Slow feed hay bags, or nets as they are also referred to, are an excellent idea, whether you keep one horse or maintain a proper herd in your stable. First, they promote healthy equine digestion by encouraging a slow, browsing rate of feeding similar to what horses in the wild experience. Second, if you have multiple horses, they can help ease dynamics. Dominant equine personalities express themselves during feeding and exercise, with the lead horses pressuring more docile herd members away from food or preferred play areas. By having multiple slow feeders, you decrease the pressure this naturally creates. But how do you know which feeder bags are the best? Among the many options available, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorites to help you narrow the selection.

1. Super-Tough Slow Feeder by Derby Originals

Crafted from ultra-durable 1200D nylon with 108 cross-stitches, this bag is ideal for a single horse in the stable, on the road or at a show. Its 2-inch by 2-inch openings encourage a steady rate of hay consumption, and it’s large enough for up to two flakes of hay. If you’ve got a greedy steed, don’t worry. Top bull snaps and Velcro will keep them from overindulging. Adjustable and replaceable straps at the top and the bottom of the bag allow you to securely attach the bag to a post or other stationary object for maximum stability.

2. Derby Originals 4-sided Feeder Bag

Open on all four sides, this slow feeder holds up to two and a half flakes of hay. The sturdy mesh is crafted from 1200D nylon with 174 cross-stitches. The 1.75-inch by 3.5-inch openings provide access to hay but maintain a slower rate of feeding that will promote healthy digestive functions. Top snaps and Velcro closures prevent any horse, no matter how enterprising, from eating directly from the top of the bag.

3. Slow Feed Hay Bag from Kensington

Whether on the wall of the stall or inside a trailer on the move, this adjustable feeder bag can hold between two and four flakes of hay. To secure it, you may use either one strap for a smaller portion of hay or the double strap to hold a full four flakes in place. Constructed of sturdy nylon, the narrow net strands form 1.5-inch by 1.5-inch openings and permit complete access to hay.

4. Tough 1 Slow Feed Hay Net

Using a more traditional knotted net design, this bag provides access to hay for multiple horses through evenly spaced 2×2-inch openings. It is crafted from durable materials that will maintain their integrity for many seasons. Closed at the top by downward pressure from a hook or peg, it’s ideal for permitting several horses to browse at once in an open setting or a single mount in a stall or trailer.

5. Kensington Freedom Feeder

Utilizing a natural net design with openings perfect for slow, controlled browsing, this bag comes with two sturdy carabiners with which to secure the bag to a post or other upright. It’s ideal for all-day feeding for horses who spend extended time in a paddock or corral, and its DuPont nylon material is resistant to heat, weather, and enthusiastic equine attention. In the absence of feeding anxiety or dominance struggles, it provides multiple horses an opportunity to browse at leisure.

6. 30-Hour Hay Net from Derby Originals

The soft poly mesh is crafted from durable nylon, making it proof against most things, from mildew to overzealous attention from your horse. Designed as a knotted net, the 2-inch openings allow controlled access to hay for up to 30 hours. The generous size will hold a full bale of hay, ensuring that no matter what time it is, your horse can have a healthy snack.

7. Derby Originals Supreme Top-Loading Bag

This top-loading slow feeder bag is crafted from durable nylon material with generous openings that permit regulated browsing. A shoulder strap allows you to carry it when on the road or waiting at shows, and also makes suspension a breeze. The mesh bottom filters hay dust, preventing undesirable buildup. Metal crossbars maintain the bag’s form, even when empty, meaning it will stand up to constant use and travel while providing consistent access to hay for years.

8. Derby Originals 4-Sided Bale Bag

If you have multiple mounts to tend, this easy-to-fill and hang bale bag provides consistent browsing opportunities from all sides. It comfortably accommodates a full two-string hay bale for an extended period of browsing in the paddock or the stable. 1-inch thick nylon straps form an even grid of 1.75-inch square openings. Not only does that mean it easily withstands the suspended weight of a full hay bale, but it’s also tough enough to endure the most zealous attention from horses, goats, sheep, and other browsers in the barn.

9. Thin Air Canvas Original Nibble Net Bag

Crafted from super-tough 40-ounce vinyl, this hangable browsing bag is open on both sides to permit multiple animals access. Generous square openings allow you to provide a controlled browsing experience for horses or other animals. With an ample capacity for six pounds of hay at once, the bag is stitched with UV-resistant thread, has three replaceable top straps, and features all stainless steel hardware.

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10. Two-Flake Wire Rim Hanging Bag from Kensington

In a vibrant plaid pattern, this easy to load two-flake hay bag is the perfect addition to any stable—whether at home or on the show circuit. An adjustable swivel strap permits easy carrying or hanging, and the front openings allow your horse to graze peacefully for a full day.