A horse rain sheet is simply a thin, waterproof covering designed to keep water off your horse. But wait—aren’t horses waterproof anyhow? Why do you need a rain sheet? In this article, we’ll cover the 10 best horse rain sheets to consider, followed by an explanation of why purchasing a high-quality rain sheet is essential for protecting your horse. There are a variety of horse rain sheets presented here, so read on to find the most appropriate one for your needs.  

Shires Tempest Plus Rain Sheet

Shires tempest horse rain sheet


The Shires Tempest Plus Rain Sheet is one of the most affordable options you can get without sacrificing quality. Each rain sheet functions at a high level, staying true to the Shires brand.


This rain sheet has a 1200 denier ripstop outer and 0G fill that is waterproof while still remaining breathable for your horse. There are double hook and eye closures around the chest, cross surcingles that are easily adjustable, D-rings to attach leg straps if desired, a tail strap, and a tail flap. Your horse will stay dry, and you will rest easy knowing that the Tempest Rain Sheet will not break the bank. 


  • Inexpensive, yet durable
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight 


  • Does not come with leg straps
  • No opening for front legs

Derby Originals Wind Storm All Season Rain Sheet

Derby horse rain sheet

The Derby Originals All Season Rain Sheet was designed with the comfort of your horse in mind. All of Derby Originals’ top shelf equestrian products are fashioned from the most durable and high-quality materials to ensure a happy horse and rider.


These sheets were designed for everyday use and are great for any season throughout the year. You can use them both inside and outside without worrying about tearing or damage. Plus, they come with a two-year warranty to ensure that you and your horse are 100 percent pleased.



  • Reasonably priced
  • Well-reviewed
  • Works great in all weather conditions


  • Not machine washable
  • Fleece holds dirt easily, needs to be cleaned often

Tough-1 320D Rain Sheet with Neck Cover 

tough 1 horse rain sheet

The Tough-1 320D Rain Sheet is a very affordable rain coverage option for your equine friend. It is a great option to use to cover your tacked up horse for anything from a trail to a show. This is a thinner option best used to keep your horse dry for short bursts of time. 


These rain sheets feature fast grip closures making attachment easy and fast. There is also reflective piping and a storage compartment made of mesh sewn into the sheet, making it both safe and handy.  



  • Not too heavy
  • Available in black or navy
  • Extra storage space


  • Too thin for more rambunctious horses
  • Not ideal for heavy use

AMIGO Horseware Mio Lite Turnout Sheet

Amigo horse rain sheet


The AMIGO Horseware Mio Turnout Sheet is a handsome rain sheet at a great price. It provides top performance for a turnout sheet with a Denier polyester outer shell that repels water, is extremely durable, and is also breathable.


These sheets have two slips on the chest that secure it to your horse from the front. There are twin crossing surcingles that help keep the turnout on with adjustable straps for utmost comfort. All of the sheets feature a shine-enhancing polyester lining that reflects heat while enhancing the shine of your horse’s coat. 



  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Great for shows


  • Water repellent but not waterproof
  • It does not provide as much warmth as other options

CHALLENGER Turnout Waterproof Rain Horse Sheet

challenger horse rain sheet

The Challenger Turnout Rain Horse Sheet is a great addition to your product line and will definitely keep your horse dry in wet weather. The sheets feature tear-proof, waterproof, and windproof fabrics that do not sacrifice breathability or comfort. 


Made with 1200 RipStop Denier with no polyfill insulation, they are water-resistant and have been reinforced with heavy stitching to make them last. As a special touch, there is fur on the withers and the tail flap providing your horse with maximum comfort. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Inecpensive
  • Reinforced stitching for durability


  • Water-resistant – water will seep through if left in the rain for long periods of time

Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

Weatherbeeta horse rain sheet

The Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet will keep your horse and gear protected during important events. They are a little more expensive than other options we have mentioned, but are worth the few extra dollars. These rain sheets are waterproof and very easy to use, ensuring your horse’s overall comfort. 


The Weatherbeeta features an easy front closure and a slot for stirrups. Made with waterproof 420 denier,  its  designed to keep your horse comfortable. The blanket’s wicking properties help remove body heat, so your horse does not get too hot while wearing it. 



  • Comfortable
  • Extra slots for stirrups
  • Great for keeping horse and equipment dry for events


  • Not ideal for heavy downpours
  • It costs a bit more

Kensington 1200D Horse Rain Sheet

1200 D Kensington Horse rain sheet

The Kensington Horse Rain Sheet will give your horse day-long breathability and comfort while providing protection and warmth from the rain. You can leave your horse in its stall with this sheet on without having to worry about it getting torn. Designed to withstand even the coldest weather, your horse will always be comfortable in the Kensington.


