Whether you subscribe for yourself or a loved one, subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving! For horse lovers, this means getting horse-themed treats delivered right to your doorstep several times each year. But with so many companies offering subscription boxes, how do you know which is the best? Or at least, the best one for you? Keep scrolling for the lowdown on the 10 best subscription boxes for horse lovers.

Cavali Club

$54.95 / Quarter
Cavali Club is a premium subscription box for equestrians. Boxes come quarterly, and include 5-7 items for horses and riders. Though each box costs just $54.95 (there’s a small discount for those who pay for a year in advance), the they’re valued at more than $130. Lots of high-end brands are represented, and products include wellness, grooming tools, decor, and clothing. Upon signing up, subscribers choose between English- and Western-style riding for further customization.

Heart to Horse Box

$62.29 / month
A lot of horse people turn to State Line Tack for the things they need for their horse, but now they can get things they want. State Line Tack’s Heart to Horse Box is a monthly subscription box with tack, apparel, treats, and supplies. An impressive 25% of each box’s proceeds are given to horse rescues throughout the country.

High Point Ready

$59.95 / month
High Point Ready is a thoughtfully curated box of goodies for competitive horses and riders. A new box is sent each month, and includes things like horse-themed gifts, treats, tack maintenance products, and more. Each month’s box follows a particular theme, such as “Mud Season” (April), “Plan Your Best Show Season Yet!” (January), and “World Show Prep” (June).

A Horse Box

$25.99 / month
A Horse Box is perfect for the horse lovers who own their own horse or pony, or who ride regularly. On the 15th of each month, horse lovers will receive 4-6 horse- and rider-approved products from favorite brands and those that are up and coming. Each box has a retail value of $45 to $100, though a subscription to A Horse Box costs just $25.99 per month. Past products have included fly masks, grooming supplies, and various brands of horse treats, to name a few.

Horse Lover’s Box

$39.95 / month or every other month
While some of the boxes on our list are for people who ride or own a horse, the Horse Lover’s Box is created especially for little girls who love horses, whether they have regular access to horses or not. This delightful box — which can come once a month or once every two months — is filled with fun horse-themed items like toys, books, jewelry, socks, and more.

Horse Shoe Box

$39.97 or $49.97 / monthly
Whether you’re a horse owner or someone who loves horses from afar, the Horse Shoe Box is perfect. Horse Shoe Box offers three different types of boxes. Horse lovers can receive horse books, horse-themed art, and horse-themed jewelry. Those who ride, but don’t own their own horse will receive products to enhance their barn experience, such as riding apparel, hair products, gloves, etc. Finally, subscribers who own their own horse will receive boxes full of things like polo wraps, grooming tools, and horse treats, among other things.

A Little Horse Box

$17.99 / month
Horse lovers 10 and under are sure to love receiving this subscription box each month. Made and sold by the same company that puts together the aforementioned A Horse Box, A Little Horse Box is thoughtfully packed with things for the young equestrian.


$59.00 / Quarter
Lifestyle brand Noelle Floyd offers NF.edit, a subscription box meant for active and competitive equestrians. The boxes come quarterly, and include a selection of products valued at more than $100. Everything is carefully curated to “elevate your life both in and out of the saddle.”

Pony Xpress Club

$19.99 (book club), $39.95 (“pony size”), or $59.95 (“horse size”) / month
Kids who love horses will love the Pony Xpress Club! Like pony camp in a box, these subscription boxes are full of horse-themed items like books, arts and crafts, snacks, toys, accessories, and more. Subscribers may choose between a “horse size” box of 5-8 items, a “pony size” box of 3-5 items, and/or the “Saddle Bag Book Club,” a selection of books and the occasional movie.


$34.95 / month
SaddleBox is billed as “a box of happiness for your horse.” Each box, which ships straight to your doorstep on the 15th of each month, is filled with grooming supplies, treats, tack, and other products to ensure a happy rider and a happier horse. As an added bonus, sales of SaddleBox products benefit horse rescues throughout the United States.