Horse underlayer blankets can be expensive, but it’s not necessary to overspend on these underlayers and blanket liners. There are many high-quality cheap horse underlayer blankets and liners on the market. These low-cost blanket liners come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and materials, ensuring comfort and protection for the horse and peace of mind for the handler. These underlayers can be used for coat protection, cleanliness, warmth in winter months and cold weather, cooling and shade in the warm weather, and even teaching the mane to lay flat. Competition and non-competition horses alike depend on these liners and blankets. Here are the best affordable horse underlayer blankets on the market now:

1. Derby Original Lycra Stretch Hood

derby-original-lycra-stretch-hood-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsThis hood protects a horse’s head and neck from the elements. The lycra material is stretchy, allowing it to give in needed areas while also maintaining protection. The liner is built with a zipper, aiding in the ease of wear and undressing. This affordable option also comes in three sizes and five colors, ensuring its fit and style-consciousness.

2. Masta Fleece Base Layer – Extra Warmth + Belly Band

masta-fleece-base-layer-extra-warmth-belly-band-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsMasta’s affordable horse underlayer is built with high-wicking fleece and without front fastenings, making it very comfortable for the horse to wear. This underlayer is ideal for layering under blankets and rugs and is great for wear after exercise, bathing, or in the cold weather. The three flexible belly bands improve its fit. The key feature of this low-cost horse underlayer blanket is its warmth, making it the go-to choice for harsh winter weather.

3. Masta Fleece Base Layer 6’9″

masta-fleece-base-layer-69-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsSimilar to the above, this cheap horse underlayer provides warmth and comfort through its fit and fleece material. This affordable liner can also be used to layer blankets and rugs in the harsh winter months or for general coat protection and maintaining cleanliness. Its design includes one comfort belly band, which is a key distinction from the other Masta Fleece Base Layer on the list.

4. Horsewear Blanket Liner

horsewear-blanket-liner-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsThe Horsewear blanket liner represents a no fuss, affordable blanket liner that fastens in the front of the horse’s chest with a velcro fastener. This product features superior insulation and is also machine washable, making it an easy and inexpensive alternative to some of the other underlayers and blankets on the market. Because of its insulating properties, this is one of the best picks for winter weather.

5. Tough 1 Soft Fleece Blanket Liner

tough-1-soft-fleece-blanket-linerThis low-cost blanket liner functions as a lighter alternative to some of the heavier insulated and fleece blanket liners on the market. It keeps horses warm without being too hot but can also be used for layering if desired. This product buckles under the belly and across the front for added security.

6. Derby Originals Classic Horse Fleece Protector

derby-originals-classic-horse-fleece-protector-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsDerby Originals’ multi-functional cheap blanket liner can be used as an underlayer, cooler, or to help keep horses clean. It is available in six different sizes and two colors, making it an ideal selection for any sized horse. Its material can wick moisture as well as help the horse retain heat, so it is able to be used year-round for a variety of needs.

7. Toklat Jammies Shoulder Guard

toklat-jammies-shoulder-guard-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsThis affordable horse underlayer serves to protect the horse’s shoulder area against chafing as well as dust, dirt, and the elements. Its stretchy lycra material makes it comfortable to wear and two color choices make it stylish, too. The guard can even be machine washed and dried.

8. Centaur Lycra Shoulder Guard

centaur-lycra-shoulder-guard-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsSimilar to the above, this is a low-cost lycra material shoulder guard. For horses that need to wear blankets, this cheap horse underlayer keeps the blankets from rubbing and chafing the horse, making it the ideal underlayer for the horse’s layering needs, especially in winter months.

9. Derby Originals Lycra Full-Body Horse Sheet

centaur-lycra-shoulder-guard-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsThis is a full-coverage affordable horse underlayer made of high quality and moisture-wicking lycra material. This liner protects from the elements and keeps the horse cool and shady. For cooler temperatures, this sheet can serve as a low-cost horse underlayer blanket, perfect for layering under blankets and rugs. This protector comes in four sizes and has large ear and eye openings, so horses will not be bothered by the full-coverage layer. This is one of the most affordable and comprehensive blanket liners on the market.

10. High Spirit Polar Fleece Blanket Liner

high-spirit-polar-fleece-blanket-liner-cheap-horse-underlayer-blanketsHigh Spirit’s liner is one of the simplest cheap horse underlayer blankets on the market. The liner offers lightweight two-way stretch polar fleece that is perfect for layering under blankets or turnouts because of its snug, yet comfortable, contoured fit. It comes in navy with hunter green trim and hunter green with navy trim, making it a stylish option on top of its practicality. Removable nylon adjustable leg straps allow for the perfect fit for any horse.