The sheet is made with high-quality nylon material and features durable straps to keep the blanket in place. It has a Surefit design, so it grows with your horse, plus, it features padded withers and removable leg and belly straps for added security. 


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Durable
  • Waterproof in most conditions


  • It fits snugger than other options
  • More expensive 

Dura-Tech Waterproof Contour Horse Show Rain Cover Sheet

Dura tech horse rain sheet

The Dura-Tech Waterproof Horse Show Rain Sheet is designed to fit all medium-sized horses comfortably and protect both beast and equipment from inclement weather during a show. You can easily throw this over your horse, tack and all, to keep the weather from out on the walk from the barn to the arena. 


All of these sheets have taped and sealed seams to ensure that they are completely protected from water. This sheet is adjustable and has elastic straps on the hind legs too, so it stays on during the windiest of conditions. 



  • Great for shows
  • Affordable
  • High-quality materials and adjustable fit


  • Only for horses between 68 to 74 inches
  • Not ideal for outdoor riding or heavy use

TGW RIDING Comfitec Essential Waterproof Horse Rain Sheet

TGW horse rain sheet

The TGW Waterproof Horse Rain Sheet is one of the most cost-effective rain sheets out there. They are great for outdoor use and are designed to keep your horse dry and comfortable at the same time.


These sheets are breathable and durable with waterproof and ripstop fabrics. The sheet is fleece and protects your horse from harsh weather conditions. There are two surcingle belly and leg straps that are adjustable. There is also a shoulder gusset and an adjustable double closure with an open front. They were designed to contour your horse and provide the most comfortable fit possible. 


  • Available in three colors
  • Adjustable
  • High-quality material


  • Fleece fabrics need to be washed more often

STORM SHIELD StormShield Blizzard Waterproof Turnout Sheet

stormshield horse rain sheet

The Storm Shield Waterproof Turnout Sheet makes the elements obsolete. Water easily beads up and rolls right off, keeping your horse warm and dry. Your horse will remain comfortable in rain, snow, and high winds with these breathable turnout blankets. 


The outer fabric is incredibly durable and designed to prevent tearing. There is an adjustable surcingle criss-cross closure to keep coverage optimal, and all the hardware is positioned to keep your horse from getting rubbed or poked when lying down or moving. Elastic leg straps and locking bands ensure that the sheet will not move and your horse will remain protected. 



  • Comfortable
  • Stays in place
  • Completely weatherproof


  • More expensive than other options
  • Best for medium to large horse sizes


Shopping For Horse Rain Sheets

As promised, we’re going to talk about why your horse needs a rain sheet and what you should keep in mind when shopping for this essential item. 

What Is A Horse Rain Sheet?

A horse rain sheet is a lightweight covering usually made from waterproof fabrics. Sometimes (but not always) it is lightly lined as well. The primary purpose of a horse rain sheet is to keep your horse dry during wet weather. 

But why is it so important to keep your horse dry? While a horse’s coat can stand up to all kinds of conditions, it needs more protection than most would expect. And no, a horse’s coat is not waterproof. Even a small amount of rain can mat the hair and keep it from insulating properly, which means your horse can get chilled, which is never a good thing. Even on a hot day, a rain sheet is a necessity. Just make sure it’s breathable so your horse does not overheat and get sweaty, which would negate the whole point of the rain sheet.

What Is The Difference Between A Horse Rain Sheet And A Turnout Sheet?

You should use horse rain sheets to keep your horse dry in rainy weather, but they should not typically be used to keep your horse warm in cold or windy weather. Rain sheets are not designed to withstand harsh snow or winter climates. 

Cooler blankets are very similar to a horse rain sheet; however, they can also withstand more inclement weather conditions. They are great for layering with blankets and liners in colder weather to not only keep your horse dry but warm as well, no matter what the weather condition is. 

What Should You Look For In A Good Horse Rain Sheet?

When looking for a horse rain sheet, you need to consider the waterproof aspect. Not every fabric is created equal. The best rain sheets use nylon materials that wick away water. You should also consider the durability of the fabrics. If the sheet description says that it has reinforced stitching, that means that it will withstand more heavy use than other brands. 

A good horse rain sheet should contour your horse and ensure the utmost comfort as well as protection. Read the product descriptions carefully to ensure that you have picked the most comfortable option for your equine friend. 


Choosing the best rain sheet for your horse should not be a stressful job. With this breakdown, you should have a better idea of what you need and what you can do to ensure the comfort and protection of your noble steed. 

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