By BHB Staff
April 2019

This article reviews the top 10 cheap horse crops.

When you ride horses, the equipment costs can add up quickly. Riding crops are a great opportunity to save money on gear; cheap riding crops give you the same level of performance without breaking the bank. They still help you communicate commands to your horse, so you can achieve better coordination and control. Whether you’re jumping or doing trick riding, it’s important to find the right crop for the task. To help you figure out where to start, we’ve collected 10 affordable crops. Each one is sturdy and well-made, so it stands up to daily rides and occasional practice sessions.

1. Prairie Horse Supply Crop

Prairie Horse Cheap Riding Crop

Keep a firm hold on your crop while you jump with this model from Prairie Horse Supply. It features a textured handle for a tight grip, plus an extra loop that you can slip over your wrist to prevent the crop from falling during tricky maneuvers. On the other end, a leather slapper allows you to apply gentle pressure to your horse while you ride. The fiberglass shaft is durable and designed to prevent breakage. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors to jazz up your practice sessions.

2. Deluxe Jump Bat

Deluxe Jump Bat Cheap Riding Crop

When you’re riding, comfort is crucial. That’s why this deluxe jump bat comes with an ergonomic grip that’s easy to control. The textured surface allows you to hold it securely with gentle pressure, so you can reduce hand cramping. Made with fiberglass and premium leather, this affordable crop is tough and long-lasting. Our favorite part? You can order it in black for a classic look, or choose bright pink or purple for a touch of fun.

3. Hongtegele Horse Riding Crop

Hongtegele Horse Cheap Riding Crop

Sleek and elegant, this Hontegele horse riding crop is a great match for your traditional riding gear. The whip end features a premium-quality leather loop that’s effective but gentle on your horse. This crop comes in a long size, so it’s ideal for taller riders. One end is equipped with a slim handle and an additional loop that allow you to hold on even during high-speed rides. On the tip, a cap creates a finished look.

4. Rekink Jump Bat

Real Riding Cheap Horse Crop

This Rekink jump bat strikes a good weight balance — it’s light enough so that it’s comfortable in your hand and substantial enough for easy control. The shaft is made from PVC to allow gentle flexing while you tap the side of your horse for gentle but effective pressure. With its anti-slip grip, this jump bat is easy to hold while you clear fences and other obstacles. Plus, with the real leather tip, you can rest assured that the bat will last.

5. Tough 1 24-inch Sparkle Riding CropTough 1 Cheap Riding Crop


Bring a bit of fun to your time in the ring with this Tough 1 crop. It’s wrapped with colorful tape interspersed with a silver sparkle twist that glitters in the sunlight, creating a bright pop of personality each time you wield it. Choose from a variety of brilliant colors to match your riding kit. The grip end features a soft texture to prevent slipping — for extra stability, slip the loop over your wrist. This crop is 24 inches long, so it gives you plenty of length to work with.

6. Hunters Leather Riding Crop

Hunters Leather Cheap Horse Riding Crop

If you’re after top quality, look no further than this Hunters riding crop. It’s crafted from durable, soft leather for a luxurious look and a long-lasting design. Our favorite part is the handle, which features a wrapped golf grip; this soft surface is gentle on your palm, but makes it easy to maintain your grip. With its stiff shaft, this crop allows a light flex. Both the brown and black options feature contrast stitching for extra reinforcement and a refined look.

7. All American Saddles 18-inch Whip

All American Saddles Cheap Riding Crop

Made by a trusted equestrian brand in the industry, this whip is built to last. The fiberglass shaft is light but flexible, which is ideal when you’re in training. On the end, the genuine leather slapper allows you to apply pressure without sacrificing structural integrity. The 7-inch grip fits all hand sizes. New to riding crops? The textured grip and attached safety loop helps you keep a hold on the crop when you’re getting started.

8. Prairie Horse Supply Jump Bat 18-inch Riding Crop

Prairie Horse Supply Cheap Riding Crop

If you prefer a paddle-style slapper to a loop, this jump bat from Prairie Horse Supply is a good fit. The flat slapper is thick and made with reinforced stitching for extra strength. Plus, since the bat is hand-crafted, you can rest assured that it’s made with careful attention to detail. We love the handle, which is decorated with rhinestones to add a bit of sparkle and help you keep a firm hold with minimal strain. With seven different color options, it’s easy to find a match for your favorite riding outfit.

9. Intrepid International Equestrian Jump Bat

Intrepid International Cheap Riding Crop

If you’re looking for a jump bat for a smaller rider, this Intrepid International model is a great choice. It’s just 18 inches long, so it allows young equestrians to reach the horse’s flank and stay in control. Made with a braised shaft and a leather flapper loop, the bat is lightweight enough for comfort. Since this bat is engineered with plenty of flex, it’s a user-friendly choice for beginners and children.

10. Huntley Equestrian Riding Crop

Intrepid International Cheap Horse Crop

Round out your English riding kit with this Huntley Equestrian riding crop. It’s designed for usability — the grooves in the rubber handle keep your hand cramp-free, and the leather-wrapped tip prevents the crop from slipping. Inside, the fiberglass shaft reduces weight and allows just the right amount of flexibility. We love the leather accents, which complement a classic riding ensemble.

When you’re looking to save money on your equestrian supplies, riding crops are a great place to start. Since they’re not load bearing, you can buy affordable versions without losing out on performance. By choosing crops that are within your budget and designed to meet your riding style, you can get the most for your money.


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