If there is one thing that’s true about all horse lovers, regardless of gender, age, or location, it’s that horses are more than just a passion — they’re a lifestyle. “Eat, sleep, ride,” boast many a horse lover’s t-shirts, bumper stickers, and travel mugs. That’s why when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your favorite horse fan, we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for 30 great creative horse-themed gifts that are sure to delight anyone who would rather be at the barn right now.

Horse-Themed Candles

From $3.95

Any horse lover will tell you that there is just something special about the smell of horses and the barn. While that may be true, we definitely prefer these equestrian-themed candles made and sold by SixteenHandsCandleCo. The candles are named things like Barn Mom, Morning Graze, Boots & Blankets, and Pocket of Peppermint. And while they’re certainly meant to evoke the delicious smells of barns and horses, they actually come in scents like gardenia, apples and four-leaf clovers, citronella, cherry cider, and more. 

Marguerite Henry Books

From $7.99

No horse lover’s childhood is complete without devouring the tomes of Marguerite Henry. The classic equestrian author wrote dozens of horse-themed novels, including Misty of Chincoteague, King of the Wind, Born to Trot, and Album of Horses, to name but a few. Each novel tells the story of a famous horse or type of horse, so the books are educational as well. Box sets can be purchased from your favorite book store, while most of Henry’s harder-to-find titles are available in online marketplaces. 

Horseshoe Wish Bracelet


We love this sweet and simple wish bracelet from the Etsy shop She and Jack. As the included note card explains, this bracelet is meant to be worn until its string breaks in two. It’s at this point that the wearer’s most desired wish will come true. The bracelet even comes in a variety of colors!

Jilly Cooper Novels

From $9.99

Jilly Cooper’s delightfully scandalous equestrian-themed novels have been entertaining adult horse lovers since the publication of the first book in 1985. Soapy, yet satisfying, these page turners make the perfect gift for the horse lover who loves to read when not in the saddle. Cooper’s “Rutshire Chronicles” series currently consists of 10 novels (you’ll want to start with Riders), all of which are available in eBook format or paperback. 

Personalized Stationary 


Encourage the lost art of note taking and letter writing with this beautiful gift from the Etsy shop Gallery in the Garden. This personalized note pad is size 4”x6”, includes 40 sheets, and features an embossed horse and name of your choice. Envelopes are included. To make the stationary part of a set, the same Etsy shops also sells similar bookplates.

Custom Horseshoe Name Sign

$13.50 per letter
A name sign made from real horseshoes makes for a great gift. Horse lovers can use the sign as home decor, or as a stall name plate for their favorite horse. Each sign is made with actual horseshoes and handmade so that all letters are proportionate. The price is $13.50 per letter.

Customized Horse Mom Mug

From $14.99
Send a gift and a chuckle with this hilarious customized mug from the Ultimate Gifts Shop. Each side of the mug is printed with a funny personalized message from the horse mom’s favorite horse.

Personalized Family Poster

From $19.60

Skip the stick-figure family and purchase one of these personalized family poster prints instead. Each poster — which can measure either 8”x11” or 11”x16” — can be personalized to include large and small horses to represent each member of the family, either human or equine! Simply provide the surname, number of children and adults, any desired quotations, and choice of color. 

“My Horse Eats Paychecks” Tank Top


Horse lovers can stay cool at the barn this summer with this funny tank top which reads “My horse eats paychecks.” Designed and sold by the Etsy shop EastwoodRiding, this funny tee can be purchased in a variety of sizes and your choice of black, pink, or blue.

“Horses Keep Me Stable” Travel Mug


Give the gift of warmth on those cold mornings at the barn with this travel mug from the Etsy shop Gift Finds n More. This high-quality metal travel mugs holds 14 fluid ounces to ensure your favorite horse lover gets all the coffee or hot cocoa they need. Each mug is handprinted with the funny saying, “Horses Keep Me Stable.” Get it?

Personalized Dandy Brush


How cool is this personalized dandy brush from the Etsy shop BespokeandOakCo? Handmade in the United Kingdom, these personalized dandy brushes are engraved with the names of both horse and rider (other options feature just the name of the horse or just the name of the rider).  The brushes’ aesthetic features are impressive, and the brushes themselves are high quality.

“Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open” T-Shirt

From $24.00

The Etsy shop Sandbox Shirts sells this t-shirt that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. This chuckle-worthy saying is a good reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest. It’s also sure to bring back a memory or two for anyone who actually spends time with horses — and has forgotten to close the gate! This saying can be purchased on a women’s tee or a unisex tee  in a variety of colors.


No matter how old your gift recipient, they’re sure to get a kick out of Horse-Opoly. This game is just like the classic Monopoly, but with different breeds of horses in place of the traditional property names.

Monogrammed Backpack & Lunchbox Set

From $24.95

Send your favorite equestrian off to school or to the barn with this adorable monogrammed backpack and lunchbox set. The bags are Sidekick brand, and durable enough to stand up to the toughest elements — even homework. Both pieces can be monogrammed with either a name or initials.

Herd Your Horses Board Game

The second horse-themed board game to make our list of creative gifts for horse lovers is the Herd Your Horses board game. This delightful family game, suitable for players ages 8+, is a game of strategy. Each player acts as a barn owner and collects various horse cards to fill their stable. The game id a blast to play and it’s educational, as each horse card includes interesting facts.

