Horses are wild animals that crave attention and excitement. No matter how domesticated your horse is, you may find that it goes a little wild when it has the chance. Neck hoods give your animal the comfort it craves and can help it remain calm when you need to move the horse. Many owners use hoods when taking their horses to shows and events and when making visits to the vet. You may want to use one when you clean out the stables and stalls too. To save money on the cost of one, you should look at a list of the top 10 cheap horse neck hoods.

1. Squall Navy Neck Cover

One of the best affordable neck covers is this one made by Country Pride. Though it costs less than other hoods, it offers all the protection and comfort that your horse needs. This cover has a polyester shell with a polyfill inside that is lightweight but keeps the animal warm. As it is not waterproof, you shouldn’t use it for turnouts. The nylon layer used on the interior will polish your horse’s coat to reduce hair loss.

2. Tough 1 Spandex Mane Hood

The next time that you need your horse to stay in one spot without rearing up or moving, try placing this hood on its head and neck first. This hood covers both areas but will not rub uncomfortably against your horse’s hair or skin. It uses nylon spandex that expands and contracts to fit your horse as comfortably as possible. Thanks to a zipper that runs from the chin down to the neck, this hood goes on and comes off easily.

3. Horseware Amigo Hood

Available in six sizes from 2X Small to 1X Large, this hood can fit small breeds and babies as well as large breeds. Made in the same way that traditional hoods from Ireland are made, it comes with both the company’s name and logo on the straps. Those straps adjust to comfortably and perfectly fit your horse. It also has an inner liner made from nylon and an outer shell made of polyester. Those materials work together to create a breathable hood that is also waterproof.

4. Tough 1 1680D Waterproof Poly Neck Cover

Compatible with the turn out blankets made by the same company, this neck cover provides the comfort and protection that your horse needs. It covers the entire animal from the base of its neck down to its chest. The three snaps along the neck open and close easily to keep the animal’s neck safe, and those snaps adjust to fit the size of your horse. It comes with two connectors for attaching to blankets too.

5. Back on Track Therapeutic Neck Cover

Horses recovering from injuries can rest comfortably at home and on the go with this neck cover. Designed as a therapeutic cover, it protects the animals from environmental and weather conditions and is lightweight. Though this cover only comes in black, a nice feature is its inner liner, which uses a ceramic powder. That powder works with the fabric to create a warm lining that uses the horse’s own body temperature to keep it warm.

6. Tough 1 600 Denier Full Hood

When looking for a horse neck hood, you might consider a full option like this one that covers both the animal’s head and neck. It uses a type of polyester that won’t tear or rip as your horse moves. This polyester is lightweight and breathable. It has a full zipper that runs from the head to the neck, which makes it easy for you to put it on and take the hood off without startling your horse.

7. High Spirit Snuggie Quilted Hood

No matter how or where you need to move your horse, you can do so easily with this hood. The quilted design keeps your horse cold in the winter and warm in the summer. It has small snaps on the bottom that let you attach it to a blanket when needed. This hood matches back to the Snuggie blanket made by the same company. It uses a breathable and water-resistant type of polyester too.

8. Challenger Waterproof Neck Cover Blanket

With this Challenger product, you get the best of both worlds because it functions as both a blanket and a neck cover. Its larger design covers more of the horse’s hide and offers more protection from the elements. Inside are layers of materials that insulate the horse and keep it safe from the cold. Small snaps located on the neck cover area allow you to easily open and close the blanket as needed.

9. Derby Originals 600D Black Hood

Made from nylon with a polyfill on the inside, this hood is suitable for horses of all types. This is much larger than other hoods though and designed for larger breeds. It has heavy-duty snaps that swivel to keep the snaps from rubbing against your horse. Those snaps help you more easily get the hood on and off. This black hood is lightweight enough that it won’t stop the movements of your horse.

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10. Kensington KPP Protective Neck Cover

Available in both traditional and funky designs, this neck cover offers all the protection that your horse needs. It offers UV protection that blocks out more than 70 percent of the sun’s harmful rays and is breathable for use during the warmer months. This cover will also keep animals warm in the colder months. It also features two elastic straps around the neck area that you can adjust as needed to create a comfortable fit on your horse.