If you are looking to keep your horse clean in his or her stall or are looking for a lightweight liner to put under a heavier blanket, then there is no need to spend a bundle because you can opt for a horse underlayer blanket. Some horses who sunburn can even be turned out in these horse underlayer blankets for brief periods of time. A hood with a blankets helps ensure that all parts of the horse stay clean in the moments leading up to a show. Make sure to consider these 10 choices before you buy the first underlayer blanket that you see.

1. Derby Originals Lycra Horse Hoods with Zipper

derby-originals-lycra-horse-hoods-with-zipper-best-horse-underlayer-blanketsA front zipper running up the horse’s chest and an elastic band on this lightweight four-way-stretch lycra blanket help to keep this option in place. The lycra hood has well-fitting eye holes cut into it. An adjustable fleece noseband helps ensure that the horse cannot turn this low-cost horse hood to the side where it could accidentally cover an eye causing a horse to spook.

2. Derby Originals Lycra Horse Shoulder Guard

derby-originals-lycra-horse-shoulder-guard-best-horse-underlayer-blanketsIf you find that your horse’s blanket is chafing them on their shoulders, then this stretchable shoulder guard may be the answer. Made from lightweight lycra fabric it helps wick moisture away from the horse which can be important if the horse has a wound or has had surgery on its shoulders. This cheap horse guard that is held on by two elastic straps may also keep flies from biting the horse on the shoulders.

3. Full Zipper Horse Slinky Lycra Hood Fleece Lined Noseband

full-zipper-horse-slinky-lycra-hood-fleece-lined-noseband-black-best-horse-underlayer-blanketsA full zipper makes putting on this heavy fleece hood a snap. Elastic around the nose and jaw prevents rubbing while allowing the horse to open his or her mouth wide to eat. You can be assured that this cheap horse hood will stay in place because of its secure velcro closing. Wide ear and eye openings help this hood fit even large headed horses.

4. Weaver Leather EquiSkinz Sheet

weaver-leather-equiskinz-sheet-best-horse-underlayer-blanketsWhen it is important to cover the whole animal with a cheap underlayer horse blanket, then consider this option. A fleece lining at the nose ensures that your horse does not get chafed by this blanket’s hood that is made from moisture-wicking lycra that stretches in four different directions. This sheet has two back leg straps with plastic hooks helping ensure it stays in place. A front zipper along with hook and loop closures makes it easy to customize the fit of this one-piece solution.

5. Sleazy Sleepwear For Horses Hood L

sleazy-sleepwear-for-horses-hood-l-green-best-horse-underlayer-blankets-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThis lycra option with its fleece noseband helps to keep horse’s manes tame and can be used under heavy winter blankets. Its seamless face design helps save time because there will not be any need to brush the face before heading to the show arena. This cheap horse hood can be used as a turnout hood on warmer days to block the sun’s harmful rays. A belly strap ensures this hood stays in place even when a horse gets restless.

6. Slip-On Horse Slinky Lycra Hood Fleece Lined Nose Band

slip-on-horse-slinky-lycra-hood-fleece-lined-nose-band-purple-best-horse-quarter-sheetsWide eye and ear openings help this slip-on lycra hood to go on very quickly. A wide band ending in velcro straps right behind the horse’s front legs helps this hood to fit each horse regardless of their individual shape. This heavy fabric cheap horse hood will not rub because it has elastic around the nose and jaw. Seams down the side of the face help to ensure that this hood fits securely so that dirt and food cannot get under it.

7. Sleazy Lycra Hood

sleazy-lycra-hood-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThis low-cost horse hood goes on quickly because of its fully separating zipper. The slick material helps to give your horse a shiny appearance making the animal eye-catching even when he or she is in its stall. This hood continues back to cover the chest before ending right behind the front legs helping to keep flies from biting the chest. This lightweight horse Sleazy works well for horses kept inside.

8. Benefab Therapeutic Lycra Horse Hood with Ceramic Infused Powder and 27 Magnetic Therapy

benefab-therapeutic-lycra-horse-hood-with-ceramic-infused-powder-and-27-magnetic-therapy-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThis horse hood is designed to be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. It uses ceramic and magnetic therapy to keep neck and shoulder muscles warm and relaxed decreasing recovery time after a strenuous workout. This cheap horse hood made from low-cost lycra is designed to stimulate acupuncture points. The warmth provided by this hood can also help keep animals comfortable in cold weather.

9. Lycra Pullover Head And Shoulder Hood

lycra-pullover-head-and-shoulder-hood-best-horse-quarter-sheetsThis low-cost horse hood is a great way to keep horses from rubbing sores on its neck and shoulders. This hood’s one-piece design helps to protect the animal from fly bites. It may also be perfect for taming and protecting unruly manes. This eight-ounce lycra blanket can also be used under heavier blankets to help prevent rubbing.

10. Weaver Leather EquiSkinz Sheet


When it is important that your horse’s entire body except for its legs be covered, then this low-cost underlayer blanket may be a great answer. It is made of stretchable lycra fabric, so it easily moves as your horse moves. Two back legs straps with plastic hooks ensure that the horse cannot easily slip this horse underlayer blanket off.

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