Your horse will be more comfortable based on the accessories that are used during your riding experience. A horse quarter sheet will help shield them from the elements during times of inclement weather. Whether you plan on doing practice runs or going down the street in parades, knowing which product to use, along with the material it is made from, can determine how clean your horse will stay during the session.

Some quarter sheets are made of nylon, a material that is water resistant and well served if you live in a region that receives lots of rainfall. Others will retain warmth better for the horse, such as wool or fleece. They are better suited for cold and warm seasons. Although other factors should be taken into consideration before you purchase, most sheets can fulfill the job of keeping things tidy for both you and your friend. Nevertheless, here are 10 of the best horse quarter sheets available for purchase online.

1. Finn-Tack Horze Enstex Quarter Sheet W/Fleece Swedish

finn-tack-horze-enstex-quarter-sheet-w-fleece-swedish-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Finn-Tack’s Enstex is an affordable quarter sheet that has a black covering with a red and white lining made of fleece. It can be placed easily on your horse, immediately to the rear of the harness. The straps are made of nylon and will stay secure, hugging around the horse’s body with no shifting or loose ends. If the horse is cold-blooded, it is suggested that you get a larger size that measures at least 4.75 inches in length. For others, an average medium size is recommended.

2. Weatherbeeta Anti Static Fleece Quarter Sheet

weatherbeeta-anti-static-fleece-quarter-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Weatherbeeta Anti Static Sheet is best for horses that have been freshly clipped. If you have just had your horse shaved, you will appreciate the way this blanket covers them when riding. The Velcro straps clamp to the front handle and keep the cover from becoming crooked during the movement. It will securely fit with most horses. It is waterproof and sold by designation of the particular horse you plan to use the cover for. Only one color is available in black and silver lining but will look impressive on any breed.

3. Finn-Tack Endura Quarter Sheet, w/ Fleece Lining

finn-tack-endura-quarter-sheet-w-fleece-lining-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Endura by Finn-Tack is another product from the previously reviewed brand that is suitable for riders that want their sheet to be placed underneath the harness. It is best used for practice rides during the cold weather months. Outlined with a lining made of fleece, the sheet has two straps that are fastened to the sides and will help keep it from shifting to the back end of your saddle. Color options include solid black and a black/blue lining.

4. High Spirit Fleece Quarter Sheet

high-spirit-fleece-quarter-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsA cheap quarter sheet will often be uncomfortable for your horse if you are riding in low temperatures. The High Spirit Fleece is designed to minimize this by relying on velcro straps that go around the loop and hook ties at the front and rear areas of the horse. Its polyester fleece fabric allows better breathability to keep your horse’s back from becoming too irritable. The sheet is recommended for limited use in hot weather, especially if you like to do sprints during the horse’s training.

5. Shires Equestrian Continental Pattern Quarter Sheet

shires-equestrian-continental-pattern-quarter-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Shires Equestrian, another water repellent quarter sheet, gives extra space over the back portion of the horse. It has a durable drawstring that fastens to the side areas so they will not hang at the ends. You will also be able to see the tail flaps in the back. There are reflectors located in the back area of the sheet as well, so riding during periods of overcast will be much easier for others to view your position from a long distance. Its material is called ShireTex 600, a breathable yet water shielding fabric. You can place the sheet under the saddle or closer to the rear.

6. Equi-Theme Stripe Collection Newmarket Fleece Exercise Sheet

equi-theme-stripe-collection-newmarket-fleece-exercise-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsEqui-Theme has made a low-cost quarter sheet that will be worn numerous times, particularly during light snowfall and rain. It has horizontal stripes on the outer portion of the covering. You can place it anywhere on the back of the horse, including the front portion of the saddle. Made with fleece, it helps to insulate the air with heat generated from your horse to find a balance of temperature that will not make your companion feel uneasy. It remains pulled away from the saddle, however, to help provide a better grasp around the legs.

7. Intrepid International Quarter Sheet with Traditional Stripe

intrepid-international-quarter-sheet-with-traditional-stripe-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Intrepid Quarter Sheet is lined with stripes and will warm your horse for the entirety of your ride. Whether your horse has been clipped or not is of no concern. Just drape it over and you’re ready to go.

The front portion is shaped to conform to the back edges of your saddle; you won’t have to place the sheet underneath your seat. Keep in mind that this product is not waterproof and will become wet when if it rains or snows during your runs. Sizes are sold in small, medium, and large. If you’re looking for a low-cost horse quarter sheet that’s built from high-quality material (fleece), your horse will definitely enjoy this cloth.

8. Intrepid International Quarter Water Resistant Sheet

intrepid-international-quarter-water-resistant-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsIntrepid International’s navy blue sheet helps make┬áriding in unfavorable weather conditions a lot easier on your horse. Its stitched in nylon, making it resistant to moisture and rainfall. The ends are large enough to cover a few inches of the tail and the area leading to the front legs.

You will like the extra room given to the back corners of the sheet, which extend out well past the upper legs. The front area, as with most product of this category, rises as the lining gets closer to the saddle. For long periods of riding in light to moderate rain, this cheap quarter blanket is a great dealbreaker.

9. WeatherBeeta Fleece Quarter Sheet

weatherbeeta-fleece-quarter-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe WeatherBeeta Fleece Sheet will go over a significant portion of the front and back of your horse, with the gold lining staying parallel with the horse’s body. More area is kept warm with this blanket. It has anti-pilling fleece that helps make the fabric last longer and erode slower (as fleece has a tendency to form small knots overtime). The result is a visually stunning accessory that will last you well into the winter months without bringing on damage from the elements.

10. Horze WeatherTrek Riding Sheet

horze-weathertrek-riding-sheet-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThe Horze WeatherTrek Sheet will block out water and provide enough heat absorption for more than one ride. It will fit snugly under your saddle and block out the sun. When you’re practicing in the hot months of the summer, extending your rides become easier when the horse is kept cool during its exercise. This sheet will facilitate such actions but can also be used when the weather becomes colder. Depending on the size of your horse, you may need to purchase one size larger than what is listed by the manufacturer. Regardless, this cheap waterproof quarter sheet will do an outstanding job of keeping your horse happy and composed.

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