Galloping Horse Tote Bag

Whether meant to carry books or barn gear, this stylish Galloping Horse Tote Bag is perfect for any horse lover. The bag is made of a sturdy Denier polyester so it’s easy to clean! It  includes a shoulder strap, zippered top, an interior pocket, and two exterior mesh pouches. If you know more than one horse lover, discounts are available when multiple totes are purchased.

Wooden Horse Name Sign

From $28.56
This custom name sign is perfect for a horse’s stall or a horse lover’s front door! Choose your preferred size for your sign (from 16 inches to 36 inches), then further customize it with whatever name you choose. Each sign is handmade to order from Baltic birch wood. 

Round the Ranch Horse Rug

The youngest horse lovers on your list are sure to love the Round the Ranch Horse Rug by Melissa and Doug. Carefully designed to promote creativity and imagination, this fun rug features an entire barn scene complete with stables, pastures, arenas, and trails. The rug is recommended for ages 3-5.

Horse Love Apparel  

From $31.25 

These horse lover shirts and hoodies from Etsy shop ustopdesigns sure get the point across. Featuring an equine silhouette with a heart, these products are made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton. In other words, they’re super soft! Choose your t-shirt in unisex, v-neck unisex, tank, kid’s, or hoodie for the absolute perfect creative gift for a horse lover. 

Illustrated Phone Case

From $39.50
With this lovely customized illustrated phone cover, your favorite horse lover can carry around a reminder of their favorite horse wherever they go. Simply send in the photo you would like painted, and the artist will send you a mock-up to ensure it’s just right. Cases for a variety of phone types are available.

Subscription to the Pony XPress Club

From $39.95/month
Young horse lovers will love receiving the Pony XPress Club subscription box each month! Choose between a box that includes 3-5 or 5-8 horse-themed toys, books, crafts, and accessories. The boxes can be shipped worldwide, and are received on the 3rd week of every month.

A SaddleBox Subscription 

From $45.00

There’s a fun subscription box out there for just about any interest, including horses! The SaddleBox is a monthly box ideal for horse lovers and owners. Each box contains a variety of horse-themed objects including treats, tack, grooming products, books, and more. Everything is handpicked and sure to be found useful. Gift givers can choose to send a SaddleBox to their favorite horse lover in one-month, three-month, six-month, or 12-month subscriptions.

Welcome Mat 

From $46.13

Your favorite horse lover can tell their guests they’re probably at the barn with this adorable welcome mat from Etsy shop TangledDesignsCo. Mats are all handmade, come in your choice of two sizes, and can be finished with either hand painting or engraving. Check out the TangledDesignCo’s full Etsy page for all available design options.  

20-Piece Western Flatware Set

For the horse lover who lives, breathes, and er, eats Western riding, you can’t go wrong with this creative gift. This premium Western flatware set from State Line Tack features 20 thick-forged utensils, each of which is stamped with your choice of either brands or running horses. The set features four dinner forks, salad forks, dinner knives, soup spoons, and teaspoons.

Horseshoe Heart Trivet

For the horse lover who also enjoys spending time in the kitchen, check out this personalized trivet made from an actual horseshoe. In fact, each trivet is handmade by a real blacksmith in Idaho. For an additional touch, personalize your trivet with a special date, phrase, initials, etc.

Custom Knit Horse Toy


Immortalize a favorite horse by turning it into a custom knit horse toy! The artist behind the Etsy shop ImagineNationShop boasts more than 20 years of knitting experience, and has turned the art of horse crochet into quite a business. Simply send in a few photos of your gift recipient’s favorite horse, and you’ll receive back a 7”-long and 6”-tall reproduction knitted from high-quality Peruvian highland wool. Just be aware that orders can take up to two weeks to receive, so order with plenty of time to spare! 

Horse Blueprint

For those devoted to a particular breed of horse, the Horse Blueprint from Uncommon Goods makes for a beautiful gift. This creative piece of art features your choice of either an Arabian or Thoroughbred, and includes the various “design specs” for which the breed is best known.

A Gift Card for Supplies


Any horse lover who rides regularly and/or owns their own horse is certain to appreciate a gift card to their favorite equestrian retailer. With a gift card, they can purchase anything from horse treats and feed, to new show clothes, to tack, and everything in between. Some popular online retailers include Dover Saddlery (mostly English), State Line Tack (English and Western), and Valley Vet Supply (anything and everything!). 

Riding Lessons

Whether your recipient is a complete amateur or a total pro, chances are they’ll love the gift of a lesson or two. Most riding instructors offer lesson packages, or for the more advanced rider, there are clinics with professional trainers that most riders can only dream of attending. Find the right local barn, or speak with the rider’s current trainer to get the right options for your gift.

An EquiTours Adventure  


For the horse lover who also loves to travel, why not book an EquiTours adventure? EquiTours organizes equestrian-themed riding vacations all around the world. While there are minimum age requirements for each adventure, there is also a variety of riding vacations suitable for every level of rider. More than 41 different destinations are available, including Texas, Argentina, Kenya, Scotland, Italy, Mongolia, and Australia. What a way to see the world!