Fly sheets help keep your horse cool and provide protection from flies and the sun’s damaging rays. In the heat of summer, biting insects can be a stress-causing nuisance to your horse. Keep reading to learn about the top ten flysheet options available and how your horse can benefit from the summertime comfort of wearing a flysheet.

1. Horseware Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet Aqua/Orange 

The Amigo® Evolution Fly Sheet by Horseware® is the perfect protection for various weather conditions. It can serve as both a lightweight turnout and flysheet. The seamless waterproof top and integrated neck cover offer adequate UV protection for your horse’s skin and coat. They are manufactured with innovative, science-based color technology to provide effective deterrent protection from biting insects. 

This extra-durable yet lightweight sheet is constructed from 900 denier air-conditioned yarn (ACY). Deep mesh side panels offer maximum breathability to keep your horse cool and comfortable in the warmest conditions. The Evolution flysheet features Horseware’s newly branded disk front closure system. Leg Arches provide unrestricted movement. Affordable, high-tech protection against flies and damaging UV rays.

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2. HILASON UV Protect Mesh Bug Mosquito Horse Fly Sheet Summer Spring Purple

This economical fly sheet from Hilason, made of breathable high-quality poly/mesh fabric, allows for plenty of air circulation to keep your horse cool while deterring the nuisance of biting insects. Two shoulder gussets provide freedom of movement, and adjustable leg straps ensure a custom fit for every horse. 

The neck and belly wrap feature “quick grip” closures and reinforced stitching along pressure points makes this fly sheet a long-lasting choice for maintaining your horse’s comfort.

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3. Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Detach-a-Neck Fly Sheet

The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Dura-Mesh outer shell is made of super-strong and tear-resistant 1200 denier, polyester, cross-hatch weave with 210T nylon lining at the neck, shoulders, and tail flap to prevent rubbing. Constructed with a detachable neck cover and adjustable belly wrap for versatile protection. Cool and durable mesh conforms to your horse’s body to ensure a comfortable fit and offers up to 70 percent+ UV block protection. 

The full tail flap has a two-piece design that wraps around the horse’s hindquarters for maximum protection. Traditional side gussets allow for natural movement. At the same time, two adjustable buckle front closures, low cross surcingles, and adjustable or removable leg straps ensure a secure fit.

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4. Rambo Protector Fly Sheet, Oatmeal/Navy White & Beige 

The Rambo Protector fly sheet offers superior protection from flies and up to 65 percent protection from harmful UV rays. A newly designed close contact hood shape and extended chest coverage create an improved fit that offers maximum protection from flies and other biting insects. 

The outer shell material is a lightweight polyester/polypropylene blend with nylon lining at the shoulders and tail flap. AV-front closure permits comfortable grazing and prevents rubbing at the shoulder pressure points.

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5. Shires Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Sheet

The affordable Sweet-Itch Combo by Shires offers a durable solution for biting insects and UV protection. Manufactured from breathable, lightweight 600 denier ripstop mesh fabric, it holds up well in the field while still being soft on the horse—ample material in the attached neck and stretch ear panels allow the horse to graze easily. 

The chest, neck, and shoulders feature an anti-rub lining for unmatched comfort, and deep shoulder gussets offer more freedom of movement. Adjustable features include a belly flap with three adjustable surcingles, a billet strap, and a large tail flap.

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6. HORZE Freja Durable Mesh Combo Fly Sheet with Belly Guard and Detachable Neck Cover | UPF 50+ UV Protection 

The Freya flysheet is a complete protection sheet that comes with a detachable neck and belly guard so that you can choose the best option for your horse’s comfort and your peace of mind. Non-Irritating polyester fabric with a smooth satin lining at the neck and shoulders along with deep gussets alleviates rubbing.

Double quick-clip front closures, surcingles, and a long tail flap ensure a secure fit even during turn out. This high-quality breathable mesh sheet provides ultimate airflow while guarding against UV radiation.

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7. Saxon Mesh Gusset Belly Wrap Fly Sheet

The Saxon Mesh Gusset Standard Neck Fly Sheet With Belly Wrap is constructed from a fine polyester mesh weave that provides optimal protection from irritating biting insects. A fully adjustable choice, featuring a standard tail flap with tail cord, comfortable round neck, double surcingle chest closures, belly wrap, and gusseted shoulders for maximum range of motion. 

The 96 percent UV blockage makes this one of the most protective sheets available. Fleece-lined withers prevent excessive rubbing. Saxon debuted three fun new color options in Spring of 2021; Blue with Navy and Purple Trim Frog Print, Gray with Orange Trim, and White with Mint and Blue Trim.

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8. TuffRider Sport Mesh Combo Neck Fly Sheet

This premium flysheet from TuffRider’s comprehensive line of horse apparel offers protection from biting insects and up to 50 percent UV protection. Lined shoulders, stainless steel hardware, adjustable cross surcingles, and adjustable or removable leg straps will provide comfort and flexibility for a perfect fit. 

A large tail flap provides additional hindquarter coverage. Low cost and durability make this 190-gram soft and breathable polyester mesh flysheet an economical choice. Machine washable with mild detergent and air dry/no heat.

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9. Kensington Platinum SureFit Protective Fly Sheet For Horses

Kensington has been manufacturing high-quality, American-made equine essentials since 1954. This fly sheet remains true to Kensington standards. They are constructed of 1000 x 2000 denier Textilene fabric specially formulated to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. This innovative and functional flysheet is fire, fade, mildew, and wear and tear-resistant. 

The Surefit Cut with buckle and snap-front chest closures for easy on-and-off,  two crisscrossing adjustable and replaceable belly straps, detachable elastic leg straps, offers up to 73 percent UV protection and is designed for a contoured fit. The rugged and slick material protects like armor against other biting horses. Available with the Kensington protective products Lifetime guarantee.

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10. Cashel Crusader Eco Fly Sheet

Keep the biting flies away with the Eco Fly Sheet from Cashel. This soft polyester sheet blocks UV rays and features darted shoulder gussets for unrestricted motion, an adjustable rear closure, and removable leg straps. The Cashel Crusader is a fully functional option at an affordable price.

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Why Does Your Horse Need a Fly Sheet?


In the warmer seasons of spring and summer, mosquitoes, flies, and other biting insects can become more than a nuisance. Painful bites and the risk of potentially harmful diseases such as West Nile Virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) are problems that a well-fitted horse fly sheet can reduce.

Lightweight, breathable fly sheets will allow your horse to enjoy spending time in the pasture without being bothered by pesky bugs. In addition to protecting your horse from flies and other biting insects, the versatile flysheet does a whole lot more!  

While you may feel hesitant to put a layer on your horse during hot weather, a fly sheet should not make your horse sweat. Fly Sheets, made with lightweight mesh, are breathable and allow airflow. Combined with fly spray, your horse can have a completely effective barrier against pestering insects this summer.

A flysheet creates a physical barrier between your horse and the bugs. Using a fly sheet prevents flies from biting your horse since it is difficult for them to bite through the fabric. The movement of the flysheet also helps deter insects from landing on your horse. Some fly sheets even have additional repellent systems built directly into them.

UV Protection

If you wish to use a fly sheet for the UV-protection, consider a sheet that extends up the horse’s neck for maximum coverage.

Avoid unsightly sun-bleached coats and painful sunburns. Some fly sheets are made of materials that offer UPF protection. These fabrics will combat sun-bleached coats in dark horses and will help keep your horse’s coat show ring ready.

Though sun bleaching may not be as apparent in light-coated horses, they are still susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. A flysheet can help protect against sunburns and skin cancer. Horses with pink skin are particularly affected by painful sunburns and equine melanoma.

A flysheet must fit adequately to protect your horse optimally. A sheet that is too large can put excess pressure on your horse’s neck and chest, or it may slip into a dangerous position. A sheet that rubs the hair from your horse, compresses the withers, or exposes a hindquarters section is likely too small.

Closing Thoughts

Summertime pests and sunlight can wreak havoc on your horse’s skin. Wearing a fly sheet protects irritated skin allowing it to heal naturally, without bugs laying eggs or disturbing the affected area, and can also protect your horse from developing painful sun damage.


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