Horse fly sheets help protect your horse from flies and from the sun’s rays. In the summer, flies and other biting insects can be a nuisance to your horse and they can also cause stress to your horse. Covering your horse with a fly sheet will give it the best chance at comfort during the hot summer season. The fly sheets can also protect your horse’s coat from fading in the sun’s damaging rays. Choosing the right horse fly sheets can be challenging when there are so many options. These top ten fly sheets are great cost-effective options that can help protect your horse from the summer flies and heat.

1. WB Dura-Mesh Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet

wb-dura-mesh-detach-a-neck-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis is a great low-cost fly sheet. The fly sheet not only covers the horse’s main body and top of the tail, it also protects the horse’s neck. The straps are in pairs of two on the chest, neck, and under the stomach. All straps are adjustable, making it easy to fit it to your horse’s shape. The neck portion is detachable and this affordable horse flysheet also comes with the traditional side gusset.

2. Weatherbeeta Ripshield Standard Pony Fly Sheet

weatherbeeta-ripshield-standard-pony-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cheap horse fly sheet is made of a special durable ripstop weave that helps the flysheet last longer. The fly sheet also offers 20% UV protection and comes with a removable belly flap as well as a tail wrap. This horse fly sheet also has the traditional shoulder gusset, which gives the horse freedom to move.

3. Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet

shires-sweet-itch-combo-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable fly sheet comes with protection for the body, neck, and tail. The neck portion of the fly sheet goes over the ears, providing stability to the flysheet. This fly sheet for horses provides 90% protection from UVA and UVB rays and will help keep your horses’¬†coat in great shape. The fly sheet features adjustable straps and deep shoulder gussets. The fly sheet also has an anti-rub lining on the neck, chest, and shoulders; this will offer the ultimate comfort to your horse.

4. EOUS Fly Guard Sheet Blanket

eous-fly-guard-sheet-blanket-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cheap fly sheet is lightweight and made of breathable polyester mesh. The fly sheet fits true to size with a slightly smaller belly flap. It is simple in design and covers the tail, making it easy to cover and then remove from your horse. This affordable horse fly sheet provides 70% protection from UV rays and is perfect for the most sensitive of horses.

5. Centaur Softmesh Fly Sheet

centaur-softmesh-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis fly sheet features a belly band that will help keep flies away from your horse’s sensitive belly area. This low-cost fly sheet is soft and lightweight. The fly sheet features fleece at the horse’s withers, making it comfortable for your horse. The flysheet also has a tail flap as well as adjustable straps on the chest and belly, so you can find the perfect fit for your horse.

6. Centaur Super Fly Sheet

centaur-super-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable horse fly sheet is made of lightweight material. This fly sheet comes in a variety of flashy colors, so you will easily be able to find a color to show off your horse from this selection. The design of the blanket is simple, making it easy to cover your horse and then remove it. The fly sheet has adjustable straps on the stomach as well as the shoulders and has a small tail covering.

7. TuffRider Sport Mesh Standard Neck Fly Sheet

tuffrider-sport-mesh-standard-neck-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheets-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis sleek horse fly sheet is made of breathable polyester mesh fabric, which this will help provide comfort to your horse during the hot summer days. This cheap fly sheet is durable and will keep the peskiest of flies off your horse. The fly sheet is made with a silk-like lining to provide your horse with the ultimate comfort. The front buckles are made of stainless steel and all of the buckles and straps are adjustable, making it easy to fit to your horse as well as durable.

8. Equiessentials Softmesh Combo Fly Sheet w/ Belly Band

equiessentials-softmesh-combo-fly-sheet-w-belly-band-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable fly sheet features protection for your horse’s neck, as well as a covering for its tail. The horse fly sheet is made of durable material and has adjustable straps on the neck, chest, and under the belly. The blanket comes in a few different colors so you can highlight your beautiful horse.

9. Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly Sheet For Horses

kensington-platinum-surefit-protective-fly-sheet-for-horses-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis low-cost fly sheet offers protection year-around for your horse. The material is perfect for the summer and it can be layered in the winter. The fly sheet comes in multiple sizes so you can choose the best fit for your horse. It has beautiful plaid designs and can be matched with other horse products from the same company as well. The fly sheet blocks up to 73% of UV rays and offers breathable fabric for the comfort of your horse.

10. Horseware Amigo 3-in-1 Fly Sheet

horseware-amigo-3-in-1-fly-sheet-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis waterproof fly sheet is affordable and perfect for all of your horse’s needs in the summer. The fly sheet is both a turnout blanket and a fly sheet; it’s perfect for changing weather. The fly sheet offers full body protection for the horse; it covers the neck and the tail as well as the body. The fly sheet protects against flies and UV rays, helping your horse maintain its beautiful coat.

All of these fly sheets are great options so you can choose what is best for you and your horse. Your horse will finally be comfortable in the summer with these affordable horse fly sheets.