A horse neck rug is similar to a small blanket and feature an exterior wind-proof and waterproof layer and a polyester filling. These comfort items help keep a horse warm when it is outdoors or in an unheated barn during the cold winter months of the year. They are available in light, medium and heavy weights for chilly, cold and extremely cold temperatures. The neck rugs are not only functional, but they also offer aesthetic appeal. The rugs are available with different materials, patterns, colors and designs that may coordinate with your saddle or the larger blankets for a horse’s back.

1. Barnsby Equestrian Waterproof Horse Winter Blanket/Turnout Rug with Neck Combo

This Barnsby horse neck rug covers your horse’s entire back, from its neck to close to its tail. It is long enough to hang over the horse’s sides, protecting the animal from wind and wind-driven rain. Available in different lengths, it will fit a range of horse breeds as well as large stallions. Adjustable and removable leg straps facilitate putting it on the horse.

2. Rambo Horseware, Supreme Dry with Neck Cooler Rug

The Rambo Horseware rug is available in microfiber or soft polyester material. It comes in three sizes in order to fit different breeds of horses. This rug includes a hood that can be tucked in if it is not needed. The material dries quickly even when it is soaked, which ensures that your horse does not get cold in the rain. These neck rugs are machine-washable and can be put into a clothes dryer.

3. Country Pride Storm Pro Neck Rug for Deluxe Turnout Blanket

This Country Pride Storm Pro neck rug in size extra-large fits the largest horse breeds and stallions. The seamless over-the-neck construction keeps your horse dry. Hook and loop tape around the neck and underside of the rug allows you to customize the fit. A soft nylon lining does protects your horse’s coat against friction. This rug uses poly fill as an insulator between the waterproof layers.

4. Turbo Mid-weight Neck Rug

The Turbo neck rug is designed for small horses. With 200 grams of poly fill, it keeps your horse warm even in harsh weather. The purple color of the fabric makes it easy to spot your horse even in inclement weather or dim lighting conditions. Adjustable straps ensure that it fits close to your horse’s body. This neck rug extends from the base of the horse’s head to just above the tail and wraps under the belly.

5. Weatherbeeta Comfitec Medium/Lite Plus Dynamic Combo Neck Turnout Rug

This Weatherbeeta Comfitec neck rug covers the horse from its head to the knees in the front and across the back and under the belly. Made of durable triple-weave fabric, it features a breathable and waterproof exterior layer. The 100 gram polyester fiberfill offers insulation against the cold. This rug uses proprietary Ez-Clip fasteners that keep the rug secured in the front and under the belly. The clips adjust for a customized fit on your horse.

6. Barnsby Equestrian Horse Stable Rug / Blanket With Neck Combo

The Barnaby horse rug and blanket offers both a neck and back covering. Made of quilted fabric, it keeps out the rain and wind. The 300 gram filling weight makes it ideal for cold to extremely cold outdoor environments. This rug comes in lengths ranging from 60 to 84 inches, accommodating small to very large horses. Adjustable straps ensures a comfortable fit for your horse.

7. Loveson Turnout Rug

This neck rug by Loveson covers your horse from the full length of its mane to the top few inches of its tail. It also wraps around your horse’s chest and belly for additional warmth. The 200 grams of filling make it ideal for cold weather conditions. This rug’s shoulder gusset allows your horse to have a full range of motion for walking or trotting. The neck cover is detachable and can be folded into the back portion of the rug. Adjustable straps offer a comfortable fit.

8. Shires, Tempest Original Rug and Neck Set

This is a two-piece set including a neck rug and separate back rug. You can put one or both pieces on your horse as needed. They snap together in order to keep out the rain at the seams. For a comfortable fit, this rug has two adjustable straps for the neck, chest and belly. A tail flap covers the top few inches of the horse’s tail. Choose from 66 to 78 inch lengths.

9. Loveson Zebra Fly Rug

You might mistake your horse for a zebra when you put this rug on it. The Loveson Zebra Fly rug features a neck to tail covering that secures around the belly with three straps and the chest with two straps. The fabric is breathable, and it is designed to protect your horse from heat, wind, sunlight, biting insects and rain. A soft shoulder lining and gusset ensure that your horse has complete freedom of movement.

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10. CHONMA Winter Waterproof Green Fixed Neck Combo Turnout Rug

This horse neck and back winter rug combination offers a large tail flap and a hood that covers up the horse’s mane. Two adjustable and removable leg straps keep it secured in the front. The rug also has two adjustable belly straps and two chest straps for a customized fit. The shoulder gusset and covered seams ensure that this rug is comfortable for your horse to wear while standing, walking or rolling. It is fully lined with 280 grams of polyester insulation.