When looking for that perfect blanket for your pony, it can feel like a struggle to sift through all of the options available to you. It is a hassle, and certainly an unwelcoming one depending on how long you have searched to date. That is why we created this helpful top ten list to help you find the best pony blanket for your time and money. So do not let yourself get stressed out or waste time searching for something that might work. Follow along to see the top pony blankets on the market and how they will fit your specific needs.

10. Horze Pony Quick Dry Outer Anti Dust Fleece Cooler

horze-pony-quick-dry-outer-anti-dust-fleece-cooler-best-pony-blanketsThis blanket is simple and to the point: a fleece dust jacket for your pony that fits comfortably. The blanket comes with a double front closure, cross surcingles, tail strap, and hind leg straps to keep it secure on your pony. This blanket is cheap and simple, perfect for a cool autumn afternoon or light winter conditions.

9. Intrepid International Miniature Horse Turnout Blanket

intrepid-international-miniature-horse-turnout-blanket-best-pony-blanketsMade out of a 600 Denier waterproof shell, this low-cost blanket can fit miniature horses or a pony, depending on your needs. The blanket comes in either hunter green or navy and features a sturdy belly band with elastic surcingles for maximum support.

8. TuffRider 1200D Ripstop Pony Horse Print Blanket

tuffrider-1200d-ripstop-pony-horse-print-blanket-best-pony-blanketsThis affordable pony blanket comes in sizes ranging between 35 and 75 and is available in either a periwinkle violet or a solid violet to match your pony’s size and your unique color tastes. The 1200 Denier fabric is rip resistant and comes with removable leg straps. This blanket also features twin thermal plastic clozease closures to make putting on and taking off the blanket a breeze.

7. High Spirit Snuggie Pony Stable Blanket

high-spirit-snuggie-pony-stable-blanket-best-pony-blanketsThis blanket is made of a breathable and waterproof 600 Denier nylon material with a satin nylon liner to make it an extremely comfortable piece. It is also fairly cheap for the quality and comes in sizes ranging between 56 and 68 inches as well as three different colors: black and silver, burgundy and black, or blue and hunter green. The blanket features a double buckle front, crossover surcingle, and removable leg straps.

6. Derby Originals 1200D 300G Heavy Duty Mini Horse Winter Turnout Blanket

derby-originals-1200d-300g-heavy-duty-mini-horse-winter-turnout-blanket-best-pony-blanketsFor both miniature horses and ponies, this heavy-duty yet affordable blanket includes a breathable nylon inner lining, adjustable low cross surcingles, a double front buckle closure, adjustable leg straps, front shoulder gussets, padded fleece withers, and an attachable tail cover. The blanket comes in either turquoise or purple.

5. Tough 1 600 Denier Turnout Blanket

tough-1-600-denier-turnout-blanket-best-pony-blanketsThere is a great deal of variety in terms of color with this high-quality blanket. To top it off, this blanket is waterproof and is specially designed to withstand light winter conditions so that your horse can remain dry and cozy. This blanket features fleece padded withers, tail cover, hidden rear leg straps, and criss-cross surcingles.

4. Derby Originals 600D Miniature Horse and Pony Winter Turnout Blanket

derby-originals-600d-miniature-horse-and-pony-winter-turnout-blanket-best-pony-blanketsThis cheap, waterproof blanket comes in either purple or red with sizes ranging between 36 and 58 inches. The 600 Denier nylon outer shell is tear resistant and the soft inner lining is perfect for keeping your pony comfortable yet warm. This blanket includes a double front buckle closure, front shoulder gussets, removable elastic leg straps, a tail cover, low cross surcingle closures, and fleece padded withers.

3. Challenger 600D Miniature Weanling Donkey, Pony, Horse, Foal Winter Blanket 519600D

challenger-600d-miniature-weanling-donkey-pony-horse-foal-winter-blanket-519600d-best-pony-blanketsYou can choose a size between 40 and 60 inches as well as between black turquoise, black red, blue with teal trim, or teal and green designs. This pony blanket is waterproof with a breathable and comfortably designed interior. The blanket features fleece on the withers, double front buckles, and a tail flap.

2. Tough 1 600D Waterproof Poly Miniature Turnout Blanket

tough-1-600d-waterproof-poly-miniature-turnout-blanket-best-pony-blanketsChoose between 36 and 50 inches in size and seven different colors with this cheap pony blanket. This blanket is perfect for keeping your pony or miniature horse warm during the winter as it is filled with a 250-gram polyfill and has a waterproof line outer shell. This blanket is easy to adjust to find the perfect fit and comes with adjustable elastic leg straps, a tail cover, a double buckle front closure, and double sewn reinforced stress points for maximum support and lifespan of the product.

1. AJ Tack Wholesale Medium Weight Pony Turnout Blanket 1200D Rip Stop Water Proof

aj-tack-wholesale-medium-weight-pony-turnout-blanket-1200d-rip-stop-water-proof-best-pony-blanketsThis blanket is on the larger end, with sizes ranging between 50 and 62 inches, and is available in black, green, red, or a light blue. The tear resistant outer shell comes attached with gussets and tail flap and features double front buckles, adjustable crossed belly straps, and removable elastic leg straps. Furthermore, the medium weight of this pony blanket makes it perfect for protecting your pony against cold winds without overheating the pony.

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