Cheap pony blankets come in all shapes and sizes. They provide affordability without sacrificing quality and workmanship. Covers are an important part of taking care of your ponies and miniature horses. Blankets can provide warmth and protection from the elements, including rain, snow, and cold.

As with many items, there are various styles, colors, and materials of blankets. Research can help find the most affordable pony blankets that fit the needs of pony owners and stables. Determining which pony blanket is best can be determined, in part, by what kind of environment in which the animals are living, the size of the animal, the hair and characteristics of the ponies, and other circumstances that might affect the use of the blanket. The following cheap pony blankets are generally priced under $120.

1. Kensington All Around Mini Turnout 80g

kensington-all-around-mini-turnout-80g-cheap-pony-blanketsThe fabric of this pony blanket is lightweight and designed to be waterproof and windproof. This protects the animal from weather elements. Additionally, it can help keep your pony dry from condensation produced from body moisture. This affordable pony blanket has a full belly band and leg straps.

2. AJ Tack Wholesale Medium Weight Pony Turnout Blanket 1200D Rip Stop Water Proof

aj-tack-wholesale-medium-weight-pony-turnout-blanket-1200d-rip-stop-water-proof-cheap-pony-blanketsAs a machine washable, medium weight blanket, ponies can be kept dry and warm when used. This low-cost pony blanket is waterproof and uses a belly strap and leg straps to hold it securely on the pony. It comes in a variety of colors and allows the owner to fit it on a number of sizes of ponies.

3. Tough 1 600D Miniature Stable Blanket with Belly Wrap

tough-1-600d-miniature-stable-blanket-with-belly-wrap-cheap-pony-blanketsAdjustable straps let an owner fit this blanket onto a variety of pony sizes. It comes in several colors with barbwire stitching that make it a quality blanket. It is designed to make the pony comfortable and secure, while still being an affordable blanket. This blanket uses adjustable leg straps and a belly wrap. Additionally, the blanket is lightweight, yet durable.

4. AJ Tack Wholesale 600D Medium Weight Horse Pony Blanket Water Proof Rip Stop

aj-tack-wholesale-600d-medium-weight-horse-pony-blanket-water-proof-rip-stop-cheap-pony-blanketsEasily sized, this blanket is appropriate for many different sized ponies. As a medium weight blanket, it provides protection and warmth for the pony, making their time outside comfortable and safe. It is waterproof and enjoys many different features, such as tail flap and double front buckles. Considering the qualities of this blanket, it is an affordable option for ponies.

5. Tough 1 600D Waterproof Poly Miniature Turnout Blanket

tough-1-600d-waterproof-poly-miniature-turnout-blanket-cheap-pony-blanketsBreathable material allows moisture to be wicked away from the pony. This will help the pony retain body heat and remain warm while it is cold outside. This blanket will provide protection from the elements of weather, including rain, snow, and cold. However, the strength of the material used will not allow for durability against rough fencing or bushes. Therefore, this should be taken into consideration when purchasing. This is a low-cost option for pony blankets.

6. Derby Originals 600D Shimmering Star Miniature Horse and Pony Turnout Blanket

derby-originals-600d-shimmering-star-miniature-horse-and-pony-turnout-blanket-cheap-pony-blanketsPonies will be protected from the cold by having this medium weight blanket. It is also waterproof and includes a padded protector to make the pony comfortable and shielded from the environment. The sizes run a little large for this particular blanket, so this should be taken into consideration when measuring. As a cheap pony blanket, this blanket also has many other benefits, including adjustable leg straps and front shoulder gussets.

7. Derby Originals Deluxe 600D Nylon Turnout Winter Blanket- Horse and Pony Sizes

derby-originals-deluxe-600d-nylon-turnout-winter-blanket-horse-and-pony-sizes-cheap-pony-blanketsThis is a medium weight blanket that features a durable, breathable nylon that allows the pony to be comfortable. This kind of blanket can be used in conjunction with other varying weighted clothing. This prevents the pony from sweating, which can lead to illness and cause the pony to shiver. The blanket comes in various sizes and some colors. You can use this blanket to protect your pony and give them the luxury they deserve while saving money with this affordable blanket.

8. Intrepid International Miniature Horse Turnout Blanket

intrepid-international-miniature-horse-turnout-blanket-cheap-pony-blanketsUsing these affordable blankets for ponies and miniature horses, owners will find they are waterproof and breathable, creating a cozy environment for them. Some attributes of this blanket include a tail guard and belly band. The attributes of the blanket will allow for a freedom of motion through a design flexibility. It comes in two different colors, but it is a wonderfully affordable blanket to protect your beloved pony.

9. Derby Originals 600D Miniature Horse and Pony Winter Turnout Blanket

derby-originals-600d-miniature-horse-and-pony-winter-turnout-blanket-cheap-pony-blanketsThe waterproof nylon of these cheap blankets for ponies features rip-stop technology. Because of the technique used when manufacturing this material, the blanket is resistant to ripping and tearing. This is important when thinking about objects the pony might come into contact with and the likelihood of the pony brushing up against fences and brush.

10. Shires Mini Highlander 200G Turnout Blanket

shires-mini-highlander-200g-turnout-blanket-cheap-pony-blanketsThis affordable blanket is specifically designed for ponies and miniature horses. Ponies will enjoy a waterproof, breathable shell that has the rip-stop technology. The blanket is machine washable and comes in a variety of sizes. It is important to measure the pony properly so there is no rubbing or slipping.

With a variety of attributes, there is a significant number of choices owners can choose from when looking for an affordable pony blanket. Many blankets have similar benefits and features, so it would be wise to thoroughly research the one you are considering. If you are looking for a low-cost pony blanket that will protect your animal, taking to the Internet can be an invaluable resource. There are cheap pony blankets that can meet all your needs.

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