When weather conditions become more severe, you might be questioning whether you need to purchase horse turnout winter blankets. Although horses are capable of maintaining their body temperature by growing a longer coat, this insulation disappears when rain or snow comes into contact with their coat. Therefore, winter blankets not only keep your horse warm and dry, but they also maintain your horse’s cleanliness. Turnout blankets protect your horse from harsh weather conditions, but it is still necessary that you consider your horse’s surroundings and needs before purchasing. Turnout winter blankets are typically durable, waterproof, warm, and breathable. They are usually available in different sizes, neck styles, and weights so that you can select the most suitable winter blanket for your horse.

1) Horze Avalanche 1200D Heavy Weight Turnout Peacoat

horze-avalanche-1200d-heavy-weight-turnout-peacoat-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsThis 81-inch warm turnout blanket is available in dark blue and will add a perfect amount of style to your horse. Designed of polyester, this blanket is waterproof and created with ripstop material to ensure durability and withstand easy tears. The 300g padding lining is essential for rainy or snowy days. To reduce pressure and rubbing, the blanket is crafted with a high neck and shoulder gussets. The front T-buckles provide easy fastening and security. With body and tail coverage, your horse will be unaffected by windy or wet weather conditions.

2) Horseware Amigo Hero Turnout Sheet

horseware-amigo-hero-turnout-sheet-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsAlong with AquaTrans Coating Technology, this water-repellant horse sheet is designed from breathable polyester. The double front closures, criss-cross belly surcingles, and tail strap allow for security and non-slip protection. Additionally, the sheet offers front leg arches for proper and simply movability. The product is lightweight with no polyfill. This horse turnout sheet is renowned for its durability and high quality.

3) Challenger 1200D Turnout Waterproof Horse Heavy Winter Blanket

challenger-1200d-turnout-waterproof-horse-heavy-winter-blanket-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsChallenger’s waterproof turnout blanket comes in a variety of suitable sizes and colors. A low-cost turnout blanket can be challenging to discover, but this blanket is overall very cost-friendly. The ripstop material is durable and breathable with 400g of polyfill insulation. For closure, the blanket has double front buckles and a belly band. Meanwhile, the tail flap and removable leg straps provide fuller coverage. The fleece at the wither prevents excessive and uncomfortable rubbing. The product is widely praised for its superb quality.

4) Heavy Weight 1200D Horse Turnout Blanket Rip Stop Waterproof

heavy-weight-1200d-horse-turnout-blanket-rip-stop-waterproof-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsYou can certainly find your favorite color and your horse’s most accurate size with this cheap turnout blanket. The heavy outer shell is ripstop and capable of withstanding severe damages. More importantly, it also is breathable. Additionally, the blanket is crafted with 400g of heavyweight polyfill insulation. While the crossed belly straps and double buckled front provide security, the tail flap, removable leg straps, and shoulder gussets supply fuller coverage and ample movement. The high-quality blanket is designed with a sturdy black nylon liner.

5) Derby Originals Deluxe 600D Nylon Turnout Winter Blanket

derby-originals-deluxe-600d-nylon-turnout-winter-blanket-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsIn three different colors and many sizes, this low-cost horse winter turnout blanket is waterproof with rip stop technology to prevent damages. Designed with breathable nylon, this blanket is a medium weight and undoubtedly a comfortable fit for your horse. It also is made with 250 grams of polyfill. The durable blanket includes shoulder gussets, a tail cover, and adjustable (and replaceable!) leg straps for extra coverage and efficient movability. Additionally, the double front buckles and low cross surcingle help the blanket remain in place. This product is one of Derby Original’s top sellers, ensuring that the blanket is effective.

6) Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout

tough-1-1200d-snuggit-turnout-best-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsDoes your horse often bite or chew on blankets? If so, this sturdy turnout blanket is exactly what your horse needs. With many sizes and colors to choose from, this waterproof turnout blanket features an adjustable neck and elastic leg straps to encourage a perfect fit. The 300g polyfill supplies extra warmth and protection from cold, harsh weather conditions. The 210 denier poly lining additionally prevents rubbing and decreases the chance of damage. This durable, breathable turnout blanket will certainly provide a fancy, warm fit for your horse.

7) Saxon 1200D Standard Neck Heavy Blanket

saxon-1200d-standard-neck-heavy-blanketAvailable in multiple sizes and colors, this 1200 denier blanket provides optimal breathability. Additionally, it is waterproof, protecting your horse’s fur from poor weather conditions. The adjustable front buckles and low-cross surcingles provide extra security and keep the blanket in place. The shoulder gussets supply comfortable movement. Customers appreciated its easy maintenance and overall quality. With a 300g ripstop fill and heavy weight, the blanket will be extra warm and cozy for your horse.

8) Tough-1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket

tough-1-timber-1200d-waterproof-poly-snuggit-turnout-blanket-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cheap turnout blanket comes in a variety of sizes and colors. With a 1200 denier waterproof outer covering, this blanket offers a wither protection fleece that provides ample durability. Also, the blanket consists of 300g of polyfill for better comfort and insulation. The snuggit neck, leg straps, and double buckles are adjustable and ensure extra coverage and protection. Many compliment the blanket’s warm and high quality material.

9) Derby Originals Heavy Duty 1200D 400G Winter Turnout Horse Blanket

derby-originals-heavy-duty-1200d-400g-winter-turnout-horse-blanket-best-horse-fly-sheets-best-horse-fly-sheetsInexpensive and heavy weight, Derby Original’s horse blanket supplies supreme warmth and comfort to your horse. Designed with 1200 denier rip stop nylon, this durable blanket can easily withstand damages. Both moisture wicking and breathable, this turnout blanket will properly meet your horse’s overall needs. The blanket contains a wide range of beneficial features-adjustable leg straps, shoulder gussets, fleece wither protectors, front buckles, and low-cross surcingles. With these features, your horse will not only remain warm and dry but will also have comfortable movement and security.

10) Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Free Detach a Neck Heavy

weatherbeeta-comfitec-free-detach-a-neck-heavy-best-horse-fly-sheetsWeatherbeeta’s 1200 denier Repel Shell fabric simply deters rain droplets, ensuring a waterproof and breathable covering. With a detachable neck, the Ezi-Buckle front closure allows for simple and efficient safety. The memory foam relief pad clings to your horse’s shape, reducing rubbing for optimal comfort. Uniquely, this blanket promotes the Freedom system gusset, utilizing shoulder darts with a forward positioned gusset to ensure sufficient freedom of movement. The tail flap and removable leg straps encourage fuller coverage. If comfort is the most crucial feature for your horse, this blanket would be an excellent choice!

As you determine which blanket is most suitable for your horse, you need to consider the most important feature of breathability, durability, warmth, and moisture wicking. With these qualities in mind, you can then choose a blanket dependent upon you and your horse’s preferences and specific needs. After viewing these products, hopefully, you can determine which are the best horse turnout winter blankets.