Horses need protection from the bitter elements and that means every equestrian’s tack room should hold a few cheap horse turnout winter blankets. Thankfully, getting well-designed, top-quality styles doesn’t have to mean paying an unreasonably high price. Many low-cost turnout winter blankets have the same important comfort and convenience features as their more expensive cousins and when budget matters, they’ll keep your horse just as warm and secure. Before the weather gets rough, start your search for affordable turnout winter blankets right here. We’ve done the homework for you and found these ten top choices — all for less than $120.

1. Barnsby Equestrian Waterproof Horse Winter Blanket/Turnout Rug with Neck Combo

barnsby-equestrian-waterproof-horse-winter-blanket-turnout-rug-with-neck-combo-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blankets000_For horses that need to be bundled up in the cold, this durable blanket by Barnsby is both waterproof and breathable. It’s made of 600 denier rip-stop polyester, has 200 grams of warm fill and is appointed with adjustable straps and side gussets for optimal movement. A neck cover keeps heat in and moisture out, making this one of the most protective cheap turnout winter blankets.

2. Derby Originals Deluxe 600D Nylon Turnout Winter Blanket

derby-originals-deluxe-600d-nylon-turnout-winter-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsDerby Originals designed this affordable turnout blanket with 600 denier rip-stop fabric for durability and 250 grams of insulation for gentle warmth in moderate climates. This deluxe model is highly adjustable with front gussets for easy movement and features fleece wither padding and a tail cover for a comfortable fit. Double front buckles make it easy to put on and remove, and for an affordable turnout blanket, the blend of features is hard to beat.

3. Derby Originals 600D Nylon Horse Turnout Winter Blanket

derby-originals-600d-nylon-horse-turnout-winter-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsThis Derby Originals bestseller has the perfect blend of features for the price. The waterproof rip-stop fabric and quality stitching on this low-cost turnout blanket stand up to heavy use, while low cross adjustable surcingle, padded fleece withers, adjustable leg straps, and front gussets make movement a breeze. Warmth comes from 200 grams of fill aided by a breathable, moisture-wicking lining.

4. Derby Originals 1200D 300G Heavy Duty Mini Horse Winter Turnout Blanket

derby-originals-1200d-300g-heavy-duty-mini-horse-winter-turnout-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsLittle horses need big protection and this affordable turnout blanket doesn’t disappoint. The tough, 1200 denier rip-stop nylon outer shell is fully waterproof but breathable and 300 grams of insulation keeps sensitive horses protected from the most bitter cold. Key features include adjustable low cross surcingle, a double front buckle closure, adjustable leg straps, generous front shoulder gussets, a tail cover, and padded fleece wither protection.

5. Tough 1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g Turnout Blanket

tough-1-1200d-snuggit-turnout-300g-turnout-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsAmong affordable horse turnout winter blankets, this model by Tough 1 is the perfect choice for horses that like to chew on fabric. The heavy-duty 1200 denier polyester shell is exceptionally strong and features like an adjustable neck create a comfortable, custom fit that decreases restlessness. For wet climates, the seamless spine and taped seams reinforce the waterproof shell, forming the best possible barrier against moisture.

6. CHALLENGER 78″ 1200D Waterproof Horse Winter Turnout Blanket

challenger-78-1200d-waterproof-horse-winter-turnout-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsLow-cost horse turnout winter blankets don’t have to mean inferior protection from the cold. This tried-and-true style from Challenger is a top choice for cold winter weather with 400 grams of warming insulation. The waterproof shell is made of tough, 1200 denier fabric and there’s no center seam for melting snow to leak through. Convenience features include double front buckles and easy-to-remove stretch leg straps with quick snaps.

7. Tough 1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket

tough-1-timber-1200d-waterproof-poly-snuggit-turnout-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsTough winters are no match for this cheap turnout blanket by Tough 1. Features include a 1200 denier waterproof outer shell, a chill-chasing breathable lining, 250 grams of insulation and an adjustable neck for an extra measure of warmth. A tail cover, shoulder gussets, and fleece wither protection are icing on the cake for comfort and make this cold-weather blanket an owner favorite.

8. Tough 1 600 Denier Turnout Blanket

tough-1-timber-1200d-waterproof-poly-snuggit-turnout-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsThis affordable turnout blanket combines a 600 denier rip-stop construction with stainless steel hardware for durability when it counts. Mid-weight 300 gram fill is warming, but won’t overheat your horse and the 210 polishing liner gives a lustrous shine to coats. Shoulder gussets, double front buckles, hidden rear leg straps and crisscross surcingle complete the well-priced package of features without breaking the bank.

9. Derby Originals Extreme Winter Turnout Horse Triple Gussets Blanket

derby-originals-extreme-winter-turnout-horse-triple-gussets-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsFor high-spirited horses, Derby Originals offers this triple-gusseted blanket that lets them keep moving and stay warm. The quality 1200 denier rip-stop nylon fabric won’t tear with daily use and 400 grams of heavyweight insulation is perfect for extreme winter temperatures. The added moisture-wicking lining, adjustable low cross surcingle, double front buckles, fleece wither protectors and adjustable leg straps round out this well-appointed, affordable turnout blanket.

10. Derby Originals Platinum Canvas Blanket with Three Gussets & Wool Lining

derby-originals-extreme-winter-turnout-horse-triple-gussets-blanket-cheap-horse-turnout-winter-blanketsCold, low-moisture climates call for a different kind of low-cost turnout blanket and this style fits the bill. Forget the nylon; the water-resistant exterior is made of heavy duck canvas with superior breathability while a wool lining offers maximum warmth. Front buckle closures are a cinch to operate and the triple gussets, crisscross surcingle and removable leg straps help the blanket stay secure without restraining movement.

Keeping horses happy can be a challenge, but protecting them from bad weather is an important first step. Always give them adequate shelter, keep their feed dry, and insulate them against the cold, rain and snow with one of these top 10 cheap horse turnout winter blankets.