By BHB Staff

April 2020

This article reviews the top 10 best lead ropes available online.

The right lead rope makes it easier to securely walk a horse or another animal. Quality lead ropes offer resistance to moisture, and they can handle a lot of pulling and tugging. Because lead ropes are often used outdoors, they also need to have a high level of resistance to wind, heat and extreme cold. The exposure to dirt, dust and animal waste also means that these ropes will need to be cleaned and sanitized from time to time. There are several different types of lead ropes available, and these are the top 10 best lead ropes on the market.

1. Weaver Leather 10-Foot Poly Lead Rope

Weaver Leather 10-Foot Poly Lead Rope

This lead rope by Weaver features a brass-plated trigger snap. The snap is easy to attach and remove as needed. The brass plating resists corrosion. Made of polypropylene, it can be hosed off with warm, soapy water if it gets dirty. It measures 0.5875 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length. The soft feel does not chaff the animal, cause snags on halters or clothing or irritate the handler’s skin.

2. Knotty Girlz Premium Horse Rope Lead

Knotty Girlz Premium Horse Rope Lead

This lead is double-braided for strength and durability. It measures 9/16 inches in diameter and comes in 12- and 14-foot lengths. The end splice and popper on one end and eye spliced loop on the other end offer flexibility. Made of strong polyester, it resists fraying and stretching. It is made in the USA and comes in a range of colors and patterns for coordinating with riding blankets and other horse accessories.

3. Mustang Braided Lead Rope

Mustang Braided Lead Rope

This braided lead rope by Mustang features a brass-plated carabiner clip that is easy to attach and release. A leather popper end increases durability. The round braid construction style reduces wear and tear and offers a softer touch on the hands. This lead rope measures 15 feet long by 5/8 inches wide. Black in color, it coordinates with other sleek horse riding items.

4. Weaver Leather Cotton Lead Rope

Weaver Leather Cotton Lead Rope

This lead rope by Weaver features a solid brass snap for durability and longevity. The soft cotton lead is easy on the skin of the animal and on the handler. It measures 5/8 inches wide by 10 feet in length. Manufactured in China, it offers ease of laundering and resistance to fading in the sun. The cotton is color-fast, ad it will not fade or leak dye during the washing process.

5. Hamilton Poly Lead Rope with Bolt Snap

Hamilton Poly Lead Rope with Bolt Snap

This polyester lead offers a round shape for reduced wear, tear and friction. The bolt snap is made of brass-plated metal for resistance to rust and corrosion. Its hardware is fully tested and designed for rugged use. This rope coils for ease of storage when it is not in use. The ropes come in a variety of colors for coordinating with halters.

6. Hamilton Extra Heavy Poly Rope Lead

Hamilton Extra Heavy Poly Rope Lead

The lead rope by Hamilton features a durable, plated bolt or bull snap with reinforced attachments for the hardware. The first-quality nylon webbing is dyed in a way that resists fading and fraying. These ropes are available in 8- and 10-foot lengths. The multi-color and solid color ropes are designed to perfectly coordinate with the brand’s halters. The webbing is also designed to resist moisture, stretching and mildew.

7. Intrepid International Cotton Lead Rope

Intrepid International Cotton Lead Rope

This 100 percent cotton lead rope is designed to be gentle on the hands. Its braided construction creates a 3/4-inch diameter rope that provides durability without causing chaffing. Available in solid colors, it coordinates well with other horse accessories. This lead rope is available in a 10-foot length, and it features a metal bull snap for attaching and releasing from the halter.

8. Knotty Girlz Premium Horse Lead Rope

Knotty Girlz Premium Horse Lead Rope

The premium horse lead rope by Knotty Girlz features a braid of polyester rope that is 0.5-inches in diameter. The ropes are available in 12-, 14- and 16-foot lengths. The bull snaps are available in nickel-plated steel or stainless steel for durability and resistance to corrosion. The other end of the lead rope has an eye splice loop. A leather popper on the end of the rope adds a touch of style. This rope is made of American materials in the USA.

9. Shiloh Nylon Training Lead Rope

Teal Nylon Training Lead Rope

This lead rope by Shiloh is made of teal-colored nylon braided into a rope. The rope measures 0.5-inches in diameter and 14 feet in length. Resistant to water absorption, the nylon does not stretch or fade when wet or exposed to sunlight. The leather end adds a decorative touch. The brass snap offers durability, security and resistance to rust and corrosion. The snap’s clasp is easy to operate with or without gloves, and it works well in all weather conditions.

10. Shires Topaz Lead Rope

 Shires Topaz Lead Rope

Measuring 0.5-inches in diameter and 6-feet long, this lead rope is made of durable nylon. It can withstand the elements, and it resists fading and mold growth. The nylon does not stretch with use or exposure to water. The braided construction is soft to the touch and offers resistance to fraying. This lead rope features a brass snap with a wide clasp for ease of opening and closing with bulky gloves on one’s hands.

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