Companies across the United States offer affordable horse fly masks that help keep insects out of their eyes and ears. Being around horses, you know how much of an irritant flies can be. There are several fly masks on the market, each proving to be a sound solution for horses across the country. This list covers the ten most affordable horse fly masks on the market today.

1. Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask

cashel-crusader-standard-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThis low-cost fly mask offers standard protection for your horse, with additional ear coverage. This mask is rated #1 for comfort due to its soft, breathable mesh cap. This mask is extremely durable, offering 70% UV protection. In addition to keeping flies off, this mask is specially designed to keep hair out of your horse’s face.

2. Kensington KPP Fly Mask

kensington-kpp-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThis low-cost horse fly mask is specially designed to protect your horse against insect bites and UV rays. The Textilene material protects against 73% of UV rays and it is fade, soil, and mildew resistant. This mask locks in place and allows full visibility for your horse.

3. Durvet DuraMask

durvet-duramask-best-horse-fly-masksThis cheap fly mask is fleece lined for added comfort and protection. The dart stitching is superior in quality, offering enhanced safety during wear. There is a double locking fastener located under the jaw so your horse will not be able to remove it once it is on.

4. SuperMask II by Farnam

supermask-ii-by-farnam-best-horse-fly-masksThis fly mask is one of the most affordable options you will find on the market. This cheap fly mask works to protect your horse against flies, dust, and debris that act as harmful irritants. The additional UV ray protection ensures sun exposure does not harm your horse’s eyes during long days outdoors. This mask has a mesh composition, ensuring your horse is able to see clearly without obstruction. A double-latch closure is positioned out of reach of your horse so they will not be able to tear it off during wear.

5. SuperMask II Classic Collection by Farnam

supermask-ii-classic-collection-by-farnam-best-horse-fly-masksThis low-cost horse fly mask provides extended coverage for your horse’s face. The mesh material works to keep flies away while doubling to protect against harmful UV rays. This mask comes in three sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect fit for your horse. The double-latch closure is placed below the jaw, preventing your horse from bumping and unlatching the mask once it is put on.

6. Professional’s Choice Fly Mask

professionals-choice-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThis affordable horse fly mask comes in three colors, each designed to make a boldly effective statement. The smooth, stretchy lycra is guaranteed to provide maximum comfort for your horse during wear. The meshed eye and ear covers ensure bugs are kept off your horse while providing a clear view and a comfortable wear. This mask secures to your horse adequately and has a pull tab so you can easily remove it when necessary. Additional binding is included around the edges, making this mask stronger and more durable.

7. Weatherbeeta Roma Stretch Horse Fly Mask

weatherbeeta-roma-stretch-horse-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThe low-cost fly mask from Weatherbeeta is stretchy and comfortable for all-day use. The mask is designed with mesh eye covers, allowing your horse to see out clearly without obstruction while maintaining complete protection against flies, dirt, and debris. This mask comes in a purple and black combination more a more stylish appearance. The ultra-lightweight structure allows your horse to maintain protection without tiring its head or neck. This mask is true-to-fit, ensuring comfortable and reliable coverage through every wear.

8. Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears

shires-fine-mesh-fly-mask-with-ears-best-horse-fly-masksThs cheap horse fly mask is designed to last. This mask is a blend of superior quality materials. The fine mesh covering the eyes and ears and reinforced edging ensure the horse is protected throughout the entire day. There is a double flap enclosure below the jaw, effectively securing the mask in place until you want to remove it. The mesh is extremely breathable and does not obscure your horse’s vision during use. This mask comes in a wide variety of sizes so you will have no time finding the perfect mask for your pony or horse. Additionally, the bright material and reflective straps make spotting your horse at night easier for you.

9. Derby Originals Reflective Fly Mask

derby-originals-reflective-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThis black fly mask provides adequate protection across the horse’s entire face. This mask is designed to fit comfortably over the ears, eyes, and nose, ensuring full protection against flies, debris, and harmful UV rays. This low-cost horse fly mask is designed with safety, durability, and satisfaction in mind. The mask itself houses reflective trim so you can spot your horse easier in the dark and keep it safer during hunting season. The mesh ear and nose covers are built with soft nylon mesh, all secured in place with a strong velcro chin strap. This mask is available in four different sizes, each backed by a one year warranty against defects and quality issues.

10. CUBETECH Horse Fly Mask

cubetech-horse-fly-mask-best-horse-fly-masksThis mask is designed to protect your horse’s full face throughout the entire day. The exceptional length of the mask ensures proper coverage while allowing clear vision through the mesh material. Not only will this mask protect your horse against dirt, debris, and flies during wear, it provides 70% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays. This cheap horse fly mask is soft, breathable, durable, and comfortable.

This list covers the ten best horse fly masks available on the market in terms of coverage, affordability, and style.