When you’re training a horse, a lunge line is an essential piece of equipment — it connects you to your horse, giving you a way to send physical signals. When you move the line, the horse feels it. A lunge line is usually very long, so it gives your horse plenty of room to run in a wide circle around you. As you look for an affordable lunge line, look for models that aren’t likely to get twisted as you work; it’s also a good idea to choose a fastener that works with your existing tack.

1. Southwestern Equine 35-Foot Flat Cotton Web Lunge Line with Bolt Snap & Rubber Stop

Whether you’re working with a young, inexperienced horse or an old pro, this Southwestern Equine lunge line is a great choice. It’s 35 feet long, so it gives you plenty of space; the extra length also minimizes the stress of cornering on your horse’s body. Made from cotton in a flat-web design, this line is soft and gentle on your hands. It comes in a variety of bright colors to help you show off in the ring.

2. Tough 1 German Cord Cotton Lunge Line with Heavy Snap

Crafted from sturdy cotton, This Tough 1 German lunge line is designed to last. The webbing has a thick ribbing on it, so you can maintain a firm grip when working with an energetic horse. At the end of the line, there’s a heavy-duty snap that connects safely to your horse’s halter. Extra stitching at the end helps strengthen the connection, and a hand stopper at the end provides increased security.

3. Kensington Flat Nylon Lunge Line – Horse & Dog Training Rope Equipment with Brass Swivel Bolt Snap – 1 inch x 30 Feet

This Kensington flat lunge line is made from nylon, so it’s tough and designed to resist fraying. At 30 feet long, it gives you ample room to work. Near the end, a brass swivel bolt enables the line to rotate smoothly, reducing the risk of twisting or tangling. A looped handle slips over your hand, allowing you to keep a tight hold without stress. Between uses, the line rolls into a small package for easy storage and transportation.

4. Cotton Lunge Line 35-Foot with Rubber Stop

With 35 feet of length, this cotton lunge line allows your horse to run in a large circle. On your end of the line, a rubber stop prevents the end from slipping out of your hand; on the opposite side, a brass snap attaches easily to the halter for a slip-free fit. This line comes in a natural color, so it’s unobtrusive and well-suited to the practice ring.

5. Intrepid International Lunge Line with Rubber Stopper

Keep a tight hold on your horse with this Intrepid International lunge line, which features a built-in rubber stopper on the end to help prevent slipping. This one-inch line is made from a sturdy poly web that feels comfortable in your hand. A solid brass snap creates a secure hold on the halter. Choose from a variety of bright colors to express your personality or match your riding clothes.

6. Tough 1 Braided Flat Cotton Lunge Line

Give your workouts a pop of personality with this Tough 1 lunge line, which features a braided design for an eye-catching look. The braided construction also increases durability, helping the line last for multiple training cycles. A rubber stopper keeps the line from pulling out of your hand, while a metal bolt snap creates a firm hold on the other end. Available in a variety of brilliant colors, this line is easy to spot in a crowded tack room.

7. Shires Soft Feel Lunge Line

When you’re at the stables for hours, this Shires lunge line is a great choice. It’s made from soft-feel webbing that’s gentle on your skin, reducing the risk of blisters and rope burns. The convenient trigger clip is easy to attach, even on jumpy horses. At 26 feet long, this line is ideal for comfortable lunging.

8. Hamilton 1 Single Thick Nylon Horse Longe Line with Snap 26-Feet with 24-inch Chain

Crafted from heavy-duty nylon webbing and made with quilted stitching, this Hamilton 1 lunge line gives you the strength and durability you need to work with energetic horses. At both ends, box-stitch finishing creates extra reinforcement. The single-thick design is comfortable to hold, and the snap handle releases easily when needed. Choose from a variety of colors to express your personal style.

9. Golden Mall Horse Cotton Nylon Lunge Line 32.5-Foot with Bolt Snap

When you need plenty of space for lunging, this Golden Mall lunge line can help. It’s 32.5-feet long, so your horse can run in wide, comfortable circles. The line is made from nylon for strength and durability; it’s also water-resistant, so you can work in the rain. At the end of the line, a brass fastener clips to your horse’s halter for a firm hold.

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10. Kincade Roma Cotton Web Lunge Line

Made from sturdy cotton, this Kincade Roma lunge line is ideal for high-activity stables or frequent lunging sessions. The cotton web feels soft and gentle, so it helps prevent chafing on your hands. The nickel-plated snap is a breeze to attach, so you can get into the ring in less time.

When you have a strong, reliable lunge line, you can run your horse through his paces with confidence. Cheap lunge lines help you stay in control, all while keeping your budget in check.