Looking to keep your horse warm and your costs down? The care and keeping of any horse is always costly, but there are areas where you can find high quality and low cost. We’ve compiled a list of cheap horse quarter sheets for you that are all under sixty dollars each–quite a steal when it comes to quality, necessary gear for your horse and your bank account. This list aims to keep both happy. Cheap horse quarter sheets don’t mean low quality. Our list is full of affordable quarter sheets that do their job well without running up your costs. Feel free to browse these affordable horse quarter sheets we’ve found for you.

1. Weatherbeeta Anti Static Fleece Quarter Sheet

weatherbeeta-anti-static-fleece-quarter-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis affordable quarter sheet is made of lightweight polyester fleece. It is anti pilling to keep the sheet soft and effective throughout its life. This sheet is also anti-static so that your horse doesn’t have to endure static shocks, which is especially good for skittish horses. The material is high wicking to keep moisture off the coat of the horse. The touch tape wither closure helps to apply and remove the quarter sheet quickly.

2. Derby Originals ¾ Polar Fleece Exercise Rug Horse Sheet

derby-originals-¾-polar-fleece-exercise-rug-horse-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis sheet features a velcro closure around the neck that secures the sheet but releases easily in the event of a fall to keep the rider safe. There is an opening for the rider of approximately sixteen inches. There is also a string on the back that secures under the tail to keep the sheet in place and prevent it from flying up while riding.

3. Equi-Theme Stripe Collection Newmarket Fleece Exercise Sheet

derby-originals-¾-polar-fleece-exercise-rug-horse-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis low cost quarter sheet is high function and high fashion. The material is anti-pilling and moisture wicking to keep sweat and moisture off of the horse and the rider. This quarter sheet can be worn under the saddle or on the rider’s legs to help them stay warm on cool days as well. This sheet is not waterproof, but is water resistant and can stand up to the spray of the morning dew.

4. JT International Holiday Elf Quarter Sheet

jt-international-holiday-elf-quarter-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsAdorable and affordable, this quarter sheet will help you get into the holiday spirit. It’s perfect for keeping your horse warm during special holiday events. Made of green and red felt with white pom poms along the edges, your not so little elf will be a hit. It comes with a quick grip breast strap that helps it goes on and off easily.

5. Centaur Fleece Exercise Sheet

jt-international-holiday-elf-quarter-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsA low-cost horse quarter sheet, this product is made of high quality materials. The 250 gram fleece is dense and therefore resistant to pilling. It has a tail strap to keep the sheet from flapping during exercise and has an easy to use hook and loop closing strap. There is an option to add leg straps, but they are sold separately.

6. Rider’s by Dover Saddlery Fleece Exercise Rug

riders-by-dover-saddlery-fleece-exercise-rug-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsDover Saddlery is a well established company in the field of equestrian products. This low cost quarter sheet is backed up by their high standards and expectations for their products. The soft fleece resists pilling, and the design of this sheet is secure but open enough to allow free movement for the horse.

7. Horze ProTrek Riding Rug with Fleece

horze-protrek-riding-rug-with-fleece-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis is a low cost quarter sheet that does a great job keeping your horse warm on cool days. The shell is wind and water resistant to keep the breeze from getting through and chilling the horse. The lining is made of warm fleece to help keep the natural body heat of the horse inside to keep the muscles warm and limber during exercise.

8. Horsewear Rambo Competition Sheet

horsewear-rambo-competition-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis low cost high quality quarter sheet is designed to be versatile. It can easily be used for warming up or in competition. The lining is made of bonded fleece that resists pilling and insulates very well. It also wicks moisture away from the coat to keep the horse dry and comfortable. This sheet is cut to fit around the saddle to leave the legs free to move and work effectively.

9. Horze WeatherTrek Riding Sheet

horze-weathertrek-riding-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThis cost effective horse quarter sheet is a versatile sheet. It has a coated exterior shell that repels water, making it ideal when the weather is less than ideal. The outer shell is also equipped with reflective qualities that make it safe to use when your ride takes you across roadways. Warm, breathable material keeps enough heat in without leading to overheating.

10. High Spirit Fleece Quarter Sheet

high-spirit-fleece-quarter-sheet-cheap-horse-quarter-sheetsThe breathable fleece in this affordable horse quarter sheet is breathable and resists pilling. There are hook and loop closures at the wither and at the tail for ease of application and removal that also ensures the sheet stays against the horse and the rider during exercises.

This concludes our list of cheap horse quarter sheets.