Sitting on a saddle may get uncomfortable after a while. If you spend a lot of your time riding, then you need an English saddle pad. The pads are designed to reduce chafing and absorb some of the impact. If you ride your horse at a fast speed or do jumps with it, the pad increases your horse’s comfort. The pads are made of durable material that is designed to resist abrasion between the saddle and your horse. This is a helpful list of the top 10 cheap all-purpose English saddle pads to peruse before you make a purchase.

1. Derby Originals Extra Comfort All Purpose English Saddle Pad with Removable Memory Foam

This English saddle pad by Derby has two pockets that allow you to insert or remove the memory foam. The pockets close with the help of hook and loop tape. A pair of girth loops keep the pad in place while you use it. The quilted fabric is machine-washable and can go into a clothes dryer. This English saddle pad has a breathable spine and wicks away heat and moisture.

2. Paris Tack Derby Originals Wither Relief Fleece Padded Horse English Saddle Pad

The fleece edging of this English saddle pad delivers the ultimate in comfort. Quilted stitching increases the pad’s durability and reduces shifting of the tack. This saddle pad has cutouts in order to accommodate the saddle’s wither. The lined underside is also comfortable for your horse.

3. Tough 1 EquiRoyal Square Quilted Cotton Comfort English Saddle Pad

If you like some color, these saddle pads are the right choice for you. They come in vibrant shades of blue, purple, red and more. This saddle pad features 100 percent cotton twill for the padding and the exterior fabric. The quilted material absorbs sweat from your horse’s skin and reduces the impact of your body against the horse. The woven nylon girth and billet straps ensure a proper fit on any size of horse.

4. Derby Originals English All Purpose Quilted Contour Saddle Pad

Provide comfort to your horse with these Derby Originals contoured saddle pads. These pads are made out of quilted cotton twill fabric. The stitching features hexagonal designs for superior water absorption and impact control. These saddle pads come in colors such as dark blue, dark green, brown and black for coordinating with a saddle or saddle blanket. They have a 23-inch spine length and a 21-inch drop length and pair with most English saddles.

5. Derby Originals All Purpose Half Fleece-lined English Saddle Pad with Velcro Close Pockets

Enjoy a convenient afternoon ride with this Derby Originals saddle pad. The underside has a half fleece lining for comfort and moisture absorption from your horse’s skin. This saddle pad also features two convenient pockets, one on each side of the drop. The pockets close with hook and loop tape and provide a good spot for your keys, wallet or phone. These generously sized pads are available in six colors.

6. Professional Equine Horse Quilted English Saddle Pad, Trail Contoured Model

This saddle pad has a fancy rolled trim and floral stitching for an elegant look. It is available in both traditional and vibrant colors. The quilted stitching absorbs moisture and offers comfort for your horse. Nylon girth straps and billet straps keep it snugly in place for hours at a time. The pad’s 24-inch spine accommodates most English saddles.

7. Tackus Horse Cotton Quilted All Purpose English Saddle Pad

The contouring of this English saddle pad ensures comfort for you and your horse. This Tackus pad is made out of quilted cotton in an attractive combination of turquoise and black. The moisture-wicking diamond pattern increases your horse’s comfort even on a warm or humid day. As one of the biggest English saddle pads, it has a spine of 25 inches and a drop of 31 inches. It stays secured for hours with the girth and billet straps. The straps are made of woven nylon.

8. Weatherbeeta Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad

Available in eight vibrant colors, this Weatherbeeta English saddle pad features cotton construction for excellent comfort. The fabric wicks moisture away from your horse’s skin. It is one of few English saddle pads to offer a breathable mesh spine. This spine allows heat to escape, creating better air flow around your horse’s body. PVC straps and a mesh section keep this pad securely in place around your horse. A high-wither design accommodates most saddle configurations.

9. Weaver Leather Quilted English Saddle Pad

Form and function beautifully intersect with this Weaver English saddle pad. The interior lining is made out of polyester fiberfill. This material bounces back after it is compressed, and it can withstand plenty of friction and heat. The quilted construction keeps your horse comfortable and reduces abrasion and heat buildup against its skin. The contour of the pad accommodates an English saddle’s flap. These durable saddle pads stand up to daily schooling of your horse. They are available in three colors and can be laundered in a clothes washer.

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10. Intrepid International English All Purpose Fleece Saddle Pad

This soft, fluffy pad is just what a young horse needs when you are schooling it. Made out of hospital fleece, this pad offers a rolled edge for durability. The front is slightly contoured in order to accommodate the flap of the English saddle. It has billet straps for keeping it in place. You can wash this English saddle pad in a washing machine in cold water and either air dry or toss it in the dryer.