Whether owners and trainers use rain sheets and turnout coverings in conjunction with layered blankets or merely want to help their mounts remain dry, these coverings are an essential part of owning such beautiful animals. Not only will wind and rain render a glossy show coat dull, but they can also contribute to a number of unpleasant and costly equine illnesses. The excellent news is that both general rain sheets and turnout coverings come in quite a few styles. We’ve put together some of our favorite cheap horse rain sheets of 2018 to help guide your search.

1. The Centaur Rain Sheet by Equissentials

Not all rain sheets are created equal. However, need to keep your horse relatively dry during rainy days is a constant. Fit matters, which is why when shopping for these relatively inexpensive working equine garments, the height and build of the mount should be considered. This product by Equissentials is made of durable, rain-repellant materials, with openings for stirrup straps and custom tie closing for a snug barrier against the elements.

2. Tough-1 Ultra-Durable Turnout Sheet

Even on rainy days, it’s vital to give horses time in the pasture. Exercise and fresh air aren’t treats, and they shouldn’t be skipped in the event of a rain shower. However, for many show horses, a polished coat can be ruined by too much exposure. This turnout sheet in highly visible purple and black polyester is lightly lined to prevent rubbing or chafing, and it protects against both wind and rain. While it’s highly durable, it isn’t recommended for horses that bite or rub against objects, since those teeth will damage even the most robust fabric.

3. Waterproof Horse Sheet from Tough-1

When planning to make an appearance in the show ring, handlers must prepare for all contingencies. These can include sudden inclement weather while the horses wait for their turns. This full coverage rain sheet is crafted from sturdy 600 denier nylon with a softer 70 denier lining. Buckle front closure, a cross-belly strap, and gusseted shoulder and tail flaps permit the ultimate level of protection from the elements. These features ensure that every horse retains that show-stopping gleam and remains clean, whatever the elements have in store.

4. Equine Winter Windbreak from Challenger Horsewear

Whatever their profession—be it working horse, stable horse for a riding school, racer, or a showstopper—horses need a bit of protection when the season turns chilly. From late autumn to early spring, this light winter blanket and wind-breaking rain sheet provides excellent protection. While they’re out in the paddock, the gusseted, lightly strapped sheet keeps chills at bay. It’s also ideal for light protection while traveling to and from the show ring.

5. Light Turnout Coat by Shires

Who said a turnout sheet couldn’t be both functional and adorable? No one at Shires, that’s certain. This Tempest model comes with durable hook and eye chest closures, integrated leg straps, a tail flap, adjustable surcingle straps, and a precious pattern of multi-colored cows across a subdued navy blue background. Any horse will stay dry and clean while out on the paddock or awaiting their turn in the ring.

6. Intrepid International’s Free Runner Rain Sheet

Some horses need a bit more freedom of motion and don’t fare well with turnouts or rain sheets that fit closely around the legs. The Free Runner is great for these horses, with adjustable front closure, loose tail hood, and secure, crossed belly straps. The loose fitting two-toned horse sheet is crafted from durable artificial fibers that effectively repel both wind and rain. It’s ideal for pasture time, travel, or pre-race protection.

7. 600 Denier Waterproof Rain Sheet for Ponies by Horze

Just like horses that measure 20 hands tall, ponies need protection from the elements. However, most rain and turn out sheets are measured to fit full-sized equines, not the shorter limbs and smaller proportions of full-grown ponies. This durable nylon rain sheet will keep any pony warm and dry. With adjustable belly straps and easy to manage front closures, it’s perfect for ponies of all sizes. Whether they’re on the way to the show or simply taking the pasture air during inclement weather, they’ll be protected from wind and rain.

8. Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

The 420 Denier nylon twill will keep the wind and the wet off of any horse. This rain sheet can be fitted for pasture time, but it comes with slots for stirrups and a bridle loop to fit it closely to the withers. The easy to manage front closures and a belly strap made for a horse in motion complete the package.

9. Shires Tempest Plus Rain Sheet

While most rain sheets and turnout coats provide adequate protection from light wind and precipitation, there are times when a higher level of waterproof covering is needed. The Tempest Plus provides this coverage, with added features, such as taped seams to prevent moisture intrusion. The double hook and eye chest closures and easily adjusted cross surcingle straps ensure a close fit to hold in warmth, and the sheet comes equipped with D rings in case leg straps are required.

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10. Huron Rain Cover by Horze

For light rains or summer precipitation, protection from moisture that will dull the shine of a horse’s coat and potentially lead to discomfort is a priority. This loose-fitting rain cover provides waterproof coverage without restricting the range of motion or adding too much insulation. Easy to manage front closures, a surcingle, and a bridle strap to ensure protection for the withers, neck, and mane compliment the unrestrictive style of this highly water-repellant sheet.