Everyone loves horses, including famous people! From a royal Olympian to a comedian who advocates for the safety of wild horses, here are 30 celebrities who are also avid equestrians.

Beth Behrs

Though Beth Behrs had dreamed of owning her own horse since childhood, it wasn’t until the actress landed the role of Caroline on the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls that she was able to afford one. Behrs is the owner of Belle, a half-mustang that she adopted. Like her friend Whitney Cummings, who is also featured on our list, Behrs is passionate about natural horsemanship, preferring to ride bareback and bit-less or to interact with Belle from the ground. In addition to working with her own horse, Behrs is a tireless advocate of America’s wild horse populations.

Selma Blair

Actress Selma Blair is well known as an amateur equestrian. She is often spotted spending time at her local barn, where she boards her horses and takes lessons in jumping and equitation. Blair has no problem sharing the love she feels for her horses with the world, as she often posts Instagram photos of herself and her beloved horse, Mr. Nibbles.

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley’s passion for horses began in childhood, when she received a retired polo pony for Christmas one year. As an adult, she was able to purchase her own ranch in New York, and fell into the sport of cutting after purchasing a how-to video from an infomercial. Brinkley was soon traveling back and forth to Texas, training with top cutting riders and purchasing Quarter Horses. She went on to compete in various National Cutting Horse Association Championships, and even won the celebrity division in 1992. Brinkley’s most beloved horse, Goodbar Miss, who died in 2013, even appeared with the model in one of her most famous CoverGirl shoots.

Gisele Bundchen

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen began riding horses at age eight in her native country of Brazil. Now that she’s pretty much retired from modeling, the wife of Tom Brady enjoys riding her horses much more frequently. She has even taught her daughter, Vivian, to ride and frequently posts Instagram pictures of the two of them riding together.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi, the granddaughter of Grace Kelly and a member of the Royal Family of Monaco, has spent nearly her whole life in the saddle. Casiraghi, whose parents declined for her the title of princess, is a talented jumper who owns a number of horses. Though Casiraghi has been less competitive since the birth of her children, the beautiful young royal has been a longtime fixture on the European Grand Prix circuit.

Russell Crowe

If you’ve seen Russell Crowe ride in Gladiator or any of his other films, it should come as no surprise that the award winning actor is an avid equestrian. Crowe owns his own ranch in Nana Glen, Australia, located a few hours from Sydney. There, he keeps a number of horses which he has told reporters are “just like people.”

Whitney Cummings

Comedian and sitcom producer Whitney Cummings is well known for her love of animals. In addition to her three rescue dogs, Cummings recently adopted a beautiful gray horse she calls King. Cummings is very interested in natural horsemanship, and often posts Instagram videos of herself interacting with her beloved horse from the ground. Like her friend and stablemate, Beth Behrs, Cummings has also used her fame to advocate for the protection of America’s wild horse populations.

Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is quite the impressive equestrian! The actress owns a slew of horses — plus a couple rescued miniature horses — and runs her own stable, Big Bay City. She competes at the highest level of jumping, though usually under a pseudonym in order to keep her competitive life separate from her acting career. Cuoco even married a fellow equestrian: Grand Prix rider Karl Cook, with whom she’s pictured above.

Miley Cyrus

Singer and actress Miley Cyrus has loved horses ever since she was a little girl growing up on the Nashville estate of her dad, country icon Billy Ray Cyrus. While Los Angeles isn’t quite as well known as horse country, Cyrus made it work in May 2015 by purchasing a $5 million property in the exclusive Hidden Hills Equestrian Estates. The impressive estate includes a massive, 6,500-square-foot home, a 10-stall barn, a huge riding arena, and two turnout paddocks — plenty of room for Cyrus’s personal herd.

Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi, the talented comedic actress best known for Arrested Development is an avid equestrian who routinely competes in hunter/jumper competitions in and around Southern California. De Rossi and her wife, comedian Ellen Degeneres, also own a state-of-the-art private horse farm located just outside of Los Angeles. Here, de Rossi is able to keep a number of animals, including her horses.

Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay may be best known for cooking, but according to the celebrity chef, he’s loved horses just as long as he’s loved food. Flay has been a longtime owner of Thoroughbred racehorses, and has achieved the title of Multiple Graded Stakes Winning Owner (in other words: his horses are dang good). Flay’s most famous horse, Dame Dorothy, was named after the chef’s mother.

Jamie Foxx

Despite massive success in Hollywood, Jamie Foxx has described himself as “still just a country boy from Terrell, Texas.” Several years ago, Foxx, a skilled rider, was gifted a beautiful chestnut horse for his birthday. That horse, Cheetah, has become such an important part of Foxx’s life, the actor insisted that director Quentin Tarantino find a role for him in their film Django Unchained.

Morgan Freeman

Actor Morgan Freeman’s history with horses began as a child, when he worked on a farm and offered to ride the plow horse back to the barn at the end of each day. Even when he moved to California as a young adult, Freeman was sure to keep horses in his life somehow. At the age of 50, fully established as a Hollywood icon, Freeman returned to his home state of Mississippi where he purchased a 124-acre horse farm. He has a full staff to care for his barn of horses when he’s working, but makes sure to ride whenever he’s back home.

Richard Gere

Since his Hollywood career has started to slow down, actor Richard Gere has begun spending more and more time at his ranch in upstate New York. There, he and his family own myriad Appaloosa horses. Interestingly, Gere is heavily involved in the Chief Joseph Foundation, an organization which promotes the preservation of Nez Perce culture. Gere often participates in the Foundation’s community events with his Appaloosas, a unique type of spotted horses that were also favored by the Nez Perce.

Lady Gaga

The hugely popular singer and actress Lady Gaga had never even ridden a horse when her record label gifted her with a mare called Arabella for her birthday. Amazingly, that gift changed Lady Gaga’s life for the better, and she remains very open about how much her obsession with horses has meant to her life. Lady Gaga now owns multiple horses, including a few miniature horses, and rides regularly.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid, a supermodel and the younger sister of Gigi Hadid, has been an avid equestrian since age three. The competitive rider was well on her way to achieving a professional career, and even harbored dreams of competing in the Olympics, when she was abruptly forced to stop riding due to pain stemming from Lyme Disease. Recently, Hadid has climbed back into the saddle, and has stated that her “one and greatest passion will always be horses.”

Miranda Lambert

Country singer Miranda Lambert is quite the animal lover. In addition to owning multiple rescue dogs and volunteering heavily with various rescue organizations, Lambert owns a ranch and many horses. In recent years, Lambert has become especially passionate about Gypsy Vanner horses — a unique breed of black and white draft horses. Lambet routinely spends her weekends showing her Gypsy Vanners, who have won quite the collection of ribbons and trophies.


Madonna didn’t start riding horses until her 40s, when she was introduced to the sport by her then-husband, director Guy Ritchie. While it may have taken her a little longer than others to ignite her passion for horses, the iconic artist has yet to look back. Despite taking a hard fall on her 47th birthday and breaking eight different bones, Madonna is often spotted riding her horses alongside her son, David. She’s even taken extensive lessons with eventing champ William Fox-Pitt.

Viggo Mortensen

Actor Viggo Mortensen has garnered a widespread reputation for being a huge horse lover. After falling in love with three of the horses he worked with on The Lord of the Rings, the star offered to purchase them himself and bring them home to his ranch. According to Mortensen, one particular horse especially caught his attention, “[W]e got close and I wanted to stay in touch with him.” Mortensen has since purchased the paint horse with whom he co-starred in Hidalgo, and a gelding he’s seen riding in the opening scenes of The Two Towers.

Mary-Kate Olsen

The former child superstar Mary-Kate Olsen has grown into a remarkably private adult, though those who are still able to get the attention of the Hollywood icon include her beloved horses. Olsen regularly rides jumpers, and is frequently seen competing at shows like the Hampton Classic Horse Show.

Prince Harry

Members of Great Britain’s Royal Family are taught horsemanship from the age of two, and Prince Harry, now Duke of Sussex, is no exception. Like his brother, Prince William, Harry has not made horses a part of his life to the extent that others (namely, his cousin, Zara Tindall) have. Still, the prince is more than comfortable around the family’s many horses, and is often seen competing in polo matches alongside William.

Prince William

Like his brother, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge was taught to ride and be around horses from the age of two. While he doesn’t ride quite as frequently as an adult as other members of the Royal Family, William does regularly play polo for both fun and charity. He has even cheered on his own children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as they’ve learned to love horses themselves.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II made headlines worldwide when, in April 2018 at the age of 92, she was spotted riding one of her beloved horses around her estate. But for those in the know, such a sight is not uncommon and is hardly newsworthy. The Queen has been an avid horse lover since the age of three, when she was gifted her own shetland pony by her grandfather. She even went on to ensure all of her children and grandchildren were well versed in horsemanship. Besides the horses still kept on her various estates, the Queen owns a number of top racehorses that are said to collectively amass more than £5 million each year.

Robert Redford

Perhaps it’s not so surprising to see Robert Redford’s name on our list of celebrity equestrians. After all, the iconic actor and director did write and direct the classic film The Horse Whisperer — a longtime favorite among horse lovers. Redford is a skilled rider, and owns several horses. He has also established himself as a respected voice amongst those working hard to protect America’s wild horse populations.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has been in love with horses since childhood. It was at that point she began barrel racing, something she still does on her ranch in New Mexico. Roberts even hosted and produced a documentary entitled Wild Horses of Mongolia, which required her to travel to Mongolia, live with nomadic herdsman, and study their unique relationship with their horses.

Mitt Romney

Former candidate for president Mitt Romney found himself an avid equestrian thanks to his wife, Ann, who turned to horses for therapy after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The couple own a number of dressage horses, including one, Rafalca, who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

William Shatner

William Shatner fell in love with horses as a child. Once he had found success as an actor, he purchased his first horse, a quarter horse, at an auction. Today, Shatner is heavily involved with Saddlebreds, and even owns his own Saddlebred farm in Lexington, Kentucky. He and his wife own a number of horses, including some that have won world championships.

Sylvester Stallone

One might be surprised to read that Sylvester Stallone has a long history with horses. The Rocky actor first learned to ride as a young child on the farm of his father, a champion polo player. Though Stallone and his father endured a, well, rocky relationship, it was polo that kept the two men bonded. Stallone spent time playing polo competitively, though in more recent years has become interested in the Western sport of reining.

Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland is the type of guy who takes on an interest and then ensures that he excels at that interest. At least, that’s certainly been the case with roping, Sutherland’s equestrian passion. The actor has been a longtime fixture at the highest level of the roping circuit, winning the U.S. Team Roping Championships twice and even appearing in various equestrian magazines.

Zara Tindall

A number of Britain’s royal family may be featured on our list of avid celebrity equestrians, but none have proven themselves as successful with horses as Zara Tindall. Daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara has risen to the top of the ranks in Eventing. She earned a gold medal and team silver from the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games, a gold from the 2007 European Evening Championship, a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and a team silver medal at the 2014 World Equestrian Games.