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Horse cooler blankets are great to use on your horse in the fall, spring, or winter. You can use coolers after exercising your horse in cool or warm climates. The cooler blankets wick away the horse’s sweat, and the cooler blankets help them cool down to their regular body temperature. Most coolers can also be used for layering with other blankets; this provides your horse with extra comfort. Coolers are particularly helpful in the winter when grooming your horse; you can cross-tie your horse with the cooler on, and then groom in sections. Using a cooler while grooming will allow the horse to stay warm while you are caring for it. These top 10 horse coolers provide several unique options, so you can find the perfect match for you and your horse.

1. Challenger Horse Sheet Polar Fleece Cooler Exercise Blanket Wicks Moisture 4363

challenger-horse-sheet-polar-fleece-cooler-exercise-blanket-wicks-moisture-4363-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable cooler helps wick the sweat off of your horse after riding. Not only does this cooler help your horse cool down, but it also protects your horse from flying insects. The cooler comes in several flashy colors and patterns; the patterns are attractive and are guaranteed to attract attention to your horse. The cooler can also be layered under another blanket for more warmth, making it more versatile.

2. Derby Originals 240G Fleece Cooler with Gold Trim

derby-originals-240g-fleece-cooler-with-gold-trim-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cheap cooler is perfect for keeping your horse cool in the spring and fall. This cooling blanket is made with a special yellow nylon material; the material helps prevent the blanket from fraying. The blanket features beautiful gold-knot work around the tail. The unique features of this cooler make it beautiful and durable.

3. Centaur Turbo-Dry Cooler Horse

centaur-turbo-dry-cooler-horse-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cooler blanket is specially designed to wick away moisture three times faster than ordinary fabric. This low-cost blanket is ideal for drying your horse off after riding.  The cooler has a simple design, making it easy to put the blanket on and take it off. The chest strap features a hook-and-loop closure. There are two straps under the belly, and the cooler also includes a tail cord. The cooler comes in several fashionable colors and sizes, allowing you to pick the perfect color for your horse.

4. Horse Sheet Polar Fleece Cooler Blanket

horse-sheet-polar-fleece-cooler-blanket-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable blanket comes in several brilliant colors that will really make your horse an eye-catcher. The blanket is made of durable straps and a special material that helps your horse recover from being wet. This cooler is also great for layering under another blanket for extra warmth.

5. Bucas Power Horse Cooler

bucas-power-horse-cooler-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cheap blanket is known for its versatility. The lightweight cooler can be used for the following: competition, as a sweat blanket, as a light stable blanket, or as a travel blanket. The blanket comes in a variety of sizes in either navy or black. The blanket is designed simply, but effectively. The fabric is specially made to keep the wet conditions off your horse while keeping the horse dry.

6. Derby Originals Supremo Heavy Weight Fleece Horse Cooler

derby-originals-supremo-heavy-weight-fleece-horse-cooler-best-horse-fly-sheets-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cooler blanket not only covers your horse’s body, but it also protects its neck. This low-cost blanket is made of heavy duty fleece; the material is constructed to keep your horse warm while wicking away moisture. The fleece also helps keep your horse warm without adding extra bulk to the blanket. The cooler features Velcro straps so you can easily put on the cooler, and then take it off. This comfortable blanket comes in several sizes, making it easy for you to find the perfect size for your horse.

7. Centaur Turbo Dry Dress Cooler

centaur-turbo-dry-dress-cooler-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis blanket is made of a specially treated stretch fabric that eliminates static. This affordable cooler blanket comes in either navy or black. The blanket uses a special technology to help keep your horse dry. The cooler blanket has a hook and loop front closure, as well as a tail cord. These particular features make the cooler blanket stand out because they are not included with every cooler.

8. EOUS Patterned Fleece Horse Cooler Blanket

eous-patterned-fleece-horse-cooler-blanket-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis cooler is made of a special anti-pilling fleece which helps improve the life of the blanket. The low-cost cooler blanket features an adjustable single surcingle with a T-hook fastener. The fittings in this low-cost blanket have rubber stoppers that help keep the cooler secure. The tail cord is removable, and there are D-rings for optional leg straps. The material is breathable and machine washable.

9. Barnsby Equestrian 270g Fleece Sheet Horse Cooler/Blanket Liner/Rug

barnsby-equestrian-270g-fleece-sheet-horse-cooler-blanket-liner-rug-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis affordable cooler blanket is extremely versatile; it can be used for traveling, cooling after a long ride, and for layering under another blanket. The blanket is made of warm fleece that doesn’t pill. The cooler comes in several different sizes and would be a great addition to any stable. Not only is the blanket versatile, but it is also fashionable; it features a two-tone tail cord.

10. Derby Originals Horse Fleece Cooler with Neck Cover

derby-originals-horse-fleece-cooler-with-neck-cover-best-horse-fly-sheetsThis high quality, low-cost cooler comes with a built-in neck covering; the neck covering gives your horse more protection and comfort. This cooler blanket features front Velcro straps that make it easy to put on and remove. The cooler is made of a high-quality fleece; the fleece will keep your horse warm and dry.

With any of these top 10 horse cooler blankets, your horse will be able to cool down slowly without being exposed to extreme body temperature changes. The listed options give you many different cooler blankets to choose from; it will now be easy for you to find the perfect match for your horse.

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