By BHB Staff
May 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best breakaway halters available online.

A halter is a must-have piece of gear for keeping your horse safe and secure — but if you have a horse who tends to pull when they’re tied up, it’s a good idea to choose a breakaway halter. These halters look like traditional models, but if your horse exerts extreme pressure, the crown piece automatically detaches. That way, the animal stays safe and you don’t have to replace the entire halter. Breakway halters are particularly handy to have on hand for trailering, since they can protect your horse in case of an accident; you might also use them during turnout to provide an easy escape from brambles or brush.

1. Weaver Leather Original Breakaway Halter

Weaver Leather Original Breakaway Halter

If you have a horse who tends to break out of its halter on a regular basis, this Weaver Leather model can be a good fit. It’s made with nylon straps for exceptional durability and a leather breakaway for comfort. All of the stress points are reinforced with box stitching to increase the strength of the halter, and the hardware is brass-plated to resist rust. The throat is rolled to ensure long-lasting wearability.

2. Weaver Leather Padded Breakaway Halter

Weaver Leather Padded Breakaway Halter

Keep your horse comfortable on the road with this breakaway halter from Weaver Leather. It uses a layer of rubber coated in PVC foam to reduce pressure and create a gentler fit. The top breakaway section features Chicago screws, so you can replace it easily if needed. Keep in mind that this halter features a flat throat section. Select from a range of colors to bring some fun into your everyday rides.

3. Tough 1 Break-Away Halter

Tough 1 Breakaway Halter

Constructed from nylon, this breakaway halter from Tough 1 is strong and tough. The crown piece is fabricated from single-ply leather that’s designed to break when your horse starts to panic. We love this model for turnout; the lightweight leather allows horses to free themselves quickly when they’re stuck, reducing the chance of serious injuries. Choose from a range of brilliant colors, including a bright blue and a cheerful red.

4. Horse Field Halters Quick Release Breakaway

Horse Field Halters Quick Release Breakaway

Do you have a horse that tends to break halters on a regular basis? This model from Hunters Saddlery can help you save money on replacement crown pieces. Instead of buckles or screws, the crown detaches using Velcro pads. That way, your horse can get free when he’s out to pasture, but you can reattach the halter without a replacement. The durable nylon material is washable and safe for use in the elements.

5. Perri’s Premium Nylon Safety Halter

Perri's Premium Nylon Safety Breakaway Halter

Infuse a bit of fun into your tack room with this safety halter from Perri’s. The body is made from premium nylon for durability and comfort; the chin is adjustable to create the right fit for horses of any size. Two pin-buckle closures hold the leather breakaway in place and allow fast installation of a replacement. This Amish-made product is designed for durability and longevity.

6. Weaver Leather Xtended Life Halter

Weaver Leather Xtended Life Breakaway Halter

Get the most for your investment with this Weaver Leather Xtended Life halter. With its all-nylon construction, this piece is engineered to stand up to everyday use, high force levels, and frequent washing. The crown piece breaks away using a hook-and-loop fastener — it’s designed to break in less time than a leather crown, making it a good choice for horses who tend to get stuck during turnout or horses that are prone to panicking.

7. TuffRider Nylon Breakaway Halter

TuffRider Nylon Breakaway Halter

Protect your horse with this TuffRider breakaway halter. It’s made from nylon for longevity and comes with a handy swiveling throat latch for easy fastening and maneuverability. The soft, padded material is gentle on your horse, and the leather breakaway ensures safety. A lead rope is included, so you can start using this halter right away. We love the array of available colors; many combos feature bright accents for high visibility.

8. Intrepid International Breakaway Halter

Intrepid International Breakaway Halter

Is your horse sensitive when it comes to halters? This breakaway halter from Intrepid International can be a good solution. It’s designed with generous padding, so it sits softly against the skin and prevents chafing or undue pressure. The leather crown detaches under high pressure, so you don’t have to worry that your horse will get stuck when he’s out to pasture. Create a comfortable fit with the adjustable chin, and rely on the rolled throat for additional protection.

9. Centaur Cushion Web Breakaway Halter

Centaur Cushion Web Breakaway Halter

With its generously cushioned interior surfaces, this breakaway halter from Centaur is a great way to protect your horse while keeping him safe. The nose and crown are constructed from nubuck to ensure safe breaking, and the durable zinc hardware keeps the rest of the halter intact for easy reuse.

10. Derby Originals Blackout Stable & Breakaway Halter

Derby Originals Blackout Stable & Breakaway Halter

If you’re looking for a breakaway halter with a bold style, this option from Derby Originals has you covered. With its brilliantly colored nylon straps and midnight-black hardware, it stands out from the crowd. Plus, with its reflective design, this halter boosts visibility when your horse is in a crowded area or out to pasture. A matching lead rope is included for convenience.

With a great breakaway halter, you always have an option on hand to tie up your horse safely. From trailering to stall use, these halters are ideal for horses who tend to panic, pull, or get stuck.

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