sector covers 49 million acres and produces 988,394 jobs across all 50 states. Each of the 300+ horse breeds have unique maintenance requirements to remain healthy for 25 to 33 years. Therefore, horses are quite costly pets with an average annual expense of $3,876 apiece according to University of Maine research. Best Horse Blankets aims to help locate the Triple Crown of excellent products that won’t overcharge your wallet.

Expanding Your Horse Shopping Pasture Online

Driving miles to your town’s local equine provider, such as Tractor Supply or CountryMax, isn’t required to stock your ranch anymore. Websites now catalog hordes of horse gear that can be easily purchased 24/7 from any device with internet service. Entrepreneur Magazine polled that 51 percent of Americans preferred e-commerce for $459 billion in online sales for 2017. Digital transactions are ideal to evade crowds, snag bargain deals, and save checkout time without changing out of your jodhpurs. Unlike people’s clothing, equine apparel usually stays true to breed standards to avoid size guesswork. Online stores often have a bigger variety of hard-to-find horse equipment, sometimes with free shipping too. The Best Horse Blankets team will evaluate all available products to narrow your choices for quick-click shopping.

Nonetheless, equestrian enthusiasts might be concerned about cyber security threats when cantering into online orders. Dodging credit card fraud, adware, and insecure payment portals can seem tricky. Especially since the CNBC counted 15.4 million identity theft victims duped out of $16 million total in 2017. Fortunately, there are many ways to ease your virtual shopping anxiety and say “neigh” to scams. Best Horse Blankets will help clear the hurdles of fake shops by featuring only real products from authentic websites like Amazon. Further, we’ll use the FAQs to teach safety tips, such as spotting phishing attempts, creating strong passwords, and adopting VPN software. Perhaps our chief objective is protecting fellow horse lovers’ most confidential data for a successful, secure online experience.

Saddling Up With the Best Online Horse Product Values

The old axiom goes “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” However, the same can’t be said when buying gear for your horse. Carefully judging the caliber of merchandise is imperative to make good investments. After all, horses are loyal teammates and companions who deserve being treated like family. That’s why Best Horse Blankets makes quality the priority in each top 10 list. We’re looking for durable equipment that can withstand speeds up to 40mph and temperatures down to -20. Our reviewers look for innovative features that improve horses’ and owners’ well-being. We strive for below-average prices that stretch your barn bucks without sacrificing worth. Other important factors we weigh include customer support, buyer satisfaction, effectiveness, and dependability for horse products from mane to hoof.

Blankets and Sheets

Keeping your horse comfortable during seasonal climate changes often requires extra layers. Strapping a blanket around your horse’s stomach for covering from chest to rump is best. As our name suggests, Best Horse Blankets specializes in outlining great exterior apparel that’s cozy and water-resistant. For instance, our Top 10 Horse Rain Sheets article shows lightweight, multicolored fabrics to stay dry during April showers. When the thermometer rises, our Top 10 Horse Cooler Blankets feature points out anti-sweat items that speed cool down times. Plus, the Top 10 Horse Turnout Winter Blankets piece finds heavy coats to retain warmth during snow and ice storms. Each list analyzes products’ polyfill insulation, strength or “denier,” coverage length, and sizing suitability.

Fly Control

Buzzing flies are more than a nuisance; they’re potentially dangerous. These biting insects can cause skin allergies and several equine diseases like phycomycosis. The larvae of blowflies also burrow into horses’ skin, leaving severe lesions. Preventing these parasitic health risks is possible with ample protection though. For example, our Top 10 Fly Masks article includes headgear designed to stop bugs and debris from infiltrating the eyes. Similarly, our Top 10 Horse Fly Sheets feature has breathable full-body mesh coverings to thwart hurtful stinging. Look back for future lists on ear nets, fly wraps, and fly collars. We’ll also guide you through all-natural, safe fly repellants that impede these winged monsters. Don’t miss helpful FAQs advice on effective cleaning to ensure your horses are less attractive meals to flies either.

Horse Accessories

At Best Horse Blankets, we’re committed to reviewing everything that your horse needs to accessorize, too. Get help tacking up with reins, halters, bridles, and more. For instance, we’ll check out English and Western saddles to suit every riding discipline. Our researchers have found the best lead ropes to sturdily restrain horses indoors or out. Crops are another control mechanism to command horses during their training. Finding the right stirrups will aid mounting and provide relaxed foot support. For hygiene, Best Horse Blankets will list body brushes and mane combs that efficiently remove dirt and tangles. Don’t forget the pedicures with hoof wraps, picks, oils, and support pads. Overall, we’ll continually add pages for equine essentials from feeding tubs to manure forks and wormers.

Start Trotting Through Our Reliable Horse Products Guide

Now, we invite you to begin exploring the Best Horse Blankets website for collections of trusted products that make these splendid animals live happily. Our rankings number 1-10 items that pass our rigorous excellence standards and budget requirements. We proudly share our equine enthusiasm to help fellow owners provide thorough care from foal to gelding and senior. We’re chomping at the bit to share insider industry tips and make shopping stress-free.