Whether your mare sports a natural coat or clipped hairs, it needs protection from harsh weather elements. But that doesn’t mean you must shell out hundreds of dollars to keep your stallion or filly warm and dry. From light stable sheets to heavy turnout blankets, you will find the perfect cover on our list.

If you’re looking for an affordable option, but you are unsure where to start, check out low-cost horse stable blankets and sheets. Following, you will find the top 10 cheap horse stable blankets and sheets for 2018—all for less than 60 bucks.

1. Tough 1 Closed Front Stable Sheet

tough-1-closed-front-stable-sheet-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsLightweight and inexpensive, this stable sheet from Tough 1 provides comfort on chilly days and keeps your horse clean and dry. Made of 420-denier nylon, the closed front cover features a wide strap to keep it in place, adjustable leg fasteners for an easy fit, and contoured shoulder gussets for a free-range of motion.

2. Amigo Stable Sheet

amigo-stable-sheet-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsThe Amigo low-cost stable sheet features a traditional cut and a silky shoulder lining. Breathable polyester delivers comfort in the spring and summer months. With straight-front closures and overlapping surcingles, the black sheet remains in place. A fillet string fits neatly under the tail to prevent it from fluttering in the breeze.

3. Derby Originals Classic Horse Fleece Protection Sheet/Blanket Liner

derby-originals-classic-horse-fleece-protection-sheet-blanket-liner-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsDerby Originals combines quality, versatility, and affordability. It serves as a blanket, a liner, and a cooler. The fleece material helps retain moisture on cool nights, and wick away condensation on warm days. Use it to keep your Thoroughbred’s coat dry and shiny after a wash and before a show. Low-positioned straps offer a perfect fit. This cheap, stable sheet is available in a variety of sizes in both navy and hunter green.

4. Shires Tempest Original Lite Horse Sheet

shires-tempest-original-lite-horse-sheet-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsHorse owners will appreciate this stylish gem from Shires. The affordable, stable sheet features a colorful cow print design with a bright trim. It offers a generous fit with a quick-hook and eye chest closure and relaxed neckline so your horse can graze comfortably. A tail flap offers added protection.

5. Professional’s Choice Nylon Day Sheet

professionals-choice-nylon-day-sheet-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsProfessional’s Choice cheap, stable sheet features a stable cut made out of 420-denier nylon. It has a piece of fleece at the withers to reduce friction on the mane. The covering offers warmth in mild temperatures and can serve as a liner underneath a heavy blanket. With the double-buckle front closure and belly strap, it is easy to customize the fit.

6. Challenger Horsewear Turnout Winter Sheet/Blanket

challenger-horsewear-turnout-winter-sheet-blanket-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsConstructed of water-resistant material, this low-cost, stable blanket keeps coats dry and shiny in the rain, sleet, and snow. It offers protection from the neck to the hindquarters. Durable buckles and surcingles provide a close fit for better insulation while giving your horse ample moving room.

7. Horseware Helix Stable Sheet

challenger-horsewear-turnout-winter-sheet-blanket-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsThis cheap, stable sheet from Horseware combines brushed polyester and moisture management technology to wick away dampness and dry horses quickly. Featuring a sure-fit neck design with a V-front disc closure, it eliminates pressure when the head is in a down position. A fillet string and T-straps prevents the wind from lifting the sheet.

8. Barnsby Equestrian Fleece Sheet

challenger-horsewear-turnout-winter-sheet-blanket-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsBarnsby has manufactured affordable, stable sheets and blankets since 1793. The Equestrian stable sheet will keep your horse’s hair slick and body warm. This wallet-friendly sheet features an anti-pill, 270gsm fleece shell to absorb sweat and a 210T polyester chest lining to seal in the heat. An adjustable chest strap and low cross underbelly fasteners provide a secure fit. It’s available in 11 sizes, ranging from 54” to 84” to accommodate a variety of horses.

9. Challenger Horse Fly Sheet

challenger-horse-fly-sheet-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsThis cheap stable sheet is perfect for the spring and summer months. The nylon and polyester fabric protects your Warmblood from UV rays while mesh material allows the air to circulate to reduce condensation and thwart biting insects. Flexible chest buckles and leg straps allow for custom adjustments. A bellyband with Velcro assist provides an additional layer of protection when the horse lies down.

10. Tough 1 Contour Poly Fly Sheet with Neck Cover

tough-1-contour-poly-fly-sheet-with-neck-cover-cheap-horse-stable-blankets-and-sheetsThe Tough 1 Fly Sheet is nice to keep on hand. Breathable mesh keeps your Quarter horse cool and fends off annoying pests. The addition of an integrated neck cover and removable fly mask ensures your mare will remain comfortable whether frolicking in the pasture or standing still in a stable.

If you want to spend less time grooming and more time riding, you need a great blanket to keep your horse warm, comfortable, and protected. Depending on the region, you may need more than one sheet or blanket. The options above allow you to stock up on cheap horse stable blankets and sheets to keep your horse comfy year-round without breaking the bank.