By BHB Staff
April 2018

This article reviews the top 10 cheap horse muck carts.

Part of owning and caring for a horse involves mucking out the animal’s stall. Regular cleaning of that staff is the best way to make sure that the animal remains safe and healthy. You can think about it in the same way you would your home. Do you prefer coming home when each room is dirty and requires cleaning or when your home looks and smells great? Horse owners must have a muck cart, which makes it easy for them to clean out those stalls. The top 10 cheap horse muck carts are affordable and will help you get the job done.

1. Little Giant Muck Cart

Little Giant Cheap Horse Muck Carts

The Little Giant might look basic, but it can help you quickly clean out a horse stall. As it can hold a total of 350 pounds, it’s suitable for use in a large stable too. You simply add a muck bucket to the front and use the handle to move the cart from one stall to the next. It has a kickstand that lets the cart stand on its own and handles that you can use when attaching other items.

2. Miller Black Muck Cart

Miller Cheap Horse Muck Carts

This cart features two pneumatic tires with a durable tread that can move across almost any terrain. You can easily wheel the cart around a barn or stable and then outside to dump the muck bucket. A retaining ring on the front adjusts to accommodate larger buckets and bins, but it can also hold standard buckets. The attached kickstand makes it easy to set up the cart when cleaning and to take it with you. This muck cart folds flat for storage too.

3. Apple Picker Ultimate Muck Cart

Apple Picker Ultimate Cheap Horse Muck Cart

With a wide and large metal base, this muck cart can accommodate most buckets. It has reinforced railings around the sides to keep the bucket from tipping over and spilling waste on the ground. The handle on the top gives you a way to move the cart and is adjustable to help you get the grip that you need. Though this model does not come with a bucket, it can hold muck buckets of up to 70 quarts. It also has pneumatic tires for use indoors and out.

4. Muck Bucket Cart

Bucket Cheap Horse Muck Cart

You no longer need to stoop over because this cart puts the handle higher up in a spot that you can reach while standing. It uses galvanized steel to make the cart last longer and has durable tires that help you get to anywhere in your yard or farm. The double wheel works with the attached back brace to keep the cart upright when you walk away. That brace also acts as a kickstand.

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Rubbermaid Cheap Horse Muck Cart

Though most muck carts use metal, this cart from Rubbermaid uses plastic. It serves as both a bucket and a cart, which can help you save time when cleaning. It has two pneumatic wheels that are 20-inches with five spikes and will never go flat. The bucket itself can hold up to 7.5 cubic feet of waste or up to 300 pounds. It cleans easily too.

6. Galaxy Equine Folding Cart

Galaxy Equine Cheap Horse Muck Cart

If you need a convenient way to clean your stables, this cart can help. It folds flat, making it easy to store it in a barn or horse trailer. The frame uses steel tubing that can stand up to pressure and large weights, and the manufacturer powder coated that frame. It also comes with a vinyl liner that can hold up to 80 pounds and comes out quickly for cleaning.

7. Galaxy Products Bucket Cart

Galaxy Equine Folding Cheap Horse Muck Cart

Measuring 37 inches from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the handle, this cart lets you clean up after your horses without constantly bending over. The basket itself can accommodate different types of buckets and stands 14-inches tall and 18-inches wide and deep. Thanks to durable wheels on the base, this cart can easily move across dirt and grass without catching on the ground. It also has a textured handle that you can grip with wet or dirty hands.

8. Nasco Muck Stall Cleaning Package

Nasco Muck Stall Cheap Horse Muck Cart

As you look for cheap horse muck carts, you might consider this package, which comes with both a cart and everything else you need for cleaning. The included shovel has long tines and a sturdy handle that lets you clean stalls and move the waste directly into the bucket. That bucket fits on the cart, which has thick wheels and a base that keeps the bucket from falling over. The cart also has a tall handle on the top.

9. Suncast 2-Wheel Rolling Lawn Cart

Suncast 2-Wheel Rolling Cheap Horse Muck Cart

With this cart, you can easily clean up after mowing your lawn or work in your barn/stable to clean up after your horses. This wheeling lawn cart has two wheels on the base and a large cart that attaches to the handle. You can use the handle to lift the cart as you wheel it around the stable, but it will also stand upright on its own. It can hold more than 15 gallons too.

10. AMES Easy Roller Poly Yard Cart

AMES Easy Roller Cheap Horse Muck Cart

Another rolling cart that you can use in your yard and stable is the Easy Roller. It can hold up to four cubic feet of waste and has an easy rolling design that works well on uneven terrain. That design allows the cart to sit upright as you clean but also allows you to push the cart back and easily roll it to the trash. The poly material used in the cart is resistant to rust most weather conditions.


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