Purchasing an affordable horse cooler blanket can allow you to protect your horse from rain and cold without adding weight on its back. We have compiled a list of top 10 cheap horse cooler blankets that you can purchase for under $75 to keep your horse comfortable against rain and cold. These blankets are waterproof and can perfectly insulate your horse.

1. Tough 1 Softleece Contour Cooler

tough-1-softleece-contour-cooler-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThe Tough 1 Softleece Contour Cooler is designed and made of high-quality soft fleece fabric to allow for moisture to evaporate gently from your horse’s skin. It’s great to use to cool down your horse after a bath or during those chilly winter days. With an extended neck, it provides excellent coverage while the adjustable hook and loop tabs offer a secure and close fit. You can use it alone and no extra blanket is required.

2. Horse Turner Thermo Quick Dry Bonded Fleece Cooler

horse-turner-thermo-quick-dry-bonded-fleece-cooler-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThis is a well-designed fleece cooler that is more like a dress yet it serves as a cooler. It’s affordable and provides excellent breathability while keeping your horse comfortable and warm during cold seasons. It features a detachable surcingle and a simple T-buckle front for perfect closure to ensure the fleece is intact. To eliminate bulkiness, it comes with a crisp fit.

3. Horseware Amigo Jersey Pony Cooler

horseware-amigo-jersey-pony-cooler-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThe Horseware Amigo Jersey Pony Cooler is specially made from a brushed polyester outer, which gives it a rug that effectively wicks away moisture to the horse while keeping it warm. Despite its low cost, this cooler will fit and provide maximum comfort to your horse. It’s easy to mount with a secure front closure, fillet string, and detachable cross surcingle. It’s waterproof and breathable hence great even during a heavy downpour.

4. Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck

weatherbeeta-fleece-cooler-combo-neck-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsIf you want a cheap fleece cooler to cover your horse from poll to tail, then Weatherbeeta fleece combo is your perfect choice. It will wick away moisture to prevent the winter chills while keeping your horse warm and comfortable. The dual chest adjustable straps, low cross surcingle, and tail cord allow for an easy slip of this cooler to form a comfortable fit.

5. Horseware Amigo Net Cooler

horseware-amigo-net-cooler-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThe Horseware Amigo Net cooler is designed and made of a texturized net material that helps to wick away moisture while leaving your horse’s body cool and comfortable after exercise. This is an affordable cooler that comes in a variety of sizes to give your wide-range to pick one that perfectly fits your horse. It also features removable crossed surcingle for easy mounting and removal.

6. Centaur Turbo-Dry Cooler XL

centaur-turbo-dry-cooler-xl-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThe Turbo-Dry Cooler is a cheap yet classic horse cooler that is designed with easy mounting and comfortable fitting in mind. The surcingle designed front closure features a detailed webbing, hook, and loop strip. With this, you can comfortably adjust the cooler to a comfortable fit for your horse.

7. Centaur Turbo Dry Dress Cooler

centaur-turbo-dry-cooler-xl-cheap-horse-cooler-blankets-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThe Centaur Turbo Dry Dress Cooler is constructed to wick away moisture three times faster at a reasonable price. It’s specially designed to optimize sweat evaporation while getting your horse to dry quickly. Its comfortable stretchy fabric is specially treated to reduce static. The Turbo Dry Dress Cooler features a loop, a hook front closure, and a tail cord to ensure a perfect mounting and fit. 8. Centaur Turbo-Dry Cooler with Neck

centaur-turbo-dry-cooler-with-neck-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsUnlike the Centaur Turbo-Dry Cooler, this one comes with a neck constructed of a 220g smooth polyester fleece. The Turbo-Dry Cooler with neck effectively wicks away moisture 3 times faster than usual coolers yet at a cheap price. It’s a heavy-duty cooler that comes with a hook and a loop front closure for a comfortable fit.

9. Weatherbeeta Anti-Static Fleece Cooler

weatherbeeta-anti-static-fleece-cooler-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThis anti-static fleece cooler from Weatherbeeta is lightweight and is made from warm polyester making it great for cooling your horse or warming it during cold seasons. You can have this cooler at below $75 but enjoy great benefits that come with high-end coolers. It comes with dual adjustable front buckles for easy mounting and removal of the blanket.

10. Weatherbeeta Wick-Dri Cooler Standard Neck

weatherbeeta-wick-dri-cooler-standard-neck-cheap-horse-cooler-blanketsThis cooler from Weatherbeeta is designed with a standard neck and is great to use to cool, exercise, or after a bath. Its wick-easy fleece draws all the moisture from your horse leaving him dry and comfortable. The overlaying mesh ensures rapid moisture evaporation. With a front single strap and a hidden surcingle at the front and a tail cord, you won’t worry about a misfit or discomfort. The liner of this blanket gives it breathability properties making your horse enjoy high-quality cooler at a low-cost.

By reading through this review, you will find out how easy it is to find the right cooler blanket. You can easily pick one from this list since they are ten of the cheapest horse cooler blankets you can find on the market.